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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

The Ten ANTI-COMMANDMENTS In Business (10 Things You Shouldn't DO/BE In A Business/Professional Position 2018)

The Top Ten "Business Sins" or DO NOTS in Business / Work 2018
 ( If you want to be "a lame" or unprofessional, do these things you SHOULDN'T DO)
By: Frank Morabito ("The Agent of Disguise")

If you aren't getting Where you Want to At Work, or in Your Professional Position...

You LIKELY are Committing One or MANY of these 10 Business Sins or The TEN Business ANTI-COMMANDMENTS...
  1. Expressing Irritability versus "Calm-Aggression". Lack of "Control" over self and Emotions.
  2. Not being Calm Under Pressure (ADRENALINE and SWEATING tends to Pull People Away from Yer' Ass REAL QUICK).
  3. You SMELL LIKE BOOZE. Booze + Testosterone are not the "appropriate" combination for Conducting Business!!! (I can't tell you how many times I sent someone home for having Booze-Breath, in Italy and when I worked at a Call Center in NYC - trust me - that shit can be MORE repugnant and distasteful then a hypersexual Tranny walking in to apply for a Job!
  4.  You smell like Weed/Herb/Dank: Goodbye! You might as  well throw away your entire Job History too - since you walk into a Place PUBLICLY smelling like that - where you WORK!?? Dumb'ass'Motherfucker'.
  5. You are not presenting yourself "Charismatically" - you are 'missing' your Male Charm...perhaps trying to be 'TOO HUMBLE' and missing your PRIDE or EGO - which can be THE WORST! TAKE-BACK: Don't smell like shit and don't DRESS LIKE SHIT wherever you Work...even if its in CHARITY for Gods Sake!
  6.  You are substituting your own Position for another's or trying to get another Employee to pick up YOUR Slack - or have been caught doing so and have been "silently" reported...thus Employee's now shun your form of Masculine Pride and instead label you as "LAZY". You don't want to be labeled as a LAZY MOTHERFUCKER!!! This can also play into "sucking up" or being altogether a lame-ass in a Company - same as it would be seen in a Sweat and Blood filled Locker Room - you ain't gettin' shit (Certainly NOT  The-Girl-Next-Door) if you CHOOSE to say things like "life is so unfair" or "that guy really outdoes me in every way, he'll be rich in 5 years".
  7.  You are creating more Problems than you Solve within the Company.
  8.  You are on the Verge of Mania every day - then your "Masculine Gestures" are too overpowering because they also carry the "Air of a Little Kid High On Ice Cream" with them. This is a turn-off, for Women and BUSINESS-Partners, you are basically guaranteeing you close off Business Opportunities.
  9.  You are aptly engaging in 'Wrong Eye-Contact' - that is Eyeing People down or giving them the "Evil Eye" (scowling) at people - as if you are trying to Win some staring match. OR - you have POOR Eye Contact in General - which Fucks you over in More than One Way!
  10.  You are looking "too far forward" and proposing Ridiculous Ideas that even a nut-hungry Squirrel wouldn't accept if its Life depended on it! 'Nuther words - you are looking Way past everyone elses even Potential Vision - which scares potential Business Friendships, Alliances and Customers away by means of the Grandiosity - which CAN be seen as a Mental Illness in ANY Country, not just the USA. No 'wonder why some Big Companies have their own IN-HOUSE Therapists, Mental Health Evaluators and (sometimes) even Psychiatrists these days!
So those above are the 10 "Anti-Commandments" or NOT-TO-DO's in Communicating with Associates, Fellow Employee's or ANYONE even YOUR OWN Employee's in Business.
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