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Friday, November 20, 2015

The Coded Dilemma of Hook-Ups : Dispatched Mental Struggles VS Compatibility Assessments

The Provident Constructs of human sexuality (and intimacy) have predominated our culture - but I do not have a problem with this. However, there is a decision to be made , specifically in the assessment of whether hook-ups are worth it. 

Whether they are 'moral' is actually irrelevant for my point today.

Hook-ups are a practical alternative with perhaps more spontaneity than perhaps hiring a call girl, for example..and for women - they are exactly the type of spontaneity needed for diffused passion and a night of no-strings-attached pleasure... 

Hookups are the ultimate guard of sexual construct proliferation but the best part is they are better than infidelity and cheating... as long as they are committed to (oh the irony) by Single, unmarried individuals. 

However, hook-ups bring problems if the personna / ideology does not match within the two individuals...and I'm not talking deep-seated beliefs, solely.. No, I'm talking about emotional connectivity and more importantly, STABILITY so as to avoid mixed signals..or moreso ''distorted signals'...because one person's definition of "WANT" is different than another's definition...the result of hook-ups where compatibility is not at all a possible (but not necessarily probable) miscommunication and emotional misunderstanding between two individuals...perhaps moreso if the girl or man involved is biPolar or covertly emotionally disturbed.

Even a sequel so simplistic as a simple make-out session can turn into fixation for say, an erotomanic or someone with 'obsessive-love-disorder'..which is why , regardless of how inconvenient you think it is  - you should always ANALYZE the personality of the person you are hooking up with...not to sacrifice being easy-going or to remove pleasure - but rather to ensure that the bout is likely to be worth it...

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