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Thursday, July 19, 2018

Glory to The Lord in Silence [Act of Worshiping The Lord Jesus Christ in Silence 2018)

 "There is no God and no Lord but Our Father who is in Heaven, who has the Mightiest Words, the Ultimate Authority, Who's Word is Final and Who Has the Last Words."
~AMx ReBorN~ (Daniel Nicholas Gregory)
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Those who Keep His Commandments [!] are Holy, Vitalized made Humble.
But so many believe an Act of Worship requires Numbers, Continuous Sacrifice, even Martyrdom. These things are not acts of Worship but acts of Insincerity. And when praying, the Only Thing the Lord truly asks for is Sincerity. Understanding. To receive the Lord in FEELING, not through Thoughts of the Mind - after all "an idle mind is the Devil's workshop" and "a Fearful Mind is the Devils playground". 

Likewise, the Devil plays with our Head & Our Thoughts - turns some Thinkers like Myself into a Person who's Brain can work against them - their own Self, a Mind with a Proverbial Gun turned inward towards its own self, a self-induced trauma. Something we all Live with Every Day in Anxiety & Worry. 

...But the Tragedy in that is that Worrying is NOT having Confidence nor Faith in The Lord.

Instead, it is the opposite.

Instead of being SINCERE in Silence, Confident in the Lord, having Unending Faith - Worry and Anxiety keep us in Shackles.

They are NOT JUST Emotional Restraints, but restraints against the Soul and against the Loving Kindness of the Lord Jesus Christ, and our God; the ONLY God that is to us as Man and Humans - the Ultimate Authority, the Uniter of Happiness, he who gives in Charity and to the Faithful who seek to Praise him for his Miracles; that he grants every day, in the Form of Life & Expectation to those Who Believe. AMEN.

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