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Friday, July 28, 2017

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard PreWorkout Review! (Review of ON's PreWorkout Supplement)

Optimum Nutrition is one of the most well-known supplement companies [1] and has been around since 1986 [2]. From that point it was a staple and a well sought after product line [3]. It has a legitimate company profile [4] and adheres to quality standards and to using zero banned ingredients [5].

So it only makes sense that there would be stellar reviews and high-quality labels.

...But I don't really care for reviews until I try it for myself, reviews can be faked after all. I trust reviews to a certain extent though, because they reflect (at least to some degree) the company's consistency.

So I started this product a month ago and have been usng it  almost daily since. 

I bought Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Preworkout on Amazon.

My experiences are as follows!


One scoop per day, 30 mins before workout.


Upon opening the container the most obvious thing was its potent sweet-sour smell, it kind of makes you think you are about to consume smarties or a similar candy. Its strong! but pleasant.


Putting one scoop in water allows it to taste fine, me personally I don't like mixing it with juice because then it tears away the original flavor. I don't think its necessary to mix it with juice and it doesn't need to be watered down. It tastes awesome on its own!!!


Here's where I have a lot to write about. For me, this product has dual benefit. You could use it as a nootropic and you can use it as a preworkout. The most prominent effects are on motivation, and muscle strength. 

You will notice that any of this you get on your lips or tongue will cause them to momentarily 'itch' as is characteristic of beta-alanine and any PWO containing it.

The other obvious FIRST-EFFECTS are skin itching (for me near the stomach). Then comes the extreme focus, motivation, and a slight euphoria that seems mostly in relation to mental focus and clear-headedness. When on the bench, this stuff allows you to easily reach your maximum capacity. Strength is through the roof and pumps are amazing on this! The other effects are facial skin flushing (like a light red). Increased sweating (slightly) and an increased cognition.

The effects are pretty immediate.

  • You will notice the effects within the first 20 minutes, unless you have a REALLY slow metabolism then maybe closer to 30, but it HITS YOU FAST!!!

In my opinion, this stuff has no real ''jitter'' effect and I've had days where I've drank a couple Monster Energy drinks and was still able to down this with no problem. HOWEVER, I don't necessarily believe this would be the case for others. So I'd still follow the directions on the label and NOT mix this with other Caffeine sources. At least until you know your tolerance. This stuff, is really strong and that's no understatement!

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