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Friday, July 21, 2017

Which SSRI / Antidepressant Improves Memory & Cognition?

Area, which SSRI antidepressant can improve memory?

Although most SSRI-antidepressants are known for impairment of (particularly) emotional memory and processing, there is one that in almost every study demonstrates improvement of cognitive function and memory; and that would be Luvox also known as Fluvoxamine [1] [2] [3].

*This answer goes to George V. who sent me an e-mail as of yesterday asking this question, but is also posted publicly for those who would like to know. It seems to be a common question. Always remember to read clinical trials and the PubMed database if you are looking for scientific information and statistics on medicinal treatments.

More information about SSRI's can be found here and here.

Remember that SSRI's are not always the best treatment option, and there are no absolutes in science [4] [5].

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