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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Why does Tren raise Prolactin? (Why does Trenbolone acetate increase Prolactin)

Trenbolone; easily one of the strongest anabolic agents available and a crucial asset to all pro-bodybuilders who wish to maximize their results. Why? Because it works - for nearly everyone who uses and in even those who have at best, a moderate training program [1] [2] [3]. Tren works so well at building hard muscle mass and simultaneously, amping motivation that it is often called the ''motivation gear'' and has been seen as a strong aggression inducer [4] [5]. Of course, not all is 100% positive, as Tren users occasionally come across...

  1. High blood pressure [6] [7]
  2. Increased heart rate [8]
  3. Increased sweating [9]
  4. Decreased libido [10]
  5. Limp dick [11].
These effects are often blamed on putative prolactinogenic (prolactin-increasing) effects [12]. The QUESTION is, WHY would Tren (a hard androgen) raise prolactin?

Here's something you might not know, Tren doesn't even raise prolactin in everyone who uses it - about 30% never get any serious prolactin troubles. So why the other 70%? 

Trenbolone is a strong androgen, so much so that it shuts down the hypothalamus and one of the mechanisms by which it does so is FEEDBACK REGULATION of Prolactin [13]. It doesn't directly raise Prolactin. But its postulated that the specific brain regions wherein tren hits the receptors are directly coupled with LH/FSH terminals and specifically, with hypothalamic dopamine nerve centers [14] [15]. Therefore the brain-region selective androgen potentiating and prolactin-inducing effects are downstream anti-dopaminergic actions, but interestingly, that is really confined to the pituitary as tren RAISES dopamine in areas like the hippocampus [16] [17] [18].

Now, on the other hand since it doesn't raise Prolactin in EVERYONE and it IS NOT a direct effect, the reasons why many do not get this effect are.

  1. They already have high dopamine levels.
  2. They are controlling their Estrogen (E2) levels properly.
  3. They aren't running an ultra-ambitious stack full of aromatizable compounds.
  4. They aren't overtraining.
  5. They aren't eating like crap and tons of sugars which raise Prolactin.

So there you have it, the REASON and the HOW of Tren raising prolactin are due to strong androgen action that when hitting those brain regions causes a downstream selective anti-dopaminergic effect causing prolactin release.

If your estrogen is controlled and you are using Caber or another dopaminergic, you shouldn't have these issues, and mostly you just need E2 under control.

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