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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Natural / Herbal Dopamine Beta-Hydroxylase (DBH) Inhibitor Supplements

Dopamine-beta-hydroxylase is an enzyme that simply converts (more or less transforms) dopamine (the pleasure hormone) into norepinephrine (a form of adrenaline) . When this enzyme is over-produced or genetically over-active - the result is a predisposition to Anxiety, stale temperament , irritability , Panic, and violent behavior. 

As too much norepinephrine counters the calming effects of both dopamine and GABA - a plausible resolution to preventing this type of noradrenaline buildup would be to prevent it's production by dopamine - thus leaving dopamine in it's active, non-stimulating/inotropic state.

As dopamine is largely incapable of producing CNS stimulation without noradrenaline - the optimal routine to lowering states of excessive sympathetic activity would be to investigate into....


I've found two herbs that do this.

1.)  CALIFORNIA POPPY (Eschscholzia californica);  Known as the 'State Flower' of California which has medicinal properties. It grows in mostly Southern areas but is often cultivated in north western herb gardens as well. It is used for euphoric and pain relieving properties. As well as sometimes being touted as a local aphrodisiac.
(see study here in relation to the plant's DBH-inhibiting properties)

My recommended 'brand' of California Poppy is below for your convenience. It is extracted properly for 'active constitutes' and has been lab-verified.


  2.)   ST.JOHN'S WORT - Is an herb found both in the USA and Europe - commonly used for Depression and AnxietyThis study examines it's extremely high-affinity inhibition of DBH and ability to repeatedly, consistently and dramatically increase dopamine concentrations EVERYWHERE! It is also very safe and has no significant effect on blood pressure or heart rate (!).

My recommended brand of St.John's Wort is the organic, supercritical, lab-certified New Chapter's literally the only one I trust and perhaps the only one that actually has real SJW in it... (or at least one retaining all of it's active components without being burned away by processing techniques)


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