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Saturday, July 14, 2018

Area-1255 Private Investigative Services [Virtual Investigator Services for Hire 2018]

Here we offer Virtual Intelligence/Investigative Services for Hire. Whether you have a Pesky Stalker, someone who keeps "hacking" your Social Media - or simply someone who harasses you and works around the Law in Every Way possible. At Area-1255 we have a Team of Dedicated Virtual Intelligence Gatherers and 'White-Hat' Hackers who are Glad to Provide information on...

  1. Seemingly Anonymous Cyber-Stalkers.
  2. Phone Numbers Who Keep Calling.
  3. Bill Collectors.
  4. Fraudulent Calls.
  5. Imposters Who Are Trying to Find Your Information
We can Quickly determine the Legitimacy of any such Attempts and whether information should be Quantified, Compiled and sent into the Proper Authorities. We have worked with countless Individuals and Pride Ourselves on Being Top-of-The-Line.

Specific [Virtual Investigator] Services we Offer Include...
  1. Finding someones Phone Number; such as an Old Friend, Relative; who's Number is Unlisted and they have Moved to a New [Unknown] Location.
  2. Finding the Current Location of someone based on their E-Mails [Advanced E-Mail Tracking].
  3. Finding the Identity and Origin of A Stalker or Cyber-Bully. 
  4. Blocking Hackers and Providing Detailed information on Infiltrations to Companies and Attempted or Past Espionage .
  5. Assisting in Security Set-Ups and Providing Defenses against Future Attacks on Networks and Individuals.

Our Tactics: We use a Combination of Expansive Databases, Background Report Systems, Phone Tracking Hardware and Software, Decoding/Decrypting Software, Algorithm Analysis, Network Analysis and Other Miscellaneous Tools to complete hired tasks. 

We have the Best People working around the Clock - and are able to assist in USA, Russia, England and Canada. At the current time - we do not support P.I/V.I Requests in ANY Other Countries such as India or Asia and we do not OUTSOURCE to Individuals from these Countries.

If you need our Services; Please send a Detailed Inquiry to... 
At which point we will Review the Case and Process within 48 Hours. 
An IMMEDIATE Refund after the Mandatory 48-Hours will be RECEIVED if we can not Accommodate the Request.

NOTE: If you no longer Require the Services AFTER YOU HAVE PAID - then you may Request a Refund within 72 Hours, after 72 Hours of Payment - no Refund will be Granted if the Amount of the Service is LESS THAN ~30$ USD.

To Pay for a Standard Name/Phone Number look-up and detailed Background Report Information - use the PayPal Buttons below and then give me the Name And/Or Phone Number you want to look up. This information will ALSO include the following...

Basic Background Name/Phone 'REVERSE' Or Straight Lookup.


ELITE (EXPANDED) Persons/Phone Look-Up
[CELEBRITY] Elite Look-Up

  1. Phone Number: Reverse Checking yields Current Status [Active or Disabled/Pending Transfer] - it also gives "Approximate Phone Location" or EXACT Current Location for Extra 25$. Includes Registered Name/Party to Phone Number; Important Aspects including Place of Residence (Home Address) and Criminal History.
  2. NAME: Yields General Information, reverse checking for Phone Numbers attached to said Persons Name; Current and Updated Information. Background Reports/Current & Expunged Criminal History. Documented News Reports on such Individual.
  3. Accessibility Inquiry/Place of Employment: Yields Banking Details; Employment; Current & Past - including Police Officer, Rank, Summary and Disciplinary [if Accounted for] and other Complex Attachments.
  4. Military History/Summary of Other Work: Explains Governmental and Non-Governmental Security Details & Associations [If Relevant/Available].
  5. Miscellaneous Summaries/Household/Net Worth/Associates/Associations: COMPLETE SUMMARY on the Person's Life History, Documented Household Descriptions, GPS Snap Shots (BEYOND GOOGLE SNAPSHOT!) and includes Complex Intelligence gathered on Associations and other CRIMINAL/NON-CRIMINAL Relatives/Cousins etc...Criminal Background, Dropped Charges etc. 

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