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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Does Ketotifen Increase Muscle Mass? (Ketotifen As a A Muscle-Builder) Anabolic Effects of Ketotifen.

As explored in our earlier articles, Ketotifen For PCT & Does Ketotifen Really "Upregulate" Beta-Adrenergic Receptors, Ketotifen possesses both Testosterone-boosting and beta-receptor boosting effects. That means it is both pro-catecholamine, and pro-androgen, and has very powerful effects on muscle mass and manlihood because of that. Nobody should short-change or underplay the benefits of this drug, or attempt to displace the ''good research'' by purported side-effects that may be due to components of an individuals steroid cycle.

I aim to make this a short article. Read these books/Papers. They do not require downloads or any special program.

Dermatol Clin. Author manuscript; available in PMC 2008 Oct 1.

  1. Ketotifen has many attributes that make it a ''partial'' muscle-building or anabolic substance. In combination with other substances though, ketotifen certainly acts like an 'amplifier' of anabolic-activity.
  2. Ketotifen has neuroprotective effects, and can be a great anti-inflammatory as well.
  3. Ketotifen performs beautifully at, reducing stress and improving sleep.
  4. Ketotifen is able to improve Irritable Bowel Syndrome.
  5. Ketotifen can improve other neurological conditions; such as Fibromyalgia [!].
  6. Ketotifen can improve energy levels.
  7. Ketotifen can reduce Fear.
  8. Ketotifen can increase IGF-1 [!]
  9. Ketotifen can improve overall body health by balancing cytokine activity [!].


Ketotifen has the ability to inhibit Tumor-necrosis-Factor-Alpha, which is a signaling protein; specifically a ''cytokine'', involved in multiple bodily processes, most notably, cellular reproduction and division. As a target in RA : Rheumatoid Arthritis, and as a target in Cancer patients, the protein is a valuable target in disease states where cellular activities go wrong. 

TNF-a also plays a role in male and female fertility, and has a role in establishing early reproductive development. As later the protein also plays a role in signaling between immune cells of reproductive organs, it then also is capable of signaling 'inflammation' between cells. If activated, and under the right circumstances, TNF-a suppresses bodily Testosterone production in Men & Women, which seems to account for the suppression of hormone production and / or hypogonadal state observed in long-term chronic illness.

This association was also found in Young Men, who typically had the lowest levels of TNF-a, and because of this, had the highest levels of Testosterone.

Therefore, because it is a testosterone booster, elevates IGF-1 due to this and because of its cytokine modulating properties; including TNF-a, it remains a powerful medicine capable of conferring many benefits to Bodybuilders.

This makes Ketotifen also a diverse medication, and one that should be kept in mind when dealing with infertility, either self, or couple, and especially if allergic, Asthmatic and inflammation is present in the infertile patient.

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