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Friday, December 30, 2016

Dosing Terms / List of Prescription Dose Abbreviations / Medication Dosing Schedules


P.O : Oral dosing.
I.M : Intramuscular (injection)
SubQ : Subcutaneous injection
Rectally : rectally
I.V : Intravenous (in-the-vein/a vein injection)
O.D : in the right eye
O.S : in the left eye
O.U : in both eyes

Q.D:  once a day
B.I.D: twice a day
T.I.D:       three times a day
Q.I.D: four times a day
Q.H.S:    before bed
5X a day:    five times a day
Q.4H:          every four hours
Q.6H:       every six hours
Q.O.D: every other day
PRN: as needed

EOD: Every Other Day
E2D: Every 2 Days.
E3D: Every 3 Days.
Q.T.T: drop/dropper/eye drops
A.C:     before meals
P.C.  after meals

EOD, E2D, E3D typically indicate the drug is administered (Self or by a Nurse or Physician) once in that many days, so in other words, corresponding to the half-life of the medication, you would dose every three days once. Same if E2D, every two days once, unless otherwise noted on the pamphlet that came with the med or unless strict directions were given to dose more than one time in one day.
Subcutaneous injections are typically given near the Abdomen/stomach and behind the first layer of skin, from a side (not straight) injection. Meaning you approach the layer of abdominal fat or skin from the side, not from in-front of you.

Consult the Prescribing physician if you are not sure how to take your medication, whether it should be dosed any more frequently, if it should still be taken, if the script is old then it should be queried in many cases before resumption. Especially so if it is a hormonal product or something that is used to treat a chronic condition or acute infection.

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