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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Types of Intrusive Thoughts in OCD and Other Disorders Related to OCD

Rampant Intrusive Thoughts
Rampant intrusive thoughts are consistent thoughts (obsessions) that occur without other factors precipitating them. They center around fear of reaction, fear of mockery and fear of Criticism. They are also associated with G.A.D, Social Anxiety as well as OCD. When a thought has no precipitating factor, it is classified as persistent anxiety versus reactive anxiety. In which case, a biological basis is more likely and may respond quicker to medicinal treatment (but will not easily go into full remission).

These types may be calmed by medications like Buspar (Buspirone) since it also treats G.A.D and there are positive reports on that use such as here.

Herbs like Magnolia and other strong herbal sedatives like Melatonin may be useful for this type of Intrusive Thought.

Benzodiazepines may be useful for this form of intrusive thoughts / OCD but the problem is they are easily addictive and very hard to get off of. However, ask a Physician for best choice (or better yet, Psychiatrist).

Provoked Intrusive Thoughts
Provoked or Triggered intrusive thoughts are based on an external factor such as an interaction with somebody, and sometimes the words they use can give way to obsession and provoked intrusive thoughts. Though this is not generally the other parties fault, it does not exclude intent nor take it into consideration. It simply means the person in whom the Obsessions occur experiences the Intrusive Thoughts mainly when another nearby influence sets the ammunition.
Therefore, any negative interaction or perceived negative interaction can become the main trigger.
Particularly when Anxiety is present in the other party, can be read or applied abnormally long after the interaction took place.

These thoughts would be best treated with a long-acting SSRI like Luvox (Fluvoxamine) since it requires ''mediation regulation'' or thought reversal. Long-acting drugs are more useful in toning down disorders of thought [1].

Queried Intrusive Thoughts
Queried intrusive thoughts are often based on Paranoia and Superstition or ''magical thinking'', they include the process of fearing that an UNRELATED, undesirable event or interaction will occur based on ones own pathology or wrong acts/thoughts. Most oftenly, the individual ''queries'' an expected, repeated response, in their head they believe actions that are unrelated to the major obsession will trigger an inevitable return to that Obsession.
Such as : If you don't take a turn down a certain road to get home then you will experience a Tragedy.
These are based on mentally querying an expected result that is based on fear, these constant queries are unlike Rampant Intrusive thoughts because they deviate, are more diverse and stretch the imagination.
They often have religious or sexual innuendo and relate to the persons hatred towards the images that are by querying them. Therefore, the hatred or disgust for what they represent becomes triggered by the interaction with the thoughts due to magical thinking. The persons long-held beliefs and firm stance along with a propensity to obsess on the given topic, allow the thoughts to become an entity that harasses them at various points in their life.
This can lead to Anger, withdrawal, and emotional dissociation if the thoughts and stress they produce isn't dealt with.

These types of thoughts are best dealt with using either pro-glutamate agents (such as Piracetam) or anti-dopaminergic agents, or both. Alternatively, since thought disorders are considered here and magical thinking is a main issue, the best idea may be a combo stack of Glycine, Sarcosine and TMG; all of which have been proven to help both OCD and Psychotic symptoms; without affecting emotions and libido and such [2] [3] [4] [5].

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