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Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Ethnicity of the AntiChrist (Man of Lawlessness) (Ancestry of The AntiChrist 2018)

-Ethnic Background of The AntiChrist-
(Man of Lawlessness Genetic Ancestry Revealed 2018)

This Prophecies Origins go back to Mesopotamia and perhaps before this Period of Time [!]....But the *ONLY* Accurate Prophecy is "he who points out the Dark One through Science AND Spiritual Ascendance."
Zodiac Symbol of the 'AntiChrist': Likely a Capricorn... 
"The Earth Symbol".
He would be born between the Current Capricorn 'Birth Date' Range.
  •  December 22 --> January 19th.
Specific Guess-Day: December 25th [FALSE Date for Birth of Christ, but Universally Accepted Date] It could also include a "Perfect Number" so probably a Fibonacci Number Variation: January 13th might be a Good Second Guess, as 13 is a Fibonacci Number and symbolizes 'Ultimate Perfection' in Satanism. The Unitary Fibonacci Number, 21, may also be a good Candidate, but it doesn't fall under the Capricorn Date Range.

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AntiChrists Blood Type: "Unknown", Likely Rare Blood Type.
AntiChrists Chromosomal Composition: XXY (Klinefelter's) [!]
AntiChrists Mutations/Alleles: Likely a COMT-Null, 2R-Warrior Gene Carrier and Either Double-Short Serotonin Carrier (unlikely) [!] [supports Schizoid/Schizotypal Type] or Double-Long Serotonin Transporter (homozygote) [!]

This LONG-LONG [homozygous] Type would make him effectively (and AFFECTIVELY) a Psychopath; with a Dual Schizoid-Narcissistic Nature). A "rare" short allele WAS found in the Jewish-Libyan "Aggressive Schizophrenic" patient with an Odd [unusual] dramatic and yet Intelligent presentation.
The Short-Short Serotonin Transporter however *IS* Consistent with "IMITATION", "FLATTERY" and "SOCIAL MANIPULATION" [STUDY] - which is Consistent with his Biblical Personality Type ["He will be sworn in through Flattery"] [DANIEL 11:21-24]

NOTES: Some information has been Omitted from this Article, and can *ONLY* be found in the FULL-BOOK.
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-The Man of Sin's Satanic Heritage-

In reference to one of the questions Posed to me - I am writing a HUGE article on (largely) hypotheticals with some Scientific Evidence and Logic. In other words, Confident Educated Guesses. 

I am [CONFIDENT] The Ethnicity/Heritage of the "Man of Sin" is alike to the following proportions. Based on the proceeding Paragraphs and included Debate after it.

Mitochondrial Links to North Africa and The Roman Empire/Greece and Middle East: The mtDNA Haplogroup "U6"; with subclades of U66/U6a6 and sub-sub-clade of U666 [U6C1] - is a *Primary* (Maternal) Origin for this Man.

Who (reasonably) would possess a Genetic Signature relating to his Name Code [666].

EXPLANATION of Roman Origin for the "AntiChrist"
U6 and U66 [U6A6] is also *directly* related to Nero the Roman Emperor [The AntiChrist "Seed" [!]. This points a North-African-Arabic-Roman mixture [Genetically]. U6CA "Code-Named" U666 also is Uniquely Present in the Italian Population characterized by Roman Descent. 

In that, the same Persian DNA [mentioned later] can also be linked to this Maternal (Mother's Side) Haplogroup [!].

The "other Latin" (Portugese DNA) includes this Haplogroup [U6] but most likely originates in Huelva, Spain, where Greek/Roman Conquest/Colonization was prevalent. Those of Mixed Arabic/Islamic Descent may have *Acquired* this Haplogroup through scant Roman Relatives/Ancestors [!].

The 'Levantine' Peoples may have disseminated this Haplogroup [STUDY] through a "Sacred" Fallen Angel/Hybridic Ancestry [!].

This may also link the "AntiChrist" to Incan & Peruvian Peoples [SEE HERE].
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[Book is also Called: The History of The Luciferian Conspiracy]


  1. 40-50% or MORE Italian/Roman/Greek: With Possible mixes of Latin (of Roman/Huelva origin) and most probably related to some prior Popes or Religious figures; probably descended from Nero the Roman Emperor.
  2. 10-30% or More Middle Eastern: Most probably of Persian or Iranian descent; could be from 'Old Roots' or related to (in part) Italian/Roman/Greek heritage - most likely related to Noble Princes (Persian Royalty) and also related to Egyptian Kings and also some Egyptian Slaves. Genetic aspects of 'Hard Conditioning' and a "brute" mindset would (likely) come from Egyptian "Strength" genes passed down through these DNA-Lines. Today - in Egypt and throughout the Middle East; the harsh (hot/humid) Weather and Past and Current Struggles dictate Behavior. Leading figures in The Middle East have been found to have an Extremely Abrasively Stubborn Mindset - which is one of the Personality Traits required for The Final Tyrant. [See Article Here].
  3. 5-25% Israeli & European Jewish: The Israeli aspect is based on Biblical [1] and Extrabiblical Prophecies/Writings [2] that the Jewish People would have be involved this Man (accepting him for a mere moment) and possibly be involved with his "Covenant" in Jerusalem [3]. However, he is later REJECTED by the Jewish people [4] [5] who flee from him [6] and who then receive the True Christ and Hebrew God as their Savior and are reunited with God as to his Promise to them [7] [8] [9].
  4. Smaller Percentages of Germanic/Vandal*/Norse DNA: In order for the "Conquering" Gene to be Present - it would have to be that this Man would have to Conquering passed down in his DNA - however, I do not believe that he is *necessarily* a descendant of Rollo/William's Line - I believe he may be a descendant of a more Vicious and Mixed Entity - possibly of Vandal Heritage (Slavic/Swedish Mix?) - since the Vandals destroyed Rome at one point [10] - it might be the Ultimate IRONY for the Devil to have one of his descendants at his side to LEAD ROME and the 'AntiChrist' Religious & Political System. However - Genealogists today are *STILL* confounded by the Elusive Genetic Signature of the VANDALS and he will "emerge from obscurity" [11] is a Bible Quote alluding to how 'Mysterious' the AntiChrist figure is (Man of Lawlessness) - it would make sense that he is Mysterious as he comes from a Mysterious Genetic Legacy and of Resonates "Fierceness" as the Vandals did [12] [13] [14] - who were indeed a BARBARIC And MYSTERIOUS people [15].
  5. Anglo-Saxon Descent (Unknown %) (British/Cornish/Welsh?): This one is entirely hypothetical and I have less Proof for this One - however, the Anglo-Saxon "Kings of Old" were outclassed and outdone by the Normans along time ago. If this Figure obsesses on History - he might find some Peace in an Ambition to 'out-do' the New British Establishment which has now become a Mixed British Elite. The Anglo-Saxon Prodigy is an Article written by Dan Gregory with a Theoretical Perspective on Why "Old-British" Peoples may have some necessary prerequisites for Globalist Attitude - since some of the World's Elite are of Anglo-Saxon descent; this may give (theoretical) support for this Hypothesis. I'm less sure of this one, though. The "Illuminati" is essentially, if seen at its Heart, Ethnically, Today - is an Anglo-Egyptian-Jewish Bloodline [See Here]. A 1995 CIA.Gov Publication was the Inspiration and Proof many Christians refer to in their Follow-Ups with regard to "Satanic Bloodlines" - this (FREE) Book too - mentions the Old English Roots of the Illuminati Bloodlines. [See PDF/Online Version of This Book].
  6. SIXTH AntiChrist Genetic Prerequisite (DUTCH/GERMAN): This particular Heritage is *possible* but not REQUIRED. Dutch Nobility and Dutch Arrogance are well-known by The World. Particularly Impulsive, Brazen, and sometimes Cold or Disconnected Nature are common in "Dutch who Go Bad" - however there is no Biblical Link to establish that the Dutch are Genetically Linked to the End-Times-Tyrant or Political Mastermind/Leader/Ruler. More that - the Dutch Aspect is related to "Members" or "Legs" of his Administration and *possibly* of The Illuminati.


"Probable Combinations Explored"
No guarantee here, just Educated Guesses based on History, Biblical Prophecy and Knowledge of Genetics & Science.

The ONLY mix of Genetic Traits that can favor the Image of Narcissus (who fell in love with his own Reflection) and that has the Proliferating Conquering Ability of the Old Roman State - and yet, the Extremism and Ancient Heritage and "Superhuman Endurance" to keep such a "High-And-Mighty" tempo up seems realistically to be a Man of like or similar heritage. All Aspects, not JUST ONE of these must be Present (IMHO).

  • PRIMARY HERITAGE OF AntiChristRoman/Italian/Greek: Specifically being related to those who reside in the State of Rome and can connect with the Old Roman Emperor's of Local Legend (The "Pure" Romans such as Nero). However - Roman Heritage (genetically) may also be (in some cases) LATIN in nature as "True Modern Roman DNA" scientifically is traced to some populations in SPAIN. [See ANCESTRY Iberian DNA History] [See Roman DNA - Spanish DNA Connection]. South-Eastern English/British Families also are Primarily of ROMAN STOCK [SEE HERE].
  • SECONDARY HERITAGE of AntiChristMiddle Eastern (Persian/Iranian/Egyptian): The Egyptians had INHUMAN Endurance and an Extreme Attitude to match it - plus they had some of the most VILE and Rebellious Kings in their Past (Ancient and Modern). They also are the only country that built how did they do that, exactly? [See Hypothesis Here] HINTIt wasn't by Aliens; not in the traditional sense, but with the help of Genetic "Superhuman Mutations" (gifted by Fallen Angels) that may be the same ones present in Olympians (and Runners) today. BTW, Pyramids weren't a Just-a-Bunch-Rocks aligned in a certain TRIANGULAR FASHION - much more Complex (An Actual Algorithm!) [See Science Daily Report]. The Algorithm helped them along with their "Muscle-Mutations". But of course, you might be wondering what that Ethnicity (Arabic) has to do with the "AntiChrist" - well - he has to be of the most ANCIENT Adam-and-Eve lines and most importantly the ONLY time that marks the beginning of the time that Fallen Angels mated with HUMAN Females; spawning the Existence of The Nephilim. The Earliest evidence of these Fallen Angel DNA Samples seems to have occurred in Ancient Mesopotamia (Noah's Time) and also in Early Egypt perhaps [See Study Here]. Some of those from Ancient times became Persians, Iranians (small percentage) but the vast majority became "Vikings" of the Supreme Medieval Spirit.
  • THIRD HERITAGE OF ANTICHRIST: Jewish DNA: The Jewish "Longevity" Gene of FOXO3 is essential to the "Immortality" Conquest of the Man of Lawlessness who acts to Unite a Utopia of Healthiness throughout the World - but more specifically, Jewish Intelligence (of European Jewish Descent) and the High IQ "intellectual genius" subtype must be present as well as the "Promised-Land-Mutation" - which places this Man as a Health-Nut of the highest Genetic Lineage. My guess, would be his Jewish Descent would come heavily from a Region with Powerful Superstitions and those Regions where the Strongest Jewish Lineage exists. Therefore, combined Israeli and Romanian-Jewish DNA is likely. 
  • FOURTH HERITAGE OF ANTICHRIST: The last "Genetic Prerequisite" of the so-called AntiChrist would have to be Germanic and ultimately of the I1-DNA subgroup. That could be any one of thousands of Genetic Lines originating from the Iron-Age Germanic Groups or possibly a Vandal Group with mixed Swedish-Slavic DNA or he could simply be part North German or Swedish. It is worth noting that although this DNA-Subgroup can be considered an incredibly MIXED or "Fallen-Angel" Haplogroup - that there are many variations and so the I2a variation associated with "Dracula" may be the more important mutation - although is (considerably) less Germanic than I1.
  • FIFTH HERITAGE OF ANTICHRIST (Mixed Anglo-Saxon/Western European): Anglo-Saxon descent of Questionable Origin: The 'Pyramidal Elite' are ruled by names like "Rothschild" - who although in Origin the SURNAME is YIDDISH or German-Jewish - their Family Line has English Descent as well [REFERENCE]. The Rockefellers are more mixed up, of French Huguenots [!] but Today - are also of German and English descent with possibly some Jewish Mixed in. Nelson Rockefeller's [Ethnicity of Celebs Page] example perhaps mostly elucidates Rockefeller-Type-Ancestry. John D Rockefeller (The "Inceptionist") may be the Origin of the Modern-Day "NWO" New-World-Order Political Movement however he was not the first as Pre-20th-Century Origins of this Movement/Desire/Aspiration are Clear [SEE HERE]. Lastly, the Anglo-American Elite playing such an Incredibly Profound Role in the World Scene of Politics indicates that this "Last Chapter" of Anglo-Saxon Elites/Politics are the Proverbial Challenge Coin - that when flipped on its Ass to Spell The Truth - shows that the Origins of The Illuminati and their Blood Line/Seed has *indeed* always included this Old English Component. The "Saint-Clair Bloodline" or 'Sinclair' Surname may have *PROBABLE* connection to the Anti-Christ Leader [See Research Here].
  • SIXTH (*POSSIBLE/NOT PROBABLE*) Ethnicity of ANTICHRIST (DUTCH/OTHER GERMANIC): Small amounts of Dutch (NEDERLANDER/NETHERLANDS) or "Other Germanic" DNA are *POSSIBLE* but not Probable, as mentioned above - this DNA-Aspect is more likely Related to Mid or Lower Level guys in the so-called Satanic Bloodlines. It is still possible, however, that this Man (or Woman) could inherit some of his Arrogance and Brawny or Brazen attitude from a Dutch Genetic Heritage. However, it is likely this Percentage in his DNA is SMALL. As I believe - as a whole, The Dutch Nobility is fairly TIGHT-KNIT and those of 'Royal Dutch Descent' do not have a Large History in present days on the Global Scale. With possibly *Sole Exception* of King Gustaf of Sweden. Who seems to be siding with "LEFTIST Principle" as of Late [!]. The Swedish Royalty of course - is pretty Mixed and the Legacy of Such Crown does not play an inherently NWO'ish Role. Not on the Largest Level, of course, more like a Participant/Participating Party. Also - given Sweden's System of Government/Governance - its likely (since Practically ANYONE can play an Influencing/Changing/Dictating Role) that "other influences" are acting more as the Universal Sabotage of Swedish Society [!] and Heritage [!].
  • A Peruvian Connection? : According to a large amount of (RECENT) Archaeological AND Genealogical Evidence - the peoples of Peru may have been EVEN MORE INHUMAN than the Norse-Peoples descended from the Nephilim - as they contain more "unknown" and Peculiar DNA-Sequences. So much so that this Population and THEIR-SKULLS - does NOT even look HUMAN. This discovery was ALSO mentioned on the WebSite "Before Its News" - which is a Credible Website Housing Alternative Scientific & Spiritual-Religious-Theories ~ commonly talking about the Concept & Existence of Human Evil, and its ORIGINS.

  1. Nero the Roman Emperor. (probably a Maternal or possibly strong PATERNAL relative) [Ref 1] [Ref 2] [Ref 3].
  2. One or many Popes.
  3. Probably distantly related to someone in the Knights Templar of Roman Stock.
  4. Somerled/MacDonald Scottish Clan Tree (READ: Somerled's McDonald-Campbell Legacy)
  5. Vlad the Impaler (Dracula).
  6. Persian Kings/Princes/Royalty.
EXPLANATION FOR THE ROMAN ASPECT: Nero and the Roman Heritage is self-explanatory; the Romans were stubborn, got up and made more Armieslearned from their Mistakes, and built larger, stronger Armies + Stadiums (THINK: Gladiator) where People KILLED EACH OTHER for the Roman Antiquities Amusement. The Incredible Narcissistic Culture of the Roman Kings and the Sadistic Culture + the fact they are involved (from The Beginning of Time) in EVERY FORM OF GOVERNMENT - own almost ALL of the World's Gold and Wealth. 

They would proliferate and magnify and continue, and build and build and build, that's all the Romans do - Relentless Self-Expansion.
~AMx ReBorN~

POPES: He would be of course RELATED TO ONE OR SEVERAL POPES; to be IN THEIR CIRCLE - but also simply to have the Arrogance to add to his FUME of Amplified Self-Indulgence - his BINGE of Absolute Malignant Narcissism.

Knights Templar: He would HAVE to be (Reasonably) descended from one of the Founding Members of today's "Knights Templar" or "Papal Establishment" and thus Political, "Elites". 

"In order to lay a Claim to the Throne, the AntiChrist Prophet (Man of Lawlessness) must have heritage originating from the Founding Knights who became today the Illuminati, otherwise he would have no Place."
~AMx ReBorN~

The Illuminati Members (The "Oath Takers" and "Planetary Shamans" Mainly) believe in Mystical "Fates" and that Origins are everything, thus they are very HEAVY on their Genealogy [See Here]...even Superstitious [!].

However...Critics and "Logical Writers" also do a more-than-Decent Job at "debunking" the Conspiracy Theories regarding the Illuminati [See Example Here].

MORE ON HIS ITALIAN HERITAGE: Many have Called, Texted, E-Mailed and asked me about his Specific Italian Heritage; I honestly have NO CLUE what Region of Italy his folks will come from, My Guess would be that it would have links to Roman and Greek Conquests - but whether this is Campanian, Sicillian, Calabrian or Tuscan - I don't really know. My *GUESS* would be somewhere near Rome. Where evolution roots and trade roots clearly link to that area which was Originally and Continually of Roman Descent/Stock. Near Fiumicino *probably*, and roots in Central Italy in a 'smaller town'.

The reason is because "LOW" or "Near-the-Ground" and the 'LEFT SIDE' are Important in Satanic Calibration and their many Beliefs, that the Left-Side [being contrary to the Right] is Superior and that Leftermost Regions are "Protected" by the Rites of The Satanic Holidays.

PERSIAN KINGS: In a Video by Jonathan Cayol - an Ascended Black CHRISTIAN who has Frequent Visions and DAILY PRAYERS - the "AntiChrist" Man he saw in a Vision was described "like an Italian or Middle Eastern Man" and said he looked like the Actor: ADRIEN BRODY

...In Ancient HistoryPersian Kings/Princes were not INSANELY dark and had "beautiful complexion" which is why I said for the "Beauty" aspect and to REINFORCE his Narcissism PLUS knowing that "Satan was the most beautiful of his God's Angels" - seems to confer the Image of a GREAT End-Times Persian Prince ("Prince of Persia") - the Beauty and Awe of Persian Royalty and compared to its descendants TODAY - in Modern-Day IRAN [!] and LEBANON...means this Man ASSUREDLY has Persian Heritage...which can also be from Sicilian or Southern Italian heritage BTW since MOST Southern Italians have DNA from the Middle East; mainly Lebanon and Iran or Syria [See Study Here] - they also tend to have traces of Armenian DNA [!].

INTERESTING FACT: Persians/Iranians are INCREDIBLY Concerned with Cosmetics and Appearances [!]; Grandiose and even Western-Style Self-Indulgence means *maybe* they shouldn't be ISIS's greatest SCAPEGOAT???

CLAN MACDONALD/MCDONALD AND CLAN CAMBPELL: The Highland IMPERIAL Scottish Clans from Hell: These fuckers (and their Relatives; CampbellsEXILED my Clan Members; the MacGregors and such [See Here] - and were responsible for the largest Genocides in the area [!] - and TODAY (beyond McDonald Members being founders of Freemasonry and Illuminati) - the McDonald Lineage is still very much so INTERTWINED with American [1] and British [2] Politics as well as on a Global Scale [3]. They play a role in the Business Affairs of Large Businesses (including McDonalds Fast-Food-Chain) [4]. Not to mention that the highest of MacDonald descendants were very well liked (nominated/promoted) by America's own Trendy-Communist President - Barack H Obama [5] [6] [7].

Many MacDonald Clan Descendants Currently Are World-Stage Players.

The Company McDonalds may be warring with Banks but their Ego's supersede, just like the Campbells Political Shadow seems to...supersede.

Many Campbells hold more than Prominent Political Roles [8] [9] [10] and many enjoy Extraordinary Amenities under all circumstances. Some Campbells choose the road of Oncoming Crossfire, as well, though [11].

Many Campbells in the USA as Professor's, for example; are Beyond Ambition [See Here Example]. Some are in Intelligence/CIA, Military, some in News [PROFILE: Josh Campbell] [See News Reference] [See Popular Article]. Some in the Music Industry (Ashley Campbell etc).

Past roles are also important. [Example 1] [Example 2] [Example 3]

The Campbells (Clan) are often remarked as a "TWISTED CLAN[See Here].
They played a role in the formation and continuance of "The National Government of Britain".

See FreeMasonry Origins and Overview Article: HERE.
See CBS Report/Guide on Freemasons: HERE.

NOTE: Although The Glencoe Massacre Targeted the MacDonalds of Glencoe; the offspring of both Clans is still in Charge - and they are Hybrids.

The Great Norse-Gael (Mixed "Viking" and "Celtic" or Norwegian-Irish KingSOMERLED was a Powerful Conqueror to whom 1/4th of the MacDonald descendants can claim him as their Principle Ancestor [See Article Discussing Him] [See SOMERLED-McDonald Genetic Study[See Other Genetic Study Paper Supporting Such].

Vlad the Impaler ("Dracula" or "Son of the Devil" in Romanian): Vlad Tepes or Vlad Dracul may be a Living Legacy in Bram Stoker's Novel (BUY HERE) (See Dracula Movie Here 1992) - but the thing is his actual Legacy of Childhood Resentment (Read HERE), Payback [!] and Signing on to the "Order of The Dragon" (A Roman "Order") [!!] may have been the greatest Hints in History as to the Nature and Genetic Legacy of "The Dragon" and Dracula's Descendants and those of the Transylvanian Gene Stock seem to all possess weird Supernatural "Senses" along with its likely 'Ol Drac did have some REAL POWERS that were simply NOT HUMAN. Not in the traditional sense...And indeed, a Gene Mutation was passed down to Dracula's Descendants which is known as the "Open-Box-Mutation" - hidden from most Research Documents...this opened up a Period of Secret Research held in an Area-51 "Offsite Bunker" also known as "Area-51-12" (think I'm joking?). A Leaked "Map" and associated report also asserted there were 'Additional Off-Site "Secret" Military Bases.

Area-51 is a "town" with few actual Obsessions with Genealogy - but the Mutations in concern to Public Health - and most importantly, Countering a World Wide catastrophe have been very well-written and *VERY* Important.

...By those "Off-Target" Researchers who house a very specific Off-Site Location.

---Back to the Point---

Dracula's Genome and his "Mutation" was passed which creates an EXTREME form of "Evolutionary Brain Syndrome".

That is; Dracula's descendants ALL Possess a Brain gene (variant gene) that causes one to become extremely "Left-Brained" but with Phasic Shifts that allow "unnatural" convergence of Right-Brain Emotional Lusts to Left-Brain "Primal" lusts - in that sense. Dracula's Genetic Legacy is *MOST IMPORTANT* and he is the probable "Essential Relative" of ALL those who Possess the Natural Ability of "Super-Instincts" and most importantly, the Ability to Read others Intentions. 

WHAT THAT MEANS: Dracula's Gene creates a "doorway" and a neuronal state of Super-Calm combined with (Paradoxical) "Super-Excitation" which may be related to Serotonin 5-HT7R-mutations (polymorphisms) passed down from the "Basarab Dynasty" from Moldavia/Romania therefore Dracula's Gene mutation creates a functional "hyper-excitational" state characterized by a "destabilized" Frontal Cortex/Frontal Lobe function. This may also be associated with GABA-A-receptor variants associated with Transylvanian Genes [STUDY]. Some variants are more severe than others, some of a True Disease State.

So the "Vlad the Impaler" or "Dracula" portion of this very much so ELUCIDATES the Scientific Basis for "Genes Make the AntiChrist Who He Is" - although I suspect that Advanced Technology; Mind-Altering Orbital Devices/Portable ECT's and other "Strange Phenomenon" as well as The Power of The Devil himself will be his Main Asset - perhaps BEYOND his GENES or perhaps COMPLIMENTING them...or BOTH!

ARTICLE: Transylvania: A Walk in Dracula's Shadow. (Romania Tourism: Romania: Natural and Cultural)

OTHER ARTICLE: Boise State University: Where in the World? Transylvania, Romania.

NOTE: Hungarian Lineage is also "local" and can be of Transylvanian and a higher probability of Relation to the 15th Century Wallachian Ruler; Vlad The Impaler.

A Romanian Psychologist/Researcher: Maria Grigoroiu Serbanescu - happens to be a very good source of information and reading Her Work has inspired me in a lot of ways with regard to NeuroScience!

  1. Rollo The Viking/William the Conqueror.
  2. Rurik The Viking.
  3. Ivar the Boneless.
  5. Harold Godwinson.


Rollo The Viking: Even though Rollo (One of My Ancestors; My Favorite One!) was *at times* a Conquering Power-Hungry Man who (eventually) went Mad, he also upheld MANY Virtues which (In My Opinion) far outweighed the Bad; those Virtues of Being CourageousNationalisticHelping those in Need, and being Agreeable (at times) helped him become a "Master Negotiator" AND he Converted from his Pagan Ways into Christianity (even if he DID suffer Delirium/Religious Contradiction at the End of his Days).

Rollo's Descendant: William I of England or William The Conqueror may have spawned many Great Leaders [!] of both American (George Washington [!], Bill Clinton [!]) and British Political Interests (Queen Elizabeth's Line, Prince Charles).

However...their "Way of Life" however Power-Hungry and Lustful through the Genetic Aspect was mostly rooted in "Warrior-Blood" and Primality as well as the "Desire to Rule" and obsession on EXTERNAL VALUE or EXTERNAL REINFORCEMENT.

...Which is WHY I say that in accordance with the "Viking Way" who were Energized, Painless, Fierce and absolutely Nimble, Intelligent, Crafty etc - these traits go a LONG way in making for the SUCCESS of a Political Leader - but ONLY if he is MANY generations removed. Otherwise, The Testosterone-Fueled Personna would be more attracted to hooking up with as many Chicks as possible and gaining leverage in Business Pursuits.

...A more "Typical" Viking Presentation...

THE DARK-SIDE OF "VIKING BLOOD": Strength, Anger, Continuum, Relentless Ambition and Utter FEARLESSNESS - NEARLY-INHUMAN Strength/Lifting Power (Vertical Strength) ("Northern European Strength") and most importantly - unwavering DEDICATION to ALL GOALS and those Closest. The Viking Way certainly seems palatable (at first glance) for "AntiChrist Kingdom" however... I believe the "EXTERNALIZATION" concept is INCOMPATIBLE with the AntiChrists "Schizoid" or "Schizotypal" Personality [1] [2] [3] which is based on INTERNALIZATION and INTERNAL FANTASIES.

If the Worlds Mass-Shooters LIVED A LITTLE before acting on Desperation they might find themselves less Impulsive and less "trapped" - thus - my opinion - is that since Mass-Shooters may not be the best example - this statement still draws up the Right Conclusions. 

When you Live Inside Your Head: You set yourself up for WHACKED OUT FANTASIES.

...And so, on that Scientific Basis - I don't believe that "Rollo's Line" is related to the "AntiChrist" line.

Also, Norwegians (Tribe of Benjamin) are SAVED in REVELATIONS as they are mentioned as that Tribe. Normans are ALSO of the Twelve Tribes of Israel [See Here] (Tribe of Benjamin Mostly). That is that Tribe of Benjamin's Descendants are the NORWEGIAN AND NORMAN people as well as other parts of SCANDINAVIA.

...While some Danes (Denmark) can be seen as "Tribe of Dan" descendants - and this *might* also correlate to Sweden - this does not as a WHOLE represent Scandinavians or even those of stringent "Viking" heritage.

Ivar the Boneless: Ivar the Boneless was a Fierce, Aggressive, Sadistic 'Viking' with utter Wrath, Resentment and incredible INFLUENCE, he settled Dublin, Ireland - and he he has descendants EVERYWHERE in Ireland - *MAINLY* meaning those BORN of Ancestors in Dublin, Ireland. Top-of-The-Tree would have Ivar's DNA if they fall into the following Categories [16].

  1. Are Descended from the surname "DOYLE" (means 'Dark Foreigner') [17].
  2. Are Descended from "NEESON/NEESEN" (ACTOR:Liam Neeson is descended from Viking Lines in Ireland), "HEWSON", "RODGERS" [18].
  3. Are descended from surnames; "IVARSEN", "IVARSON" or "IVERSON/IVERSEN". (Direct Ivar the Boneless Relatives) [19].
REASONS THE "ANTICHRIST" IS NOT RELATED TO IVAR THE BONELESS: First, not that Many people are DIRECT DESCENDANTS of Ivar the Boneless, Second the "Viking Age" is GONE - and for the same reasons he is NOT related to Rollo/William I of England (they CONVERTED to CHRISTIANITY) - the same to 'Viking Descendants' who were descended from Famous Vikings - they are not "lost" anymore in Search of their God. 

...With that being said, there is a fairly recent REVIVAL of the Norse Religion ("neopaganism") in Scandinavia [20], United Kingdom/Great Britain [21] America/USA [22] and Globally, even [23] - and he *MIGHT* be the Type who Harbors Resentment of his Age - that he is "not worthy" to Live in Their Age and thus is Condemned as he CAN NOT USE his "Warrior Blood" in the same fashion. stated earlier, part of the "Viking Way" is rooted in Hypersexuality and the 'AntiChrist' is not a "sexual" Person (in the Traditional Sense) [DANIEL 11:37] indicating he CRAVES Power versus SEXUAL GRATIFICATION. 

THINK: A Modern-Day Viking Descendant with TODAY'S AGE would be more interested in Nailing the hottest piece of Tail and succeeding in Personal Conquests or perhaps going into a FIGHTING ARENA - that is - 'Viking Blood' is more likely to manifest in those who LOVE to FIGHT - not Intellectually Take Over the World.

OTHER ASPECTS: He *MIGHT* be a HOMOSEXUAL (he regardeth not a desire for Women) OR a BRUTAL MISOGYNIST who HATES WOMEN to such an extent that he ACTS against Women; deeming them a "EVIL" or "INFERIOR" Sex/Gender.

ADOLF HITLER defined JEWS and NON-ARYAN Races as "Impure": The "AntiChrist" defines WOMEN as the Same; Impure, Malignant, Weak or otherwise deserving of DESTRUCTION and NO-RIGHTS.

The AntiChrists 'ANDROGYNOUS' Nature: Baphomet (SATAN) is depicted as having EXTREME Male Features WITH Breasts - indicated the Devils 'FULL IMAGE' may *INCLUDE* the same Traits in the Human he Creates/Encompasses/Possesses as the ULTIMATE  BLASPHEMY against God's Creation; that of this Man being BOTH Male & Female. 

RESEARCH: A Man with a *MOSTLY* or Partly "Female Brain" (RIGHT-BRAINED) (or Klinefelters/Extra-X-Chromosome/XXY-Type) may be Driven by 'Displaced Empathy', a Split Personality/Schizoid Personality and will likely harbor Female 'Bipolar' Type Traits [24] [25] [26] [27] [28] [29] - that is, intentions will shift from time-to-time, even RAPIDLY - that the Person will have utter Resentment, fluctuations in Mood, and a Vicarious Ambivalence where his Nature succeeds against ALL "hell hath no fury like a Woman scorned" COMBINED with the Inherent Nature of a Man to be of the typical Masculine Traits of: Analytical [30] (LEFT-BRAINED-NESS), Conquering, Demeaning, Dominating and such [31]...

READ STUDY: Neural Mechanisms of Social Dominance. 
(National Institute of Health PSYCHOLOGY/NIH/PubMed/FREE PAGE BOOK)

NOTE: The 'AntiChrist' figure MUST (in addition to be Schizoid/Split Personality) also be a Psychopath of some sort or Effect [32]; likely rooted in Malignant Narcissism [33].

SEE MAIN STUDY: The Cognitive Phenotype in Klinefelter Syndrome: A Review of the Literature Including Genetic and Hormonal Factors.
 (Main Reference: National Institute of Health NEUROSCIENCE/NIH/PubMed/FREE LIBRARY NIH)

SEE THIS STUDY: Sex Begins in the Womb. (NIH/PubMed/BOOKS)

INTERESTING POINT: Women (Females) have become more Dominant, Obsessive, Ambitious and such these Days [Fortune Article] and have more Emotional Intelligence (EQ) [ARTICLE/STUDY] - which would be a Necessary Aspect in conjuring up enough Notoriety and the Global Audience.

QUORA DISCUSSION: Fundamental Differences between MEN'S BRAINS And WOMEN'S BRAINS.

Other Notes: The Concept of "Defense And Aggression" (as studied) does not hail up to the Benchmark of what Type of Cold-Ambitious-Channeled Aggression the AntiChrist would have - though Reactive Aggression is Biblically Mentioned [DANIEL 11:44]
The Concept of "Nero-Style-Resentment" (AntiSocial Resentment) is more than likely at the Heart of This Man's Deadly Ambition.

Why He Isn't Related to HAROLD GODWINSON or Edward "The Confessor"
 The Old English Nobility upheld a strong form of Christianity and Religiosity - their ways conformed more with Traditional Christian Views than Roman-Catholic Views. Harold Godwinson didn't really have a Desire to Conquer - and most of their Kings were brought in by the People ("Sort-of-Democratic").

More specifically - THOSE KINGS (Anglo-Saxon Kings) have less descendants alive today than any other Nobility Gene Line - and, MOST IMPORTANTLY they don't have the Spiritual nor Psychological Prerequisites written in Their History.

Lastly...the Anglo-Saxon Kings of Old were Considerably less Mixed/Diverse than the Anglo-American and British Gene Stock today. Almost none of which uphold those particular "Old English" values. Thus, it is PROFOUNDLY unlikely the "AntiChrist" would be related to them nor would their Gene Line confer any Kind of CORRUPTION.


ALSO: Big theory of Dan "the lost seed" is that he arises at End Times to "bite the horse's heel so that its rider falls backwards" [GENESIS 49:17] and that Horse happens to be the Horse of The AntiChrist Army???

FACT: The "AntiChrist" is *STILL* Ultimately under God's Thumb (CONTROL) [34], since he is decidedly "NOT REVEALED" until God allows it. [2 Thessalonians 2:6] [II Thessalonians 2:6]

IN THE BIBLE: He is also mentioned as "King of The North" [35]; almost assuredly leading NATO and working against IRAN and NORTH KOREA [36].

******OTHER SOURCES******
By: Yves Dupont
(September 1975 A.D.)

Satan’s Final Antichrist. (Christian Prophecy Blog)

The Antichrist will be a Jew? (Most Holy Family Monastery)

Why Donald Trump is NOT the Anti-Christ. (Nation Multi-Media)

These Are The 13 Families In The World That Apparently Control Everything - From Politics To Terrorism. (India Times)

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(Encyclopedia BRITTANICA)

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Are you the descendant of a Viking? These are the Irish and British surnames that suggest you could be. (The Irish Post)

Influence of the X-Chromosome on Neuroanatomy: Evidence from Turner and Klinefelter Syndromes. (National Institute of Health STUDY)



Viking-English Bloodlines

Cains Reptilian Bloodline

-PART 1-


The "Egyptian" Bloodline of the AntiChrist
-PART 3-
Continuation of Above "Merovingian Line" Article

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