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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Area-1255's Digital "Dot Signatures" or "Keyboard Ciphers". (List of Keyboard Ciphers 2018) (Area1255 BLOG 2018)

NOTE: Ultimately our "Symbols" serve the Purpose of Catering to "Visual Learners" - we simply want people to understand the Priority and Intensity of the Information on This Blog without Misinterpretation (Where Possible!).

This does NOT Mean we do not attempt to say (IN WORDS) where we think appropriate when a Bit of Information should be carefully Read, or interpreted as a "hypothetical conclusion" - just that it informs/reinforces what is Already Being Said.

PROLOGUE to Area-1255's Code & "Way of Life"

Area-1255 is a Part of a Larger (GROWING) Network known as "Cipher Elite Enterprises" or CEHC - originally this was an Acronym for "Cipher Elite Hackers Crew" (which *technically* is still true Today). However, Cipher Elite Enterprises is now separate from the Traditional CEHC LTD.

We use Dot Signatures or Codes to Secure our Framework and also as a sort-of HTML-Cipher not only make Our Blog look "Pretty" but also to give a Vibe of Sophistication...moreover, each Group of "Keyboard Ciphers" also Marks a CURRENT TIME Check Point. To Symbolize where we stand as an Organization.

AND: For those that 'Understand' the Cipher - to Show those of Our Members and Associates where to go Next with Regard to Our Organizations many Constituents/Components/Ancillaries.

They also have Separate (DISTINCT) Meanings...

The Six Character and Five Character Pyramid Ciphers: ..:::.. or .:::.

(..:::..)The Six-Digit "Square" Dot/Period 'Pyramid' Shaped Cipher (..:::..)
This Symbolizes "Elongation" and the Way it Looks (elongated) indicates a [TITLE] or other Important "TITLE CHECKPOINT". If that Symbol surrounds the Title or Headline of An Article; you can BET it means that Article is Pivotal (A "New Beginning") - that is, it marks the beginning of a New Mini-Era for Area-1255 and its Constituents.

(.:::. )The Five-Digit "Square" Dot/Period 'Pyramid' Shaped Cipher (.:::. )
This is usually a "Cipher" which indicates a 'Signature' for a New or Arrived Writer but it can also dictate a "New Direction" - however it most frequently is Symbolic of "Diversification and Expansion". That is - that when you see the 5-Digit Pyramid Symbol - it means that we are (essentially) STAMPING our Mark on the Internet; Ascending Indefinitely as Our Video so aptly Defines.

Its like a Way of Saying "We're Back Better Than Before" and allowing a HUGE Golden FLAMING Number "5" fall down from the Sky like a Meteorite and STRAIGHT into the Ground - imprinting our Company's Numerical Logo onto the World with Unstoppable Fierceness and Resolve.

So basically the "FIVE" Architecture Keyboard Ciphers ultimately are a Symbol of Our Blog and Foundation/Organizations growing Resonance in The World.

The Colon Sequences or "Colon Keyboard Ciphers".
The 3-Green Colon Sequence is short for "Emphasis" particularly when we want a Particular 'Scientific Study' or Highlight in an Article to be seen as most Prominent (High-Priority).

The "3-Yellow Colon" Caution Cipher: This one Symbolizes (Gestures) that a Particular Bit of Information is to be Read FIRST, its like adding a Non-Verbal (Silent) "CAUTION" word or "DISCLAIMER" to show that the Information does not indicate what Perogative one should Isolate or what Decision one Should Make. It indicates to sort-of take the Content within as "Information Purposes Only" or "with a Grain of Salt". As some is (likely) Hypothetical, or for Research-Purposes Only.

The Three-Red Colon Sequence: This Keyboard Cipher is to be interpreted as "Take Greater Caution And DO NOT OVERLOOK THIS PART". If the Content within the following Article or REFERENCE is hard-to-read, Sketchy or otherwise "Open-For-Interpretation" then that Symbol can be a Useful Addition (for Needs unmet or 'Visual Learners').

MORE ABOUT (CEHC) The "Foundational Company of Area-1255" and The History of CEHC LTD and How it Evolved.

CEHC was a Conglomeration of White-Hat and Gray-Hat Hackers that took the Hacking Community by Storm in 2005. It happened to be the foremost Resource and was intertwined with the and old Pillage/Plunder Society.

Nowadays, the CEHC Prospect has Morphed into a More General Technology type of Theme. We still maintain all (or most) of our Old Associations, however.

Today, Area-1255 LTD in its Pursuit for Greatness and Bettering The World has committed (Prided) itself to this Slogan...

"Area-1255 and its predecessors and successors today are Oriented to the Mission of Achieving Global Health and Success, so that in Every Way Possible, the World can be bettered by the Information and Resources we Provide"

~Mohammed Binakaveru~: Published in "The Off-Script Lessons of Reality: Cipher Elite Magazine (2018)".

Today, Area-1255 is also a Part of the Cipher-Elite Founded/Funded "Foundation of The Twelve" or the "Big-12 Sages". 

Those Twelve Blogs are known as "Foundational Points" of the Twelve-Point Pyramid. The Twelve-Point Pyramid and each of its "CORNERS" represent a Vital "LEG" of the Ultimate Movement. Each of them hold their Own CORNER in The World - setting the Basis for the Worlds First-Ever IMPERIAL Blog Enterprise.

The Twelve Sectors of "The Immortal Blog Foundation" which is the Alternative Term for Our Blog's Hierarchy and //root.

That Blog Co-Exists as With The Stars; today. It is has its place on URL: [INPUT HERE]

The Foundation of The Twelve or Cipher Elites 12 Maverick Blog's.

  1. Cipher Elite Enterprises (CEHC Foundation): The Ancestral Home of Area-1255 LTD and All Associated Organizations/Companies/Blogs.
  2. Area-1255: "The Lair of All Knowledge and Resources". A pivotal player in the Transhumanist Movement; one intent on making sure the "Devil is in The Details" adds to its layer of Sophistication and ADDS to its Emphasis on Making the World a Better, Healthier Place to Live.
  3. AMx Workshop: Dan Gregory's Old Main (WEBS) Page: Focused on Advanced Neuroscience Publications, Christian (Faith-Oriented) Books and Articles.
  4. Area-1255: Swamp of Mystery: An off-shoot of Area-1255; focuses almost exclusively on Psychedelics, "get-high-safely" methods and of course, with a lil' bit of bizarre but laugh 'til you Bleed from the Eyes Humor.
  5. Area-1255 "Stack X": A Project dedicated to Specific New-Age Supplement Stacks geared at Creating and Facilitating Optimal Mental & Physical Performance - and (eventually) the arrival of the "Superhuman Mind".
  6. Area-1255 "Realm of Fire": A Personal Security and Self-Defense Catered Version of "Area-1255". Some things include; Personal Defense advancements and Police Force Utilized Tactical Weapons and their Methods, as well as Civilian Militant Advice and Concepts of Militia's are dived into, a bit. 
  7. Area-1255: "City of Shadows": A Darker Section of Area-1255 involving Cliche Psychological Concepts, Innovative Thinking Tutorials, digressing Statements, containing more than Adequate Amounts (Without Fluster) of Pseudo-Political Concepts/Charm, "Dark Arts" or 'Alternative Religious (Religion) Concepts and Dark Net Updates.
  8. Troll-Watch: A Work-In-Progress attempting to keep a "WATCH" on Trolls from around the Globe, who stir the Pot of Ugly Marshmallows and Political Travails...or who just want to Cause TROUBLE/CHAOS/CALAMITY.
  9. The NAO: The "New Anarchial Order" or "New Global Order of Anarchy 2018": This Blog though a Part of Our Enterprise operates Totally SEPARATELY and in this Way is sort-of "Privately Owned" like how some 7-11 Branches can be "Privately Owned" - they are Given the 'Go-Ahead' to Operate in their Own Manner with their Own Method and Responsibilities to be Adhered to; likewise, Our Administration "OKAYED" the Creation of the Website and its Foreseen Movement - the Goal is to Provide a Form of Grandiose Humor while its own Tentacles (quietly) create a New-Age Freedom-Movement aimed at 'distracting' Government Professionals from a Revolutionary Crusaders Movement and its 'TRUE INTENTIONS' to keep America (and The World) FREE from Global Governance and Unwarranted, Unjustified INTRUSION and SURVEILLANCE. It operates in Close-Coordination with WikiLeaks and ANONYMOUS Groups.
  10. "Jim Arkins Blog": Jim (James) Kaipol Arken or simply he is Nicknamed "ARKIN" is a Blog intended to facilitate the NAO and the formation of Diverse Anarchist Groups where necessary. He is also a Spiritual Reformer and in many ways, Parallels both NOSTRADAMUS and MAHATMA GANDHI.
  11. Chaos Valve of Area-1255: A non-defunct Section of Area-1255 Dedicated to gathering Private Intelligence and Securing the Hierarchy and Structure of Area-1255 and Cipher Elite Enterprises.
  12. The Twelfth Icon: Parables of the Apocalypse: The "Final Chapter" of Area-1255 and of Cipher Elite Enterprises, Home of All "Prophetic" Works committed by "The Prophet" or the "21st Century Final Prophet". This Page is in "ELUSIVITY MODE" until all its "Security Coordinates" are Mapped - until THIS IS DONE, it Remains in a [Secure Bunker] of sorts. It operates HUNDREDS of Proxy Servers and VPN's World Wide and Connects to Religious Chapters and Monitors the Creation, Maintenance and Success of ALL Religious (Spiritual/Prophetic/REVELATIONS) Websites and Blogs - where it (as an "ENTITY") Pays Attention and (QUIETLY) Surveils all "Rapture Update Websites" for any *POSSIBLE* (WRONGFUL) "Unwarranted Preemptive Actions" against the President (Donald Trump) and his Administration/Cabinet. It serves the Purpose of (DIVINELY) Securing the Presidents Security, Integrity and Fortune - Ensuring/Assuring his GOALS are ACCOMPLISHED. It is also the HOME of "AMx ReBorN's" Prophetic Ordinance, where He Will One Day post his "End-Time Visions" as he is slowly receiving the Reincarnated Spirit of "DANIEL THE PROPHET".

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