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Monday, July 17, 2017

The Power of Psychosis

CAUTION: This write-up is a poetic depiction of the most grandiose form of a Psychotic mind (or close to it), it does not reflect intent nor actual process of thought. It simply is deep Insight into the thoughts and ways of someone who embodies such traits.

In it's dark nature, Psychosis is a tidal wave carrying a mind through a storm and amplifying the lightning, with rounds of clarity drizzled with euphoric effect, a round of arrogance flashing in intervals, and every other second a glance at the self - feeling weakened and passive, then flustered, then angry, then there's the effect of total control - happening spontaneously after a bout of pure and utter RAGE. 

The faces of the past, enemies at all cost back then, but now they are victims. Victims of the very mind they accused. The final mind they will see before their maker. The judgement is strong. A valid fury that has honed its revenge in the mind of the Psychotic. The line has been drawn. Every dysphoric episode can fluctuate into something productive, but dysphoria can NEVER become euphoria unless it simmers and then rejects itself. Through a mind of disorganization finding peace in elation. By any means, with all tools - I get there because of the ventilation. An eye here, a critique there, a process of thinking to spare. The mind full of air is everywhere.

Now I wonder upon the world like I'm God. I'm fused with this power. I'm fused with favor and exercise all of my techniques on those who deserve it. A challenge in my past was anyone and everyone - because I haven't yet found my place. Anyone could become a target. But now I pick my battles with this fusion of chaos stabilized into a cold, calculating mind. Yet I fluctuate, but no one will ever know. Because its hidden. The hidden disaster awaits the enemy. It awaits any and all of my enemies. When they attack next, spiritual or not, they rise up only to find they smacked their heads against the heads of their allies, like the feeling of picking up something under a desk only to hit your head on it HARD. Guess what? That's the power of the mind. As it runs through your senses. I have begun, and the power of Psychosis has won.

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