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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Area-1255: The Multi-Ethnic "Beast Mode" Health & Neuroscience Research Blog of 2018.

Area-1255: The Multi-Ethnic "Beast-Mode" Health, Life Extension and NeuroScience Blog of 2018.
 By: Frank Morabito

Nothing screams Diverse Content like this Blog, my Cousin (Jason) nearly lives on this Blog...and for good Reason.  This Blog is a very good resource for those trying to be healthier and more FIT. Something the 'whole world should strive for! 

Now...on my own Part (I just joined) - I plan on writing a little bit of everything. To help Jason and his Crew out as much as needed. BTW, Me, Jason and Dan are ALL Cousins - we're ALL Family. So don't think just 'cus we talk similarly that we aren't gonna' look out for each other. Them two 'fuckers might be a lil' introverted but I'm not. I'm the Type who will gladly punch some lousy' motherfucker for insulting My Family...but I don't like to be violent.

I plan on writing the following...
  1. Music/Lyrical Video's/Guides.
  2. Biochemistry and Organic Chemistry Articles.
  3. Articles About Italian History and History of Calabria.
  4. Articles about Travel. 
  5. Articles About Dressing the "Right Way" to impress and net big earnings, Women and all the Amenities of Life. 
*These are MY Areas of Expertise. So while Jason covers (mainly) Neuroscience, Neuroticism and Bodybuilding - I will be diversifying the content further here.

If you have questions about My Writing or my General Whereabouts for us to Meet (just kidding about that part!) - please E-mail me (FREELY) at: FRANKMORABITO1255@GMAIL.COM

I will be Proud to Answer Questions on any of The Following 10 Topics.
  1. How to Speak In Italian (Including Variations and Native Calabrian Dialect).
  2. How to Make Music the Right Way and Effectively.
  3. How to Rap (Italian and American Style).
  4. How to Get Dual Citizenship.
  5. How to Become an Italian Lawyer and Questions About Italian Courts versus American Courts etc.
  6. Biochemistry, Organic Chemistry, including how to Synthesize things like DMT.
  7. Travel/Leisure; Which clothes to wear to which Countries and Weather in specific Countries etc.
  8. Guides to Italian Women and German Women (my only two "Types).
  9. How to Improve Your Business "Machoness" without being Repugnant.
  10.  Dressing, Ties, "Matching" Clothes and doin' it Right so you don't look 'like a Dumbass or a Cornball.

What I find Interesting About This Blog: Its like a conglomerate of Organizations that (often) go into [Temporary] Professorship at a Well-Known Cooking School and then start rolling some MEGA-TASTY Cookie Dough treats for Celebration and Lessons EVERY DAY.

Meaning...this Blog ABSOLUTELY FASCINATES me because YOU GUYS kick the shit-litter out of every other Blog or "Company's" A$$ every day. And you FUCKING MELT Politics into the Ground and then roll over it in a Construction vehicle until it sinks beneath the World's Biggest Graveyard!

The other thing that's Interesting: When Mohammed B? Started this Blog initially, he was a Member of The Cipher Elite page...I remember that Sh!t VIVIDLY - what ever happened to Cipher Elite? Well there's a funny Story for another time - essentially one of MY CREW who works for a Computer Firm (Company) in Italy - found out and intercepted a Hack Attack perpetrated by A Rival Hacker Group. This attack would have decimated the Cipher Elite "Cyberspace Phenomena" Faction; including all FTP Servers associated and hundreds of Giga-Bytes of Data.

Now, I ain't no Fucking' Hacker - but I do work with I.T experts occasionally when I need their services and that INCLUDES looking out for Family. As my little brother happens to be a Computer Whiz and he of course, looks up to Jason like a Brother, Cousin (which he is) and a Father!

Funny thing - and the reason for the "MULTI-ETHNIC" title is even tho' I ain't as Big on the Ancestry shit...(that shit will give you Carpel Tunnel FAST!!!). I find it interesting how we Got Arabs, Italians, Russians, Finnish-Descent and German-American Writers on here. That shit is Fucking Amazing! Love the Diversity, like I said! Help's to er-Expand the Chaos Valve of this Almighty Blog Enterprise.
.:::.So, hope you all Enjoyed my Introduction, I'll be around.:::.

Frank "The Agent of Disguise" Morabito.  

BTW: @Jason, did I do the little Digital "Dot Signature" Right? 
THE: .:::.

I always wondered what that shit 'Fuckin' meant...Now I know its because "Secretly" you are a Member of The Illuminati, JAY. ;)

...If anyone ACTUALLY believes that shit, they need a Refresher Course in what it means to be SANE and a NICE 'Cycle of Anti-Psychotic Drug Therapy (Risperidone preferably, maybe a Shot of Haldol). 

  •  THERE, See, I did your little Marketing Voo-Doo trick too COUSIN'!.

"Just a Guy"
...but Yes, I'm the Agent of Disguise, never looking out for Any of your Lives, justified by only living in front of my Own Eyes.

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