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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Deterring 11:11 Deterrents : 11:11 Is Not an "Evil Number"

I'm here to issue another "expelling the idiots" faction so as to handle the multitudes whom conform to unjust information hijacking and information brought about sincerely by Ignorance...and that mind which is bathed in narrow-mindedness - proliferated by stupidity.

I hear that some would like to associate the number or number pattern 11:11 , with the occult, or with a deviant spiritual philosophy (1) (2) (3)

..Oh, and  BY THE WAY; I gave three THREE references above - so , it just HAS TO BE that I'm a part of something Satanic or some 'triad' hovering about in someone's mind of distorted optics! (*rolls eyes*)

..I s'pose if I posted this @ 3 'in'da'morning I would be deemed Satanic as well, right!? 


The first prod I'd like to deliver is not with a knife but with a sword. (a proverbial one)

First off, half of this shit that a bunch of idiots have cooked up as the latest conspiracy theory - such as that SOMETHING DISASTROUS will happen on 11/11/14 or 11/11/15 - ....well, it never materializes/materialized...  Plus, most of it is coming from a bunch of forums WHOM DON'T EVEN PROVIDE BIBLICAL EVIDENCE that the number is somehow "EVIL" or chaotic....I mean you can make the same argument about FIBONACCI numbers - since some correlate them with subconscious measures / indicators of perfection or 'perfect ratios' or perhaps they are some artistic display ; some astute judgement and powerful 'relay of forces' but how can we BLAME Any numbers for misfortune ...!??
if we really go back in time and look at all the things that happen on certain days, we can find a pattern in EVERYTHING...
You see because, numbers AREN'T AS TANGIBLE as MOTTO's or as persevering even as BELIEF.              
(AMx ReBorN)

And that was 11 seconds long btw so OMG , another evil sign!!!

Here's the Truth ::  If 11:11 is a practical spiritual number, but it's definition is about some form of "ASCENSION"   .... then what's to say that ascension has to be evil? Exactly.

*Imagine a world where our nations no longer bottled their greatest aspirations into superstitions that are now  used to battle.others*, imagine a world where ignorance is SEVERED from our people, Imagine that, ladies and gentlemen...because you see, this whole post , was an exception to my usual rule - instead of being supremely analytical I chose to confer a wise man once said....

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