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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Proviron VS Masteron for Libido Enhancement (Masteron VS Proviron for Libido)

Let's face it, although most Men are not going to use Proviron or Masteron solely for sex enhancement, there are those that will. The primary medical uses of those medications of course, are usually to do with hypogonadism, Breast Cancer and for genetic disorders where there is a severe androgen deficiency (i.e Klinefelter's Syndrome or AIS/ADS) [1] [2] [3]

We are here to discuss this topic in regards to research, though. Those who read this will understand with better certainty which compound is ideal to enhance the male libido.

I will go over some of the pharmacokinetic (how the drug is metabolized, and moves through the body, half-life, metabolism, uptake/bioavailability) properties of these drugs. The first rule of using any kind of substance to promote `enhancement` rather than correction, is to make sure the drug is safe. Research shows that both of these drugs are safe [4] [5]. They have been used clinically and recreationally used since the late 60's to early 70's [6] [7] [8] [9].

Efforts to  ban the drugs from the general public largely failed [10], and underground sources like Geneza continuously pop-up, making them widely available [11] [12] [13]. As of late, they continue to be in high-use, by people Young & Old [14] [15] [16], and most people experience very little to no side-effects from these particular drugs [17] [18] [19]

Since safety of these medicines is established [20], we now go to the second rule for enhancement. That rule is bioavailability. Proviron shows fairly low absolute bioavailability [21] [22] [23], yet sufficiently makes its way into the Brain and CNS (Central Nervous System) and maintains a fairly decent blood level if take consistently [24] [25]. This highlights the distinct differences in pharmacokinetic interpretation between most tablets, like tablets, and steroidal compounds, as most would foresee a low brain and organ penetration by Proviron based on its poor ratio of Protein:Carrier binding [26] [27].

Masteron (Drostanolone Propionate/Enanthate) is injectable, and lasts typically 3-4 days in the Body, with total wear-off/elimination by the end of the first week after it was taken [28] [29]. It, along with all other medications that are administered this way, reaches 100% of the target dose easily, and with less issue on the liver, making Masteron an ideal compound for sex enhancement.

Lastly, Masteron reportedly has stronger effects, and stronger binding of SHBG, with a quicker boost in Free Testosterone and concominant reduction in plasma E2 (Estrogen;Estradiol) [30].

Therefore, overall, Masteron is a stronger compound, far more bioavailable than Proviron, pharmacokinetically superior, and holds greater therapeutic value even medically, and definitely outpaces and outlasts Proviron in its effects.

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My personal experience is that Proviron has slightly less strength than Masteron if you take 50 mg / day, and if you get a good brand. Masteron lasts longer though, but its strength is unparalleled. Masteron drives such an obsessive sexual desire that it can actually be almost uncomfortable. Proviron is just convenient. It's a good compound though in a pinch, and if you aren't looking to pin, or don't like needles, then Proviron is the shit. It provides all the same benefits, minus the same degree of hardening, though nonetheless, it does harden muscles and cut water weight, just not quite a bit as much as Masteron.

Proviron is easy to get, and has some very interesting effects. This includes on mood. It seems to have an energizing, confidence-boosting effect and for that matter, makes you feel on top of the World even if you already feel that way, there will be a difference, trust me.
Most people would want to have a girl by them with this pill, it is a powerful substance and can induce an increase in random woodies and can certainly increase the nocturnal erections, as noted in research, and that means even if you have already high Testosterone levels, you will still notice a 'difference', both in your general appetite and sexual appetite.

Regardless, they are both solid substances and have immense benefits in pretty much, anyone who uses them. Though I can't say Proviron makes you feel like a hulk, it definitely has strength-increasing properties. No doubt about that. Aggression? Not so much. Maybe a 'tad bit, but not really something to write home about. Masteron on the other hand, is a true aggression-increasing substance. It boosts aggression in the Gym and bedroom and can cause minor irritation with some things at significantly high doses. Now, I wasn't punching walls or engaging in 'knock-out pranks', but I can see how it definitely could've went that way...for others I mean.

Well that's that, those are pretty much the sum of the effect of both substances - Masteron and Proviron. Its a wise idea to make sure you don't have any allergies to steroid-type substances, though rare, could still happen. I've personally seen more allergies to general medications than with steroids (oddly). It should be just a fun experience for the majority or 99% of people, though.


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