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Sunday, December 4, 2016

Best Cellphones / Mobile Phones for Hackers 2016-2017 (What are the Best Hacking Cellphones / Androids for 2016-2017?)

Although mobile phones are overall less capable than Laptops and PCs, for heavy duty programming type tasks, such as C++ development & Engineering, they can still run, or at least homebrew many apps, Operating Systems (OS) and tasks. They still can perform most of the essential 'hacker duties' when put up to it, and with the proper modifications (not necessarily hardware mods), they can be just as efficient as computers in obtaining information, finding passwords and running anonymity services such as VPNs and proxy layering.

For the most part, they can do everything that a computer can do these days when it comes to hacking and cracking. Additionally, most mobile phones these days, have better encryption to start than some laptops start with. It's still important to learn the most prominent methods of software / OS modification ('modding') though.

The common method of hacking an iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone known as ''jailbreaking'' became an efficient method of turning ones Apple Mobile into a hacking supermachine. It also widened its capabilities; unveiling what has been carefully hidden to us by the developers. With so many tactics available to turn our devices into 'hacking machines', the next question to be asked is which devices are actually *ideal* for hacking and which are affordable. 

As has been written with our best laptops for hackers article, we want to ensure those reading this are receiving the best possible deals for all latest methods of hacking.

These methods include...

  • Wi-Fi Hacking.
  • General Programming of 'Hacker Tools'.
  • OS Exploits.
  • SQL Injection.
  • Exploiting Databases & Admin Spoofing.
As well as all other types of hacking will be covered by a device which is able to run the needed software to do so. 

Your FIVE priorities when finding a hacker-friendly mobile device / cell phone are...

  1. Support a company that does not give away personal details when queried by a government agency. 
  2. Go with a device that has optimal speed and efficiency of running apps, not just data capacity / storage.
  3. Buy a device that is PrePaid, and easily replaced with a similar type, but will last long enough on its own even with modding.
  4. Choose a device that can run multiple operating systems, such as Linux mobile and Windows Mobile, as well as Android. This is not an indicator of which OS is already installed, but rather which OS's the system is capable of, even if it takes some 'hacking' to get it done.
  5. Look at devices which have good internal security, and are built on sophisticated encryption algorithms, and devices that support MAC-address changing.
In my experience, these FIVE devices work perfectly with these FIVE rules.

  1. Boost Mobile ranks first as, they do not cooperate with authorities and they DO respect our first amendment rights, their staff are professional and accommodating and have expertise on multiple areas of technology. I chose the ZTE Boost Mobile MAX+ 4G LTE Prepaid Smartphone
  2. Technologically, the Net10 ZTE Midnight carries many of the above capabilities, but is remarkably cheaper (20-40 as of 12/4/2016), however, it is frequently sold out and thus, difficult to obtain. Even so, because it has great storage capacity for the price, runs programs well, and runs the latest Android OS, it remains on this list. 
  3. The LG Destiny 4G Android Prepaid Phone with Triple Minutes (Tracfone), for 59.95 $ USD, is an extremely efficient smart phone with very fast data processing, lots of neat pre-programmed in, and optimal internal resources.
  4. Samsung Galaxy J7 - No Contract Phone - White - (Boost Mobile), a more expensive phone, about 150$, but more capable than the other devices on this list in terms of RAM, CPU, Graphics, and open-compatibility with running alternative OS's...the only reason it made #4 on this list is because we are looking at economical options here.
  5. The Moto G Black (Boost Mobile), probably one of the most powerful Androids that Boost has produced for the price, of right around 110 dollars, nearly 550 positive reviews, and only two semi-negative reviews out of all of those, that makes this an incredibly well-reported, remarkable phone that should absolutely be considered if you want the best in graphics, customization, cross-OS capability and internal resources. Supports every major app, including custom apps. Add in the fact that Boost protects it with an extra layer of security, and now you've got yourself the best deal!

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