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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The Psychotic Supplement Stack!

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If you are looking to escape from reality as far as your mind won't go, then this is the stack for you!

I mean, this stack is so strong that it should be listed in a section that doesn't exist in Forbes magazine called "supplements that help you achieve Insanity",

 but in  this case, a good-insanity exists as the  reality of another world exists. Like the effects of ketamine and LSD together? Well here you are.

First let me start by saying this is a hypothetical stack but it works very well, so much that the grim reaper is even saying (hee-hee)! So if you believe that another world exists, and your mind can't wait to see it - then go for it!

This stack is dangerous! But its powerful. And it works.

1.) Smoke Salvia divinorum; a powerful  legal dissociative herbal agent [1] [2] proven to send you off into space with your brain cells packing (temporarily). Not something for little kids to mess around with. For mature audiences only! This stuff will make you feel, act and see things that have never been [3]. Smoke this one, rest are ingested.

2.) Mucuna Pruriens : Contains 5-meO-dmt [4] and other DMT [5] components that, when combined with other things can send your mind into another world with tactile (touch) hallucinations and profound visual experiences [6]. Enhances the #1 on this list, perfectly.

3.) Wild Dagga capsules : This is the third and super man add-on for this stack, Dagga has a mild marijuana like effect that will put you at ease, then dissociate you greatly [6] [7]!

4.) 5-HTP : Not something that would favor your taste buds outside of the hallucinogenic world, but this is a perfect complement to the first three, a spirit that will guide you into your greatest dreams [8].

5.) Syrian Rue (ultra-low-dose) : Use a tiny dab of this to potentiate all of the above [9] [10]!
Get stoned man!

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