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Saturday, December 17, 2016

The Brain's Diet (A Diet Focusing on Intelligence Increasing Foods)

The Brain's Diet also known as The Brain Diet by Area-1255

  • The Fifth and final diet, a diet focusing on intelligence-increasing or intelligence boosting foods; brain foods.
  • A diet unmatched in potency, and critical for all those engaged in intellectual achievement.
  • A chronicle for the Area-1255 brand. One that will be remembered for ages. This one, its the shit.

Prepare yourself...

This diet will require little thought to conquer thought, but it is a big read. In this article, we will explore the many scientific wisdoms of this century and last century, as well as in History, to elucidate the first scientifically supported intelligence increasing Honest-to-God Brain Diet that actually does what it says it does!

No phony bologne bullshit here, just all hard science and thought food. How's that for food-for-thought? This diet is aimed at enhancing anyone from low-tier IQ to genius territory IQ's. Any IQ and any gender/sex can use this diet and knowledge obtained within. It's powerful stuff.

So let's get this party started!!
Clicking the names of the Food will bring you to a recommended Product relevant on Amazon, it will not put advertisements or Pop-Up's on your Computer/Mobile device.
Clicking the number in Parenthesis, quite obviously goes to the 'source' or medical/scientific citation relevant to that passage/sentence. 

All medical citations are triple-proof-read for accuracy and legitimacy.

The first-meal of the Day - BREAKFAST.

Breakfast is regarded by some old scholars as 'the most important meal of the day', but new research reveals that at least for overall health, it does not equate to the most important meal of the day - as skipping or including the meal had no significant effect on body mass, metabolism, cellular function etc [1]. With that being said, there are a number of well-established sources such as WebMD [2], and incredibly notable Physicians such as Dr.Joseph Mercola who maintain that Breakfast, though not the most important meal of the day, can be helpful in certain circumstances and for some individuals, if done right [3]

He elaborates that, in order to sustain optimal brain function, it is necessary to intake ''the proper ratio of fats and Cholesterol'', and that ''other nutrients such as Choline are important''. Without a doubt, for including Choline in the diet, as with Eggs (the yolks), improves human brain function in living subjects rapidly and efficiently [4] [5]. He remarks that increasing fat intake can ''help sustain higher order brain functions''. New research also shows that fat intake can increase intellectual ability as well.

              So in terms of Breakfast, that's really up to you - the Reader.  

However, the health benefits of skipping breakfast may easily outweigh the benefits of merely including Eggs as your wake-up meal. In fact, research shows that intermittent fasting, and only eating one meal per day, your last meal (Dinner) can raise HGH levels around 2,000 % for Men and 1,200% for Women [6] [7] [8] [9]. For memory and intelligence, that is a far more significant boost.

Than whatever is obtained by eating Choline-containing foods, such as Eggs.  

So you really have two options in this Brain-diet. For breakfast I mean. Those options are.

  1. SKIP BREAKFAST ENTIRELY : To reap the brain benefits of Human-Growth-Hormone [10] [11].     
  2. Include Eggs, including the yolks, at least 4-5 eggs, and a hefty glass of organic Whole milk, for the fats and cholesterol. Then power up with a large glass of Organic Pomegranate Juice - for increased brain blood flow and antioxidant supervision of the brain cells [12] [13] [14].
  3. In the aforementioned ''diet'', also include celery [15], seafood, like Oysters preferably [16], or Crab meat [17], recommended brand here. Must also include one other type of fruit, for Vitamin C content [18] [19]. Apple's are preferred due to their additional Quercetin content, which supports neurotransmitter synthesis [20] [21] [22] [23].
  4. The point of these particular inclusions is to stimulate brain neurotransmission, increase neurotrophic factors in the brain which stimulate brain cell growth and nerve growth in general where it is needed.
  5. By including these particular 'superfoods', we are actually stimulating the prerequisites (quite literally) for improvised brain function and improved intelligence.    <Article from Daily Mail UK on I.Q Boosting Foods>                                                                                        

Another optional meal, but for this one, its certainly possible to include it and not miss the objective of fasting. You could easily eat a late lunch (4-5 pm) and skip your breakfast meal, that would still be consistent with the above requirements and allow you some jumping room to achieve enough growth hormone enhancement and at the same time have fairly consistent meals throughout the day. 

If you decide to include this meal, go for large amounts of nootropic greens, including Red Cabbage [24], Spinach [25], Tomatoes [26], Onions [27], Asparagus [28] and Rosemary [29]. Now I know what you are thinking, ''those aren't all greens'', well no, they aren't all colored 'green', but they have the ardor of your typical green vegetable, and Asparagus and Spinach are green. You would want to eat a half an onion or a whole onion, a half a cup of spinach, couple spoonfuls of Red Cabbage, a few slices of tomatoes, and Rosemary can be sprinkled on as a spice, or, you could eat a few decent sized rosemary leaves which will provide a powerful brain boost [30] [31] [32]. Anything else you choose to eat in this meal is TOTALLY up to you, AS LONG AS IT ISN'T SUGAR and is not carbohydrate containing. No breads, no bakery items, no cakes, nunna' that in this meal.

Suitable remainder items for this meal include.

  • Beef, steaks, anything meat-based but without the bun [33].
  • Fish, notably Salmon, for Omega-3 content [34].
  • Almonds and nuts, lesser so, but still a good choice [35].


This one is the King-shit of your meals. It is the all-important. The all-mighty. It is...the deciding factor. The most important meal must be taken with all most important considerations, it must be taken seriously and with great effort. Sustain at all costs, even if you flop with your Breakfast and Lunch meals, even if you do eat them the way mentioned or mostly so, but then stop due to costs, it isn't such a big deal so as long as you follow.this.step.

FOR the Dinner meal, you must include the following.

  1. HIGH Protein and 99% of that Protein MUST come from the following seafood sources. Salmon, Oysters, Sardines (think S.O.S). Salmon for their incredibly high-protein and massive Omega-3 content [36] [37] [38], Oysters for their Zinc amount, Zinc is dubbed the 'nutrient of intelligence' for good reason. Sardines for their CoQ10 (Co-Enzyme-Q10) commonly seen as a nutrient for the heart, but is recently found to have immense benefits in the Brain [39].
  2. Next, you MUST include an adequate variety of Vegetables, if you did not consume the vegetables/herbs written in Step 2 (Lunch) - then you must include them here. If you did include them in a lunch meal, then simply add Apples, Mandarin Oranges, Fresh Pomegranate seeds to this meal.
  3. Otherwise, add everything in the meal : Red Cabbage, Spinach, Tomatoes, Onions, Asparagus and Rosemary + Apples, Mandarin Oranges and Fresh Pomegranate seeds.
  4. You MUST include whole organic OATS to this meal. My recommended brand is shown below. Oats support 'the other wave' of Prostaglandins described in Dr.Barry Sears "Zone Diet".

5.  Lastly, you should include Chia seeds with this meal if you can not afford the seafood, and whether you eat seafood or not, you should buy and drink two or three Synergy Kombucha Drinks w/Chia seeds with this meal. They are delicious alternative health drinks and you will grow very fond of them - maybe even fonder of Pepsi's best drinks. ;)
So now inevitably, many of you will all ask me, "What is the point of the Kombucha drinks?", and my answer to You...

The point of the Kombucha drinks is, ironically exactly what is said on the Label; to Renew, Rebalance, Rebuild, Reclaim, Rekindle, Recharge.

  •  Renew - Our bodies, Kombucha helps to rejuvenate our Brain's and Bodies by detoxifying years of buildup in our bowels and liver.
  • Rebalance - Our nerves, our liver, our Ph, our intestines, our minerals.
  • Rebuild - Our bodies, our mind, our Brain, our dendrites, our Health.
  • Reclaim - Quality of life, optimal brain function, our innermost desires, our Aspirations...Our Destiny.
  • Rekindle - Old-desires, old ambitions, old-energy, the Vibrance of our Youth, our life Passion.
  • Recharge - Our Energy, our Enthusiasm, Our Goals, Our Achievements, Our Endeavors.

These are the mysteries of our making and strength of our Future, if we want success, we must first ASK FOR IT (Ask Ourselves, and our Higher Power), then CONSUME it, quite literally, through our Food, Supplements, Chemicals. Then OBTAIN it, by all means of forceful resilience, not being brought, or taught, barred, thwarted or otherwise inhibited, but breaking all barriers down, throwing down the walls of hesitancy and by Stepping up to the Pedestal ourselves, claiming it as our own, before others get a chance to.

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