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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Supplements / Herbs that Reduce/Decrease Adrenaline Levels (not blocking receptors but reducing levels of)

Adrenal hyper-secretion is a tough predicament - especially when it is causing Insomnia which steadily depletes the rest of your integrity and strength. Your vitality is slowly weakened by anxiety , panic, and frustration. This dilemma, this seemingly unsolvable situation is either untouched by drugs and even the most potent sedative or anti-anxiety herbs...where to turn next?

...The thing is....

Most people are looking at it all wrong!

You can't use "common-day" herbs to reduce adrenaline; Valerian, hops, Chamomile , shit like that..won't work!

YOU need something that specifically acts WITHIN THE ADRENALS to reduce adrenaline secretion directly...something that actually TONES DOWN the amplitude of neural release!

To do so - we need to examine herbs which have demonstrated SELECTIVITY within that gland... one such herb is...

1.) Magnolia OFFICINALIS ~!~  Magnolia Offinalis is an active ingredient in the anti-stress formula RELORA which currently has multiple patents and diverse medical application in treating post-menopausal stress disorders and some mild forms of PTSD as well as G.A.D exacerbated by acute and chronic stress. It also shows efficacy ALONE in healthy women experiencing stress {!}.

{Magnolia reduces Sodium Channel and Calcium Channel evoked adrenaline release as well as Acetylcholine induced catecholamine efflux}

Reinforcing this, it also blocks adrenaline-induced contraction of HUMAN Prostate strips and thus reduces urinary hesitancy in a manner similar to a1-blocking drugs for Prostate issues such as Flomax (Tamulosin) and Prazosin.

It's also mentioned in the book/paper Dietary and botanical anxiolytics - which is currently mentioned in many formal medical texts and a HUGE reference point for herbalists, practicing hollistic doctors and researchers in the field. 

Magnolia also has anti-inflammatory effects and can help fight LYME DISEASE!
It has substantial ANTI-ANXIETY EFFECTS as mentioned in the above book.

My recommended brand of Magnolia is below. Just click the image. Lab-Certified, organic, and tellable by SMELL! (smells good and definitely magnolia OFFICINALIS)


2.)   Zinc and Magnesium Orotate (liquid)
Magnesium directly decreases norepinephrine and lowers elevated blood pressure as well as potently decreases anxiety in humans and animals (1) (2) (3).

Zinc helps reduce norepinephrine by reducing excess Copper and antagonizing the action of Copper and other heavy metals such as Lead and Cadmium.

Selenium may also help to antagonize toxic metals and specifically against Mercury, Arsenic and to some (lesser) extent, Lead.

This product below tastes GREAT, is Refreshing and gets the Job done!! ;)


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