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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

What Are The Symptoms of A Bad Staph Infection (or any Staph Infection/Symptoms of S.Aureus Infection in HUMANS)

  • Nasal Congestion [11]
  • Loss of Smell [12]
  • Frequent Upper Respiratory Infections [13]
  • Frequent Sore Throat [14]
  • Frequent Skin Infections [15] (say you bite your cuticles or nails and then get an infections hours or days later). 
  • Chest / Sternum Pain [16] (this signifies SYSTEMIC; GO TO HOSPITAL!)
  • Body Aches and Pain like Fibromyalgia [17] (again, go to hospital and follow up with Physician!)
  • Trouble Breathing/Increase in Asthma Symptoms [18] (same as above, not something to joke around about)

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