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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Theatricality and Deception , Powerful Agents to the UnInitiated (What does it Mean, Short and Long Answer)

THEATRICALITY : Dramatic behavior or display; often meaning and in the context above - something alike to a movie performance - something out of the ordinary and inhuman; involving technology i.e a car shooting rockets - basically just fancy display of one's ordinances / methods.

DECEPTION : To deceive; to trick, put false display, divert by proxy (as with theatricality) - deception in the context/video above simply relates to using one method switching to another to divert or confuse the enemies i.e Police, Mob and such...deception and theatricality together are rarely used in such ways except discreet scenarios where a tactical advantage are necessary - it depends on the altitude/pace of combat but in real war (e.g Iraq) - deception can be used whereas theatricality must be either minimized or augmented as to the pace of war and current state of it.

UNINITIATED : Not currently in face to face combat; both parties identities are not known - a formal war has not been declared due to this and other factors, thus the parties are technically uninitiated. Thus theatricality and deception work if the source of it is not fully known - and notoriety is given to a character or symbol of which can then utilize those two techniques as it's Universal display/motto.


What did Bane mean by 'Theatricality And Deception, Powerful Agents For The Uninitiated?

Theatricality and deception, weapons against the uninitiated

Posted on April 1, 2013 by Reuben

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