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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Applied Nutrition Green Tea Triple Fat Burner Review

This is my first review of any product from this company, Applied Nutrition.

Take note that this product was incorporated into a leaning program after a recent bulk. For the first couple weeks, it was solo, then I added in Forskolin and a small dose of Yohimbine (5 mg) daily. 

I was a little hesitant to buy this product since it is one of those widely marketed, storefront products that you see everywhere. Though, I thought it was unlikely I would have necessarily 'bad' results since most reviews I've seen are good and the product has not been replaced nor has the company seemingly done anything to significantly alter the description of the product which indicates that they are probably doing pretty well with it as is.

My dosage of this was...

  • Two Capsules; twice a day. 
  • The first two before breakfast, the last two in the late afternoon.
The Most immediate effects were.

  • A sense of improved mental clarity.
  • Increased energy.
  • Obvious stimulation (similar to sencha drinks).
  • Increased motivation.
  • Decreased appetite (for sure!).
The continued effects were.

  • Increased fat loss (down 8 lbs in a few weeks vs normal 5).
  • Feeling of ''heat'' when working out. More sweating perhaps.
  • Increased energy and less muscle soreness (antioxidant effect?).
  • Improved focus at gym.
  • Increased short-term memory (very slightly)

Upon taking two capsules (with milk), I noticed a couple obvious things. The pills are softgels & and they are super green. They go down easy though. They have no taste to them (and I ain't chewin' 'em anyway). 

I took the first two an hour before breakfast on the first day to give them time to work. That day it was inevitable; I had to skip breakfast, didn't skip my amino-drink though. It took a couple hours from that time to be able to actually down a protein bar, so this stuff suppresses your appetite VERY STRONGLY! Also, the mental energy and mental focus were pretty immediate effects. Although they were more pronounced on Day 2 and Day 3. They were noticeable enough though that I could notice that everything in the gym was 100% about the weights, and nothing else. In fact, I had no intention on focusing on anyone else, and the petty conversations people avoided today. Luckily this one nerdy kid wasn't there attempting his lady-curls in the corner of the gym. I wasn't being stalked by the openly bisexual redhead with her face tattoo's either today (she wasn't working the front). Still, despite these ''factors'' not being in today, this stuff ALMOST made me into a stone-cold asshole for some reason (odd for a Green tea product huh?). I suppose it could just be the supposed properties of Green Tea causing an increase in norepinephrine levels [1] [2] [3]. That would be my only explanation because it felt like 1/5th of the way toward the Reboxetine feeling. And any serious strong norepinephrine agent I have taken tends to produce these effects, so its consistent.

Green Tea components also seem to have a lipolytic (fat-burning) effect by other means, though [4] [5].

 This product works.

It helped immediately after a bulk and the effects were reliable and consistent, not just  in terms of appetite suppression but in terms of enhancing gym output and speeding the cut. Therefore I can easily recommend this product and I recommend buying it on Amazon!

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