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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Medical Uses of Proviron (Medical Applications for Mesterolone)

Proviron, also known by its chemical name ``Mesterolone``, is a oral DHT-medicine, used to treat primarily, symptoms of hypogonadism in Men [1] [2] [3], as well as male infertility [4] [5]. Though these are the most common medical uses, it is far more commonly used for off-label purposes, including Estrogen control while on an Anabolic-steroid cycle [6] [7]. Another popular purpose for Proviron is libido-enrichment and improved sexual performance for Men [8] [9]

Now, for the whole run down.


  1. Hypogonadism [10] [11] [12].
  2. Low Sperm Count [13] [14] [15].
  3. Breast Cancer [16] [17] [18].
  4. Prostate Issues associated with 'Aging Male Syndrome' [19] [20].
  5. Low Libido [21] [22] [23].
  6. Delay / Reverse Signs of Male Aging [24] [25].
  7. Treat Depression; Of All Causes [26] [27] [28].
  8. Building Muscle in Aging and Young Men [29] [30].
  9. Decreasing Water Retention Following Surgery and Medication Changes [31].
  10. Improving the ability of Aging and hypogonadal Men to lose fat [32].
As you can see, Proviron exhibits a diverse application in treating Aging Men and those with clinical hypogonadism. It has several other uses in medicine including the treatment of Psychiatric issues (mainly Depression) but also BiPolar disorder and anhedonia, in some cases. The patients in that study were also fairly young (mid-twenties to early 50's), and the fact that it was established that the young patients did not see a significant effect on natural Testosterone production, can conclude the drug is quite safe when used at normal doses (25-50 MG up to 2 x / day). That being said, it is important to note that Proviron, is still a drug, and still a hormonal product, and its use should be always overseen by a qualified Physician.

Mesterolone (Proviron) may also be explored in Adjuvant therapy for estrogen-receptor positive breast cancers and researchers are reviewing its uses with possible new and upcoming novel therapies being the result. 

The compound clearly, is underestimated by many, and though it does not have a super large degree of oral bioavailability, it has enough to reach bloodstream and consistent levels and clearly shows no sign of liver toxicity.

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