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Saturday, July 22, 2017

The Ultimate Facade - Creating Doubt by Visual Deception

One of the most powerful tactics of manipulation has always been the art of feeding others a false image, so to conceal the reality of a much darker one.

This art could extend to many situations and people though - and it can apply in situations that seem, at first glance to be so incredibly obvious because they relate to bottom-feeders in society. A truth which when examined, if possible to examine in full-depth, would reveal a very surprising reality. 

In this article I'm going to discuss that art.

When we look at Politicians, or perhaps even sub-par politicians like Maxine Waters, who currently sits in a $4.8 million dollar mansion - we wonder a couple things, like where in the hell do they get all that money - and "WOW, the amount of commodities and fancy suits they have means they have a lot of power". Yet, there are those who aren't public figures, and don't even wear fancy suits who often have a lot of money, and power. Let's not forget Saddam Hussein was found in a hole with dirty clothes, dirty rooms and barely any food [1], yet he was a man who had access to billions of dollars [2] [3]. There are drug dealers who specifically evade detection and their covert money-laundering schemes simply by appearing to be less fortunate than they really are [4] [5]. This includes dressing down; even to the extent of dressing like a homeless man (in some cases) and in others, by working part-time jobs and putting on the vibe of ''I need to feed my family''. 

It really is almost impossible to tell someones actual resources by looking at them, and if that person really knows what they are doing - they will see any attempt at visual or auditory investigation by reading your words and your vibes, carefully. 

The ultimate facade is thus the ability to appear so dramatically different, perhaps only to certain people or groups of people - to avoid detection. The key though, is that these types will use these fine-tuned abilities only in proportion with the amount of pride they are willing to sacrifice to those groups or peoples. Meaning, is it worth looking worthless or less than your actual established worth to those people? Priorities are still of utmost importance, and order is everything. Therefore those people would either mean a lot, or nearly nothing.
Then, the place many go wrong and the reason why a facade may be exposed, is simply for one reason - when arrogance takes hold and emotion is revealed. The slickest of peoples keep even their most deep-seated narcissism held within, and instead, channel it into their motivations therefore not giving into the need for obtuse remarks. 

Of course, millions of people may be willing to overlook narcissism if that narcissism can be disguised as help to a willing population. Therefore the ultimate facade can be born by in itself, appearing to be something else.

Now the question is - what is the intent for this post? The post is to explain in practical terms, what the ultimate facade is - but so that anyone who wonders, can understand more about society and also more about the fundamental flaws in those who appear perfect, and in those who appear to look like shit. The fact is, we are all humans that pretend to be something we are not at some point in our lives. The question is, how much are you willing to pretend? Is the value of what the facade is hiding worth and equal to the facade you have created? Those are the most important questions when understanding the ultimate facade.

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