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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Natural Herbal Treatment for Staph Infection (Herbal Remedies for Staphylococcus Aureus Infection)

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If you'd like to know what the SYMPTOMS of a Staph Infection are, scroll to the bottom of this article or CLICK HERE!

Although staph bacteria are so common that medical professionals have stated that ''staph is present as normal bacteria on all people'', mainly on the skin [1] and in the upper respiratory tract [2], they also are the bacteria with the most variability and persistence [3]

The thing is, staph bacteria can cause infection with no symptoms [4] and they can cause invasive infections where abscesses are hallmarks [5]. They can also cause severe systemic infections where they can cause costochondritis / sternal chest pain [6] and they can actually compress blood vessels wherein after they move from the chestbone to infect the myocardium (heart) [7]. Similarly to how Gonorrhea can become ''disseminated'' and TB can become ''active TB''. In these cases, staph infections become harder to treat, as the infection is no longer localized [8].

To make matters worse, the kind of staph responsible for systemic infections is more often than not, MRSA or methillicin-resistant staphylococcus aureus [9]. In these cases, the staph infection is resistant to traditional antibiotics and VERY difficult to treat [10].

Now there are some herbal remedies which may help - of which none of these the staph bacteria over years have developed any sort of resistance to. It is important to note though - that these methods are not GUARANTEED and especially not so in SEVERE cases. 


Clicking the [!] next to each ingredient will bring you the source in question or the leading remark from a Medical Professional who therein supports the reference made.

1.) Eating a Bag of Pistachios [!] : Pistachios contain polyphenols that directly inhibit staph bacterium within the body - but they are difficult to absorb and small quantities are almost meaningless, in order to obtain a sufficient amount, you'd have to eat a small bag of Pistachios throughout the day for a few days. Works best with other methods!

2.) Eating Manuka Honey [!] : Manuka honey contains powerful anti-bacterial (bactericidal) components which can act like a natural hydrogen peroxide; except in the body. Therefore, EAT THREE TABLESPOONS of Manuka honey per day. It's EXPENSIVE! But you have to move hardcore against S.Aureus infections. If you want to stay well.

3.) Apple Cider Vinegar [!] : Apple Cider Vinegar can be taken as a ''shot'' (like alcoholic beverages) or it can be drank more subtly. It is not quite as strong as the first two recommendations in this article - but it can help contribute to reverse a negative bacterial state in the gut, at least.

4.) Garlic Extract with HIGH ALLICIN [!] : This antimicrobial wonder food is one of the only natural supplements/foods that can specifically treat MRSA, the dangerous antibiotic resistant staph infection. Take Kyolic Green-Label several times a day at max dose for full effect!

5.) Colloidal Silver [!] : Nanosilver or pure liquid Silver is a essential mineral that has extremely potent antimicrobial and ANTI-MRSA actions. It should be taken as directed on the recommended products label; Silver Bullet.

*Temporarily increasing cholesterol intake (if you are not on cholesterol meds) may theoretically provide protection and cause your body to inactivate the S.Aureus bacteria [11].

NOTE: For SKIN-ONLY Infections you can use all of these methods TOPICALLY (ON SKIN). Blend everything together into a paste or just apply a couple methods separately onto the infected skin. 

  • Nasal Congestion [11]
  • Loss of Smell [12]
  • Frequent Upper Respiratory Infections [13]
  • Frequent Sore Throat [14]
  • Frequent Skin Infections [15] (say you bite your cuticles or nails and then get an infections hours or days later). 
  • Chest / Sternum Pain [16] (this signifies SYSTEMIC; GO TO HOSPITAL!)
  • Body Aches and Pain like Fibromyalgia [17] (again, go to hospital and follow up with Physician!)
  • Trouble Breathing/Increase in Asthma Symptoms [18] (same as above, not something to joke around about)

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