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Saturday, December 24, 2016

Insights & General Thoughts on The Deadliest Viruses and Bacterial Diseases on Earth

Urban Warfare by Pathogen
Written by : JayZin De'Russo.

In the developed world and the economically depleted world, and cities, there remains a major threat to the well-being of it's inhabitants, and the health of our people. Often overlooked, are the viruses that rodents carry, aka the "Hantaviruses'', that can be toxic to the cardiovascular system, and can, in some cases, be deadly. 

These hantaviruses are spread by rodent feces, including breathing them in, unknowingly consuming them, or by simply having them be exposed near any thin epithelial layer of the body or in contact with a wound.

Cotton Rat's and deer mice as well as ''white-footed-mouse'' are the most likely contributors to infection with a hantavirus. You don't see infections outside of those species except with rice rats occasionally. 

Now of course, rats and mice are not willingly engaged in a ''war'' against humanity, and those rodents largely are unaffected by the virus, so then oddly, it affects some mammals and humans who come into contact with them or their droppings. The title was just a shiny way to enlighten the masses on threats that most of us (probably) overlook.

The disturbing thing about this phenomenon is that continuous interaction with infected rodents can cause more of the disease, that means that the virus, largely increases and can proliferate in the body as more of it is introduced. 

It becomes prudent then, to immediately clean the house or dwelling where these rodents inhabit, and in which humans coincide for the health of the population and any future inhabitants. 

It has been noted that, even healthy individuals can fall ill to the virus, and treatment is not specific, but rather based on supportive measures {See Source Here} and thus, recovery is often a natural process. There does not seem to be specific treatments for hantavirus, but some herbs like Ginseng, Echinachea and Goldenseal may boost the immune system enough to fight it off. 

Regardless, symptoms of hantavirus can begin hours to days after infection, some phases include a hypotensive phase where blood pressure drops and heart rate fastens, followed by diuresis which is progressive loss of water and excess urination. 

All of these symptoms are usually what warrants support therapy and possibly ventilation, oxygenation and hydration via a tube, especially if the hantavirus progresses to Diarrhea and Vomiting (which they often do).

Also, it's important to note that the correct term for the syndrome when symptoms begin is HPS or hantavirus-pulmonary-syndrome.

That is the term most Physician's and Doctor's will recognize and will alarm them to treat you quickly.

Describing the hypotension, vomiting, diarrhea, fast heart rate are the quickest ways to prioritize the discussion. These viruses can often cause medical emergencies, so it is necessary that if you suspect infection by rodent droppings that you get medical help or call 911. This is even more important if you feel dramatically unwell, have just gotten over a cold or flu, or have other health issues including cardiovascular disease.

EBOLA Virus & Marburg Virus : Two Sides of the Same Deadly Coin

Since these ''filoviruses'', which is the correct classification for them, have hit many countries, including West Africa and the USA, there were such immediate precautions and steps taken to identify the source and Quarantine individuals / environments to prevent further spread - due to it's deadly nature. These two viruses are also known as 'hemorrhagic viruses', which means they cause hemorrhage; bleeding, rupture and organ disruption and in some cases organ failure. 

Ebola seems to be treated by supportive measures mainly, but consuming African Bitter Kola Nuts may stop virus replication and consuming several cloves of Garlic may also interfere with the Ebola virus. Olive Leaf Extract as also reported in our How to Counter Ebola Virus article may all be very helpful [1] [2].

As far as an actual cure, there doesn't appear to be one in the traditional sense, but many people do recover from the Ebola virus on their own [3].

RABIES "Virus of Madness & Death"
A Legacy of Utter Destruction

There is no virus like Rabies. Very few live to speak of it (who were/are infected), for very long at least... The Rabies Virus (RV/TRV) is certainly, for almost everyone, a sentence of Death.

It infects the CNS (Central Nervous System) prominently, and causes whole brain Inflammation (encephalitis). It rapidly penetrates the blood-brain-barrier (BBB) and causes more or less, 'chaos' amongst brain cells and nerve networks.

It messes with neurotransmitters BAD, and pretty much fucks up everything to do with neurons and nerve communication. Hence why people literally go 'stark raving mad' when they are infected with the virus. That's also why by translation and proper dialogue, it should be named the `Virus of Madness and Death'. 

Deng 'it All.

Even though tropical and subtropical regions are at most risk for this disease, there are still around 20,000 cases in the USA per year. The virus is typically worse than West Nile virus/infection and is a particularly nasty virus in terms of symptom presentation. It also can affect multiple organs, sometimes including the Liver and Kidneys.

Dengue Fever is a horrible ailment for most people, and the young children and Elderly are at particular risk, as with other mosquito-borne illnesses. There are treatments, but even with treatment, there are still fatalities.

This fever is particularly active, and Latin American nations, and often in some areas of the South near the  Mexican border. Bolivia and Spain, and many areas of South East China still remain hit points for Dengue-carrying mosquitoes. Those regions are particularly affected by the disease. 


There are still a lot of questions unanswered about the so-called ''human immunodeficiency virus'', and a lot of shady histories behind the initial 'identification' of the virus, the identifiers behind it (e.g Gallo) and the media circus that presents on both sides of 'scientific opinion'. 

The fact of the matter is, the virus most likely does not actually cause immune deficiency, at least not without several co-factors and a vulnerable genetic background. 

It does indeed cause however, the following initial problems...

  • Mononucleolis-like symptoms in the first few weeks of infection; including swollen lymph nodes, and fatigue, nausea/vomiting and coughing [4] [5].
  • Cause initial cytokine release (like most viruses) which indicates a mild inflammatory response [6] [7] [8].
  • May *possibly* gastrointestinal discomfort [9].
These symptoms however, and the effects in the body are not that different than other viruses like Influenza (the flu), and some herpes-viruses. Even though, structurally, the virus is a whole-different ballgame. 

Some things I disagree with Duesberg and other ''AIDS Denialists'' on is that.
Their statements indicate that it doesn't technically kill cells and that it is a harmless passenger virus, ultimately, I believe though...

Does it cause AIDS? Probably not.

Again, in order for this to actually occur the person would have to be already immuno-suppressed by multiple factors, although, this is more common than you may think. Many people are already immunosuppressed and don't know it.

So in reality, it does make sense that it appeared to 'target' African's, Hispanics and Gays, in the beginning and continuing throughout the years, because a high percentage of these groups live in areas that are effectively 'toxic' environments, I can't the same though for country-living African-American's and Latino's however. 

Homosexuals with drug-abuse tendencies as well as genital abrasions and sores would be at higher risk of multiple STI's and thus frequently would be found with suppressed immune systems.

It really comes down to lifestyle, and how health-conscious the person is.

A few other things I find curious about this phenomenon.

  1. The so-called medical establishment re-classified HIV from ''retrovirus'' to ''lentivirus'' which actually means slow virus (lenti or lente being latin for slow). I find it odd that it and a few other non-human affecting viruses were specifically re-classified into a group which only they share. It seems possible, even probable, that this was a deliberate reclassification to both cover up 'loose ends' in scientific research regarding HIV, but also to accommodate the current exaggerations regarding the viruses activities.
  2. That the virus seems to target a small percentage of people less effectively, and some deemed 'elite suppressors' are more or less immune to the virus. {See Here}
  3. The fact that individuals infected with the virus form several groups of people, and the fact that new terms have come out of the woodwork to accommodate the definition of which could otherwise simply be described as 'a person with a strong Immune system', seems to be a phenomena more suited to marketing/advertising than to explaining medically relevant information.
Whereas the existence of Cancer, Rabies, Lupus and other serious diseases are well-defined (and not really debated), HIV/AIDS remains the only disease where specific 'dissident' groups and a long-history of political and corporate conflicts have formed a two-sided battlefield; the mainstream medical and media establishment and then the 'rethinking AIDS' groups whom cater more to scientists like Peter Duesberg and Dr. Robert Wilner. 

What's fascinating is that you have nearly equal momentum on both sides, and that each side is receiving perhaps, a difference in overall funding, but no depletion of characters, lawyers and certainty in opinion to actually change the course in one favor. 

Now, on the other hand you still have beliefs like "HIV doesn't exist'' and AIDS is a made-up disease, which are complete bullshit statements if taken for face value, however, remember that every chemical, pathogen and disease is named based on its respective classification, and names have to come from somewhere (or someone). So, HIV does indeed exist, but just because the virus exists, doesn't mean the name suits it, especially since it took on two other names before it became HIV.

So, what's the mainstream medical establishment been doing all this time to find a cure for an elaborate 'forged' disease?

Have they made progress?

Well of course they have, instead of drugs like AZT they have newer medications called 'anti-retrovirals' which are supposed to suppress the virus but not the body's own immune system. Am I buying that? No, not until I see sufficient evidence that these drugs are safe. I maintain my stance that in any case, every single virus and bacterial agent can be defeated by the body's own immune system. 

With exception ONLY of viruses like Rabies; which have no cure, herbal or otherwise.

Then of course, if you really wanna go far, you will find that agents that specifically attack the respiratory system, of which are largely bacterial in nature, like Anthrax and Botulinum toxin, these are either extremely difficult to antidote, or very difficult to treat in general. Especially anthrax, both are equally deadly, though.

These bacterial agents are purified and pharmaceutically enhanced though, in order to be considered 'bioweapons' so they shouldn't really be considered as naturally occurring to the living world.

Because the context in which they are placed is usually where these redesigned, or amplified versions of these substances are 'released' onto a population or used in a detonation or dispersal device. Therefore, even though technically there is no cure, for them, they aren't diseases in the traditional sense. 

Botulinum toxin and Anthrax thus should actually be considered 'chemically-induced disease' or pharmaceutical agents that cause disease and death.

In which case, considering them part of the bacterial world is a mistake.

With HIV/AIDS you have a different story, and a 'first' for every health phenomena imaginable, a paradigm never before seen in the medical industry, so much so, that up until this day, and still moving forward, there is a massive amount of debate, skepticism, and worry regarding the 'true' nature of HIV.

Main ''Official'' Source for HIV/AIDS Information : 


Corticosteroid Induced, HHV-8 Positive Kaposi’s Sarcoma in a Non-HIV Elderly Patient

Kaposi sarcoma and quinine: A potentially overlooked triggering factor in millions of Africans

Kaposi's sarcoma induced by quinapril.

These sources/citations above are fascinating in that, it shows that there multiple causes of Kaposi's sarcoma, including a few ACE inhibitor drugs, some preservatives, the chemicals used to ''cut'' heroin, like Quinine. All on their own without any virus besides the Herpes-virus 8 present within the body, can cause Kaposi's sarcoma. Which means that this normally "AIDS-specific" disease can actually be caused by other factors. Completely proven.


The biggest ditch in HIV/AIDS research is the FACT that almost every single drug used to treat HIV/AIDS causes the VERY symptoms associated with the disease. Which means, nausea, vomiting, tremor, headache, dizziness, psychosomatic reactions, allergic reactions, neurological phenomena; Peripheral neuropathy and neurocognitive dysfunction, every single one of these 'symptoms' has been PROVEN to be a side-effect of these HIV drugs.

Every single one of them has bizarre and strange side-effects, (not that all medicines don't), but isn't it so strange that they haven't found really ONE absolutely unique symptom to the so-called AIDS-epidemic that can actually be provably and uniquely linked to the virus? Something that IS NOT associated with the medicines.


Seriously, this is what fascinates me, and makes me wonder how much of this phenomenon is complete bullshit. Put that in addition to the fact that its the only so-called 'virus' that behaves in the way that they say it does. Means that either.

A: HIV is named that just to ''sell'' the unique phenomenon and as an intentional means of murdering people by the aftermath.
B: The Virus is bioengineered/genetically engineered and was implanted in to the chimpanzees in order to have it later ''found'' by scientists.
C: The truth is its an exotic incurable disease.

All are possible I suppose, but being that there are more cracks in the foundation of the science behind HIV/AIDS I strongly believe that A is the proper option.

Another valid comment below, another way to look at it.

Duesberg is Right, remember his later videos and works is that "HIV must require Co-factors in order to cause Disease". Here's whats going on : HIV in itself may suppress the immune system, or at the very least cause cytokine release and inflammation {}. However, in itself is NOT *sufficient* to cause AIDS, at least not in Healthy people. Certain genetic backgrounds are, or seem to be, more affected by the Virus (including some descendents of Africa, some hispanic groups, and perhaps some other mixed groups). However, I think this is mostly due to close/near ancestors living in unfavourable environments, in other words, city areas or economically depleted areas where little nutrition plays a large role in developing a weaker gene response in Immune System. So, in these people who grow up in environments, with brothers or sisters that use drugs, then other perhaps, unfavorable genes are passed down, leading to the mentioned susceptibility to immune suppression {}.
Also, its highly probable that HIV depends on other common factors such as Cadmium & Copper toxicity (think the "Two C's"), and these two metals present with yeast infections as a 'side-effect'. Therefore, heavy metal toxicity plays a role in both yeast infections and candida overgrowth BOTH in HIV-infected individuals and in those without the virus {}. It seems likely that we simply have a general state of immune suppression so any further infection becomes a real problem for most individuals living in the areas infected.
Lastly, the virus known as "HIV" even though was reclassified as a 'lentivirus', is still ultimately a retrovirus, of sorts, but, it seems to behave differently than most retroviruses, therefore, Duesberg's hypothesis has a lot of merit.  The problem is, however, that there are hundreds of articles that are contrary to his original idea (later revised) of the virus not killing cells, the National Institute of Health, contains most of this information. I do believe though, that many healthy people who have the virus will never develop AIDS, because they are healthy, but in many cases, they will probably need extra supplemental selenium. Anyone who has the virus needs extra antioxidants. Those are biologically immune to the virus are termed 'Elite Suppressors'. If we were to ignore all of these notes, and research, then we would have to assume that thousands of articles are FORGED and studies are fabricated, this is possible, but unlikely. We'd also have to assume all or most of the HIV/AIDS denialists that have died were murdered, or some weird fate has hit them by strange coincidence, also possible, but unlikely. Then again, the fact that a bunch of HIV-researchers were killed on a plane crash {} could be a Godly sign, that it is still a Deception, and perhaps the virus doesn't cause anything at all. I dunno, it's tough to say, both are possibilities, just gotta use yer' head!!!

Wednesday, 09 April 2014
Anti-immigration Internet Commenters Tracked Down, Persecuted

Ebola and Rabies are two of the nastiest viruses on the planet, next after that you have Hantaviruses (from rodent feces and urine etc). All three of those can be deadly. Rabies most of all because it infects the brain/CNS. Making it one of the only diseases on the earth where humanity hasn't come up with a adequate solution. Cancer is a byproduct of toxic environments, heavy metal contamination, poor immune systems, and negative adaptations to our bodies over years. Most commonly though, Cancer is related to exposure to specific chemicals like Arsenic, Benzene, toxic food dyes, and inhalation of fumes from polluted cities. Anything that makes cells unstable, and lead to oxidative stress can create a biological environment where these diseases can wreak havoc.

Of course, any disease that affects the nervous system will be always be the most deadly as are anything that causes the liver and / or kidneys to fail. I'm not sure about this whole solution that NK proposes, haven't bothered to read it yet, but some of these articles are not that impressive. Still, all of these things can be cured it's just not public information.

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