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Monday, July 17, 2017

Barlowe's Herbal Elixirs Muira Puama Extract Review (Review of Barlowes Muira Puama Supplements)

This article is a review of the following product.

Muira Puama (Ptychopetalum olacoides) is an Amazonian/brazilian plant [1] known to traditionally be used as a nerve tonic [2] and aphrodisiac [3], it contains lignans and possibly free-testosterone boosting compounds [4] [5] [6]. It also can be used as a memory booster.

Muira Puama's main mechanism of action though is most likely the following...

  • Dopamine D(1) Agonism [7] (stimulation) leading to increases in intracellular cAMP [8]
  • Beta-Adrenergic agonism complementing the above [9].
  • Acetylcholine increasing leading to sexual arousal by vasodilation [10].
Muira Puama therefore is a truly unique herbal supplement in that it takes action in a way that no other herbal remedy has been proven to. 

Here's the catch!
  • You need a QUALITY source and it takes time to work!
Barlowe's Herbal Elixirs in my opinion is the MOST quality source of this herb. I haven't found other companies who produce the same strength extract of this particular herb. Pictures are shown at the beginning of this article for proof the herb is what it is claimed to be.

- Smells slightly 'peppery' like black pepper. 
-Smells like fresh leaves in a rain forest (guess accurate).


  1. My experience is that Muira Puama produces a noticeable ''warming'' effect quite immediately.
  2. You might want to make sure if the weather is warm, even a tad bit, that you are prepared cus you will just feel warmer on this. I believe its partly a metabolism boosting effect and partly because of its stimulant effects.
  3. I noticed a particularly strong sexual arousal effect which was almost involuntary.
  4. I noticed a strong increase in libido after Day 2.
  5. Its one of the quicker acting herbals in these regards.
  6. I noticed improved reaction time and attention/focus.
  7. I noticed improved euphoric-response to music.
  8. I noticed increase in motivation.
  9. I noticed an increase in thought recall (say smart or tactical insights from earlier in the day that normally I would suppress and recall days later).
  10. Increased resolve and a more immediate readiness to put things in motion.
The effects of Muira Puama (for only 14$!) are very impressive. Normally you have to spend 50-60$ or more on nootropics to get the same effects. Especially surprising are #9 and #10; these effects are normally present when using some sort of major stim such as Amphetamine. So for such a cheap herbal to deliver the same effects is pretty magnificent.


  1. One capsule in the morning and one in the evening for the first few days.
  2. Then two capsules once per day in the morning only with Coffee for the rest of the duration (30-days).

One capsule didn't really do a whole lot in comparison to two at once. But I felt it. It seemed the warming effect on the entire body was most apparent at first. Then came the aphrodisiac effects, then came the nootropic effects. Its an odd order of effects for a supplement, for ANY supplement. But it is impressive.

The warming effects were a little unexpected, but not necessarily unpleasant. Interestingly, the ability to adapt to the heat was increased (probably due to increased sweating). The hot feeling was actually a bit euphoric. This is consistent with the effects of a cholinergic substance (look up muscarine or amanita muscarina mushrooms). This would mean muira puama is probably primarily cholinergic in action. 

I've heard of others who described muira puama this way as well [11] [12].

The effects on libido are based on a stimulating effect, not like Masteron or any kind of Testosterone-like substance, definitely alike to Amphetamine or another stimulant. There's even Insomnia on the days I've taken 3 capsules. Totally unnecessary to take that much. Stay at 2 capsules. Muira Puama's sexual arousal effects are also interesting, because they are involuntary. It's nerve based. Since its not an increase in flaccid hang like with the sexual enhancement Icariin 60. Therefore I'm pretty sure these effects aren't vascular.

The memory-boosting effects are mostly in terms of mental speed, but there's improved recall similar to the ingredient Galantamine, which also proves a cholinergic effect. Reaction time in martial arts training is improved, speed of kicks and swings and interpreting the response of trainee's and opponent fighters is improved.

Muira Puama is thus a very effective diverse ingredient, and sets itself apart from other substances (both pharma & natural). 


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