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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Is Proviron Stronger than Andractim? (Is Proviron Stronger VS DHT Gel?)

This question has been asked of me several times, and it needs to be answered Publicly now. Proviron is a tablet, it is a DHT-compound, but it has fairly poor absorption compared to Andractim; a transdermal DHT product [1] [2] [3].

Much of the question here is going to be a matter of opinion and preference,  but science has well-stated that Andractim is generally a better choice in Replacement therapy [4] [5] and for some cases of Hypogonadism [6], and for Gynecomastia [7] [8] [9].

Additionally, my belief is that though Proviron needs at least 6 hour apart dosing twice a day, in fact, that's not just my belief, it is scientifically established as fact that steady blood levels and full effectiveness of Mesterolone (Proviron) occur when dosing twice a day. 25 MG of Proviron to 50 Miligrams of Proviron twice a day is a great dose. Sufficient for the needs of almost anyone. GP Proviron is an excellent brand.

  1. Proviron is convenient, a pill, and tolerable for most people.
  2. Proviron has has quick libido boosting benefits for many Men.
  3. Proviron tends to increase random erections (spontaneous tumescence) fairly quickly.
  4. Proviron is much cheaper than Andractim.
  5. Proviron doesn't require filling out a form to order.

  1. Andractim is a Gel, and absorbs 100% with little to no pass-through of the liver.
  2. Andractim is able to reduce Gynecomastia extremely quickly and can be applied directly to the Breast affected for this purpose, or both.
  3. Andractim DHT Gel tends to be a 'full' alternative for TRT versus a `Partial` replacement like Proviron.
  4. Dihydrotestosterone gel is great for P.E (Penis Enlargement) whereas Proviron is less effective for this purpose.
  5. DHT Gel has many benefits for the Aging Male & Bodybuilder, and possibly for Powerlifters as well who want to increase their strength.

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