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Friday, July 7, 2017

Nootropics Depot Aniracetam Review 2017

Nootropics Depot Aniracetam Review

Aniracetam, Piracetams predecessor, claims to improve your overall mood while reducing anxiety, enhance focus and motivation, while supporting memory formation. Without a doubt, I can attest for its effectiveness in improving focus while reducing anxiety. I dosed 3 times in a 6 hour period, totaling 1500 mg taken in 500 mg doses at two hour intervals. While I could have attempted to measure the effects of this Racetam by performing day to day activities, I instead decided to consistently put it to the test with an online competitive tactical first person shooter for 8 hours a day. I made this decision for a few reasons. During matchmaking I could depend on being placed with players who had identical skill levels, you have one life, 1-3 shots until death, no respawns, and an endless plethora of creative ways to kill or be killed, whether it be through a bullet hole placed in a cabinet and an enemy within, or barb wire in the doorway with C4 on the ceiling of the floor directly beneath it. The players are toxic, and that leads the last player to panic and break under pressure when outnumbered. This would put my focus under pressure and my short term memory to the test, including my mood. 

The aniracetam noticeably increased my short-term memory in general day-to-day tasks.

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