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Saturday, December 17, 2016

The Rebel Diet (A Survival-Based Diet Focusing on Raw Foods, On-the-Fly Foods) by Area-1255

The "Rebel Diet" is a Travel/Survival Diet based on whole, Raw, prepackaged storable and / or on-the-go foods. It follows Five principles. Those principles are as follows.

  1. All foods must contain more than adequate protein content. They should contain specifically high amounts of BCAA's which spare muscle in times of distress, survival, starvation. 
  2. All of the foods must contain high macronutrients (Protein, fats, Carbs) and micronutrients (Vitamins & Minerals). 
  3.  Every food that is a part of a 'main course' must be either Insect or Meat-based.
  4. All foods must be either organic, or locally raised, or fall under strict compliant standards with organic farmers.
  5. Every list item must be absolutely palatable, not necessarily a delicacy, but something tasty enough despite any category it falls under.
Additionally, the foods must be able to energize the Mind & Body, not just one or another. Easy requirement to fulfill, though, so as long as the foods contain enough macro and micro nutrients. Lastly, the foods must fall into the role of nervous system support, at least indirectly, that means they can not tip the nervous system unfavourably, which includes the enteric and digestive nervous system.

Unlike the other diets I've written about, this diet does not accredit a specific Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner to its being. It simply must follow the above rules and fall into the below like-foods list.

The like-foods list is as follows...
The parenthesis enclose a number which leads to the National Institute of Health (NIH) and the specific source for that bit 'o information. 

  1. Lawless Jerky Mango Habanero Beef Jerky Pouch, 2 ounce (Pack of 1) - High-protein, spicy, energizes metabolism. Stimulates the senses. Supports nervous system strength due to Capsaicin content [1] [2] [3].
  2. Blue Diamond Bold Almonds, Habanero BBQ, 1 lb - High-protein, spicy, high macro/micro-nutrient content. Increases metabolism. Supports nerve health [4] [5].
  3. Edible Insects Bag of Mixed Edible Bugs. Grasshoppers, Crickets, Silk Worms and Sago Worms - High-protein, high micronutrient content, stimulates Muscle growth. Unique flavor, provides adaptability response. Preserves muscle. Great for survival! [6] [7].
  4. NuGo Organic Nutrition Bar, Dark Double Chocolate, 1.76-Ounce Bars (Pack of 12) - Incredibly high-protein, chocolate for Mood and stress-busting effects, increases energy and provides sustenance. 
  5.  Healthworks Goji Berries Raw Organic, 1lb - Goji Berries, the King of macronutrients and micronutrient, for a fruit, for a berry, this food has immense value. The medicinal properties are incredible [8] [9]. Do not underestimate the Goji Berry.
  6. Navitas Naturals Organic Cacao Nibs, 8-Ounce Pouches - Cocoa/Cacao nibs contain high levels of Theobromine; a natural substance found within all forms of chocolate, and especially dark chocolate, which promotes the release of endorphins [10], increases the cAMP-second messenger pathway [11] [12] [13] and strengthens the entire nervous system in a manner similar to Caffeine [14] [15]. It's a super-food, but don't overdose on it.
  7. Millennium Energy Bars Assorted Flavors 18- pack, Includes Emergency Guide, excellent energy bars for survival, great nutrient content, very popular choice!
  8. Paleo Protein Bar (Devils Food Cake) 12 Bars (20g Egg White Protein 5 Net Carbs) - Super high-protein, pure Egg-white protein, for high BCAA-content, and superior bioavailability with its digestive enzymes and paleo nature.
  9. Caveman Paleo Diet Snack Box Starter 12 Variety Pack - Another high BCAA food pack, every single ''snack'' included falls under our given requirements. No sham here.
  10. Devil's Claw Root Powder -1 lb - Not really a food, in the traditional sense, but definitely helpful on-the-go and in the Wilderness, its such a powerful joint tonic, that some experienced hikers actually eat the whole flower to ease their arthritis and joint pains [16] [17] [18]. It doesn't just act as an anti-inflammatory, though [19] [20]. It actually strengthens the Joints; Knees, Ankles, Shoulders etc, it does a really good job at improving overall joint health by a number of mechanisms unique to this 'herb' [21] [22] [23].

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