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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

How to Prevent QT Prolongation from Drugs

QT Prolongation is a serious side-effect from multiple drugs and multiple kinds of drugs. It has occurred with antibiotics [1], some pain killers [2] and as well many Psychiatric medicines [3]. QT Prolongation is an error in the hearts electrical system which can cause anything from abnormal heart rhythm (arrhythmia) to fainting and even death [4] [5]. In order to prevent this serious side-effect, there are precautions and dietary factors that must be considered.

Dietary factors would include.

-Getting ample potassium in the diet [6].
-Eating high-magnesium foods [7].
-Staying well-hydrated [8].
-Increasing Vegetable & Fruit intake [9].
-Getting enough protein to support normal heart functions [10].

Hormonal factors would include...

-Optimizing Progesterone in Women [11].
-Increasing Androgens (DHT mainly) in Men [12].

To prevent Long-QT, one must consider ALL of these factors carefully.

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