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Saturday, December 17, 2016

NutraBio Creatine Monohydrate Powder REVIEW by Area-1255

Creatine Monohydrate Powder (NutraBio) Review

This is my independent (non-sponsored) review of NutraBio's Creatine powder.

Even though realistically, NutraBio never really does any sketchy advertising and doesn't participate in mass-marketing the way some other companies do.

Some key highlights of this product...

  • 15$ for 500 Grams of Creatine is very impressive. It's really 14.99 $ + Shipping, but ultimately that is a STEAL. Excellent price. 
  • That gives you a little over 3 months worth supply if you are dosing at 5 grams per day , affords you some leeway regarding dosing, allows you to do a steady and even repetitive ''loading phase'' and you can even triple your dose for a while without it running out (even though that's probably totally unnecessary).
  • The stuff has really no taste at all, not bitter, not sour, certainly not sweet, no taste whatsoever. But I don't view that as a negative, in fact, lets say you are combining it with a preworkout supplement, or just your protein, it makes it easier because you don't have to worry about mixing flavors in the wrong direction.


  1. Notable energy boost on a loading phase of 7 grams for the first few days, even stronger energy boost on 15 grams. Produces a sense of clarity. Read the study on Creatine's cognitive effects here, and remember that 'true' creatine will always produce at least a minor degree of cognitive/focus effects. For me, it actually has an alerting effect.
  2. Strength : This is where it works its wonders, Creatine definitely boosts strength, makes muscles feel harder, and this product is right on along with Optimum Nutrition's Creatine, but for less of the price, nearly 3x less. Isn't that something?
  3. Androgenic Effect? : Studies show that Creatine increases dihydrotestosterone levels (DHT) in Men (not rats!). I believe it does do that, I certainly felt even more hardened, bold, and aggressive than I normally do on this product. I'd imagine for younger guys they'd feel it too. 
  4. Muscle Hardening : +++ 300% here, I'm not sure if that's an accurate figure (it's not) but it definitely increases muscle hardness, to a very significant degree, just make sure you are using at least 3-5 grams per day to get this effect.
  5. Jumping Power : Creatine increased my jumps by a couple inches, without a doubt, and for a single supplement, that's pretty impressive. 


  1. Creatine is also abbreviated (CR) in Science, remember that [1].
  2. Sometimes its abbreviated as CRE or CrS which stands for oral creatine supplementation [2] [3].
  3. Creatine can decrease brain Serotonin levels (5-HT) in humans [4] [5], which can delay fatigue and reduce Anxiety [6] [7]. When you decrease serotonin, energy balance improves, and fatigue lessens. Anxiety lessens because serotonin typically causes anxiogenic-effects (anxiety-increasing effects) by inhibiting alpha-waves at moderate concentrations and altering gamma-waves in a negative fashion [8] [9].
  4. Creatine can increase strength in those of all ages.
  5. Creatine has both acute (short-term, immediate) effects, and chronic (long-term effects).


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