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Saturday, December 24, 2016

Proviron Use in Young Men (Can Young Guys Use Proviron/Mesterolone?)

Believe it or not, Proviron has been used clinically in Young males for many years now, generally for Young Men with X-Inherited androgen-deficiency and insensitivity type disorders; like Klinefelters and classical androgen-insensitivity syndrome (AIS) [1] [2] [3]. They (Proviron tablets) are used to treat the hypogonadal state, improve masculine features in Young Adults affected by these conditions, and to improve or establish a normal adult male sex drive [4] [5]

The efficacy and performance of Proviron for these states and conditions is superb [6] [7], and often, the results are replicated, or even enhanced, when higher doses of Proviron (150 mg - 200 mg) are used [8] [9].

Lastly, Proviron is sometimes used either alone or in conjunction with Andractim DHT Gel in FTM (Female-to-Male) transitions/transgender patients. It helps to not only promote a normal libido in these patients, but also to grow facial hair, and improve musculature. Andractim Gel (Dihydrotestosterone Gel) can also be reduce breast tissue and treat androgen deficiency on its own.

Off-label, Proviron has many uses, and is minimally suppressive, making it ideal as a first-compound for newbie's to steroids. The compound is typically very successful in enhancing the libido of any young male, and in improving fat loss and cutting water weight. 

What we find many times with our clients and strength athletes, is that Proviron is particularly helpful when using any other substance which actually promotes water weight, and when on a caloric surplus. Proviron is very effective at shedding excess body weight and water weight. Safety is well-documented across the board, and users - Young and Old, rarely run into side-effects while on Proviron.

  • Proviron safe for Young Men? Yes
  • Is it Safe for Young People to use Proviron? Generally, Yes. Young women should typically have no need for it, though.
  • Does Proviron carry any risks for Young people who use it? It could at high doses, but unlikely, that being said, if you have any liver disorder including Hepatitis or even weakening of liver function due to another infection, you should avoid it, or at least ask your Doctor.

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Where else can I read about Proviron? --> Meso Think Steroids.

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