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Friday, December 30, 2016

Does Masteron Boost Confidence? (Research & Summary for Masteron's Mental Benefits)

This article is simply a Masteron-version of this write-up. Either way, most of the points stand, but there are some things about Masteron that 'stick out' more. First, masteron is an injectable steroid [1], and it has much higher bioavailability than Proviron. Second, Masteron's half-life is way longer, and can be dosed E3D (Every-3-Days) [2]. Third, although there is less actual research for the compound; Drostanolone propionate/enanathate, there's hundreds more anecdotal reports for every 10 that there is for Proviron [3].

Almost every single one of these reports, summaries and logs indicates that Masteron is a hard-hitting, confidence-booster with euphoric or semi-euphoric properties, and I'd have to agree.

Thus, let's not make this article any longer than it has to be.


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