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Thursday, July 5, 2018

Count Genomes: The Transcendence and Superiority of Dracula's Gene Line (2018)

The Mystical Origins of Vlad The Impalers Gene Line 
:::...:::...:::"The Immortal Soul":::...:::...:::

The Paternal (Patrilineal) Dracula Line (Y-DNA) 
Vlad the Impalers "Male-Only Generations".
Royalty/Nobles/Famous People related to Vlad the Impaler Include...
  1. Prince Charles [1] [2] [3].
  2. Queen Elizabeth II/Elizabeths Line [4] [5] [6].
  3. George Bush Sr/George W Bush [7] [8] [9]. [Alternative Word Press Link]
  4. Robert Patterson [10].
  5. John Kerry [11].
  6. Princess Diana [12].
OTHERS: He *may* also be related to some Members of the Russian Nobility and Political Elite [See Here] and [probably] Ukrainian-Dissidents and Politicians [!]. Ukrainian Genetics are Complex, but bear much Resemblance and Consistency with Drac's DNA (in North-Western Ukraine)

NOTES: It is estimated the 'British Royal Family' is related 1-3 Ways to the Wallachian King 'Vlad the Impaler' even if most of their Main Genealogy has mixed Celtic/Germanic Roots [13].

:::Vlad the Impaler's:::
:::Y-DNA Haplogroups:::

  1. EV-13 (E1B1-V13)
  2. I2a

[See Study Here].
[See Forum Thread on Vlad's EV-13 Haplogroup Here]
[See *Supporting* Forum Comment Here]

Other Interesting Notes: EV-13/E1B1-type Haplogroups emerged as "Neolithic" haplogroups, most probably connected to early Africa or Middle Eastern Minorities at the time - who became more broadly a Baltic or Proto-Baltic Ethnic Group; this haplogroup, for example, is also Prevalent in Albania [14] and Lithuania [15].

[CLICK The Surrounding 'Map' Images to See Picture of Distribution Map]
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 This Haplogroup was [formally] discussed on Eupedia; a Genealogy/Ancestry-type Forum [16].

Vlad's mtDNA [Maternal] Haplogroups include...

  1. Haplogroup H.
  2. Haplogroup U6 [Other mtDNA]

The Transcending and Fast Homing Wavering Fireball of Vlad the Impalers "Spirit Projection"

Like a homing missile or Beacon - the Vlad Line has spread throughout the World - choosing those of Antiquity and Royalty to Lead and Receive a humongous Spirit and those in the same Family Line to Achieve 'Miraculous' status. Being Gifted with Further Royalty and an unwavering Ambition...causes?

Let's Explore them!

Prologue: The quick wit, foresight and interpretation abilities of Vlad the Impaler along with his sustained [Christian] Religiosity and Nationalistic Pride, Energized his People and this can be called down through his lines - resonating as a form of Transcendence [17].

Example: His examination of 'what ifs' in relation to the growing Ottoman Conquests and his Expansive Creative Mind allowed him to alter trade routes, build marvelous Castles and perceive his Enemies moves in Battle and Out.

Spirit Vision: Vlad was rumored to have a level of Internal Suspicion (paranoia/mistrust) but also able to sense [accurately] the Intentions of others, at that - he tended to possess an above average level of Perception and perhaps some dramatic Clairvoyance.

It is rumored that in addition to all of these abilities, he did indeed have Spiritual Control over some Animals [18] and an Inert sense of Charm and Charisma, possibly through Spiritual Avenues [19]. He seemed to be Possessed of Inhuman levels of Charisma [20] and Ambition [21]. He ideology though rooted in Courage & Brute Force [22].

***The Science From The Root Regarding His Astounding Abilities***
:::Using Modern-Day Methods/Studies:::

In a study of neuronal Receptors, lower levels of Serotonin 5-HT1A-Receptors caused Individuals to be more "Spiritual" and "Self-Transcendent" having more Spirituality and more specifically, unwavering Religious Faith [STUDY]. The Hierarchy of Royal's also has been connected to Spiritual "Divination" through Neuronal Links [23].

This Science has not been disputed and rather, has been reaffirmed [24] its Mechanisms further elucidated [25] - this shows that certain 'Epigenetic' factors [26], Transcriptional Factors [27] and Genetic (DNA-Factors) [28] can contribute to the Existence of Spiritual Ascension and Spiritual Attributes; probably by 'Connecting' to The Spiritual World by allowing ones Brain to muster Electromagnetic (Spiritual) Energy in Ways that most People are not Capable of.

Indeed - the Vlad the Impaler line (Basarab Dynasty Gene Line) [!] seems to contain many Mutations/Polymorphisms that are Prevalent in Romanian Populations [29], Moldavian Populations [30] Hungarian Populations [31] and *some* Turkish Populations of Mixed Descent/Ancestry [32].

Also - the same [TRANSYLVANIAN] South-Eastern European 'Carpathian' DNA is also present in Poland and the Czech Republic, at varying ranges [33].

The Serotonin Transporter (5-HTT) Genotype is known to have many variations, one of which is based in Romanian Populations and uniquely with those Populations.

The HES6-Human Gene and a Protein which promotes Neurogenesis [34] may be at the Root of Vlad the Impaler's *foremost* Gene Transcription Prelude.

The Transcendence and Ascension aspects, which, as shown in Studies with Psilocybin [35] are clearly linked to the Raphe-Pineal System & network of Neurons and Neuronal Integration Phenomenon that is [unusual] within the Basarab Gene Line [36]

In the Basarab --> English Gene Line - it was noticed by Researchers [!] that an [unusual] Homeostatic "Neuronal Orchestration" was prevalent in these individuals [37]; possibly reflecting an unusual Systemic Immune System activity and a "Spontaneous Inflammatory Factor Balancing" attribute that is *RARE* in most Populations in the World [38].

A touted Alternative Explanation is rooted in Biological Studies of warring Transylvanian and Jewish nations where A Study showed some Genetic Traits that may linger and affect neuronal homeostasis.

PGC-1β [beta] is a Gene that alters "adaptive homeostasis" and since Vlad the Impaler was haughty in his Pursuits across the World. Where *adaptation* surely was one of his [MAIN] traits. It seems likely a FULL-ON Genome-Wide mutation was prevalent allowing 'Superior Adaptation' as evidenced in his Struggles with the Ottoman (Turkish/Muslim) Empire who seized Him & His Family/Brethren at some point in History and yet...Vlad adapted, negotiated, and then subsequently Conquered this same population.

The TNF-A Gene which is linked to the Protein Tumor Necrosis Factor Alpha is a Molecule with a Receptor that affects Inflammation (primarily) - but it also affects Dopamine Balance [39], Dopamine Neuron Survival [40] [41] [42] oxidization of Neurons [43] and overall Health/Mental Integrity [44] [45] [46].

This TNF-a Protein may be a key point (causal link) in the Romanian Incidence of Neurological Diseases [47] and Glaucoma [48] - but in those of the Basarab Line - this Protein may be abnormal in Other Ways [49].

In this case, a worthy Hypothesis may be that those bearing the Dragon Line may have [working] Mutations that allow for a Spontaneous "Immunity" or Natural Antibody to the TNF-a Protein as well as adapations to TOLL Proteins/Receptors [50].

Some of these may be more generally 'Medieval' in nature and related to specific Eastern European Genetic Adapations after Pressure and Selection resultant from Exposure to The Plague.

Perhaps then - in this Context, the Romanian Gene Lines were differentially altered; with Vlad's Line altered favorably and then further altered down the line in a more Stable Conforming Form.

Prologue/Summary: Vlad the Impaler was inherently sexually diverse, though his craving for Power can be [arguably] separated from his sexual proclivities, even laying people on sticks can be seen more as a "Political Move" then a sexual act per 'se. But it could be both. Still, the Genetics of "Wanting" Power and SEEKING IT in a Relentless fashion as with Vlad - and reforming his Castle in inventive/innovative ways are a neurobiological marvel in themselves. The majority of the World does not operate in this fashion.

SIDE-NOTE: Vlad was at one point Married of course [51], to One Ilona Szilagyi; the Daughter of a Noblewoman. [Check out Her Genealogy Profile/Research Page]


Vlad the Impaler was Psychologically [52], Physiologically [53] and Spiritually [54] aroused by Sadism [55] and all forms of Sexual Proclivities were his Central Interest [56]. He took Mistresses, probably impregnated more than a Few, but was Anxious to disprove some.

His Method of Impalement was unique and at the Core the most BRUTAL form of Torture and Terror that has ever existed on Earth [57].

...But what is behind this Perverted Psychological State?

Dracula's Genome is of interest here because his Proclivities and Inclinations though (directly) Sexual in Nature; were Dually a "Message" to his Enemies and those who might try (and have tried and formerly succeeded) to Overthrow him and / or Take His Throne. Status, Affirmation and Power meant EVERYTHING to Him [58].

In so much that Power, Dominance Rule are one in the Same, for Vlad [59].

In Haplogroup Studies; we know that EV13 and I2a [60] are his Main (Paternal/Fathers Side) Haplogroups. These are Native to a VERY Small Percentage of Transylvanian Families - and NOT MANY people are actually related to Vlad - those that are, Clearly are descendants of his his Younger Brother RADU - who had Children whereas Vlad the Impaler is not *known* to have ANY Direct Children to his Spouses - although - this is only in Marriage, some Sources make the (LEGITIMATE/PROVEN) assertion that Vlad (himself) had Children through MANY other Women [61]

However, he was not involved with *MOST* of Their Lives.

"Supernatural Powers of Perception"
"The Transylvanian Secret Mutation"
---This information was kept Secret for Years by Romanian and Moldavian Scientists--- 

***Out of Respect for Their Research, I will *ONLY* state what is ALREADY Publicly Available.*** 
Everything else is just "Theory/Theorem".

Vlad the Impaler's Gene Line and the Transylvania/Transnistria Regions "Electromagnetic Force" may have created a Functional Resistance to Electromagnetic Energies and possibly, to some extent, Immunity to Radiation Sickness/Poisoning [62].

Failed murder [assassination] attempts against Vlad were somewhat well-known [63], similar to Nero the Roman Emperor [64] and since Vlad the Impaler (Dracula) was PRIVY to this and (OVERALL) aware of his Surroundings - it is stated that *somewhere* in the Gene Line there is a "Super Sense" Mutation/Allele that is tied to 'Odd' Human DNA; Hybridic DNA that is known to have "Corrupt Sequences" and (ODDLY) "Homeostasis-Bearing Sequences". Raising the possibility that those who are related to Vlad may possess a Natural Form of the "Immortal Cell Line" [65].

It is hypothesized that Dracula's Gene Line passed down this "Immortality" Gene Spectrum. This Gene is also likely to *inform* the Spiritual World (Satan) that he is the Royal Cup Bearer (Genetic Bearer) and thus, Satan may "latch onto" this Genome through a Plethora of Mechanisms. [mentioned ONLY in FULL-COPY of This Book]

This would Auratically Defined Vlad's Descendants as Guaranteed to Escape Catastrophe, and remarked as a [Omitted].

His descendants would Achieve Notoriety like Failed Assassination Attempts on Presidents of The USA & Other Public Figures. [66] [67] [68].

...Although FAKING An Assassination Attempt (deception) may be seen as a more Readily Viable Alternative in some cases, as with A Hollywood Director's using of such a Tactic as a Means of Leverage.

The "OUT" Versus the "In" - Growth Hormone Genetics Related to Vlad the Impaler.

In order to Vlad's line to sustain such Psychological Insult as with the Bush's [69] it is my Assertion/Finding that the Romanian 'Mutant' RSNPC3 [!] (resulting in Growth Hormone Deficiency] is indicative of a NON-Vlad Line or 'Ordinary' Romanian gene line; perhaps even defective.

(BP STUDY) Blood Pressure Control and CNS-Genes in Romanian Samples (CNS-Genes STUDY)

Much of Romania suffers from an odd Prevalence and unusual Magnitude of High Blood Pressure (HBP) [70] a STILL unexplained Phenomenon.
However, Vlad the Impalers character traits generally are indicative of LOW-ish Sympathetic Nervous System activity at a Resting State - that would mean (possibly) that this Genetic Population in Romania *may not* [necessarily] be Related to Vlad the Impaler; which is not surprising.

However...his unwavering Resentment and Interpersonal Traits may be characteristic of a passed-down "Warrior-Gene" which (although) does not have ROOTS in Romania - is present in varying degrees in Romanian Population Samples with Arabic or Mixed Heritage; sometimes predominating in those of Mixed Turkish-Romanian heritage [71] [72] [73].

"Subconscious Faltering"
 A Turn-Coat in The Dracula Parables.

Instinctual Disconnects are when Someone "miscalculates" an Attack on a Foe or Enemy Force [74], usually due to Impulsivity [75] this has happened time and time again in History [76]
Represented by "Thorns", the inherently Primal Nature of Man [77] is seen as a Blight.
It generally is rooted also in Spiritual Disconnects or (scientifically) lack of Subconscious Surfacing of Feelings and Instincts/Intuition [78]. Intuition, is a Subconscious-Conscious loop which can quickly become (rather) a dilemma ]79], if not fully Tapped into [PROPERLY] by the Individual [80].

When Vlad the Impaler (Vlad Dracul) failed to KILL the Ottoman Sultan [81], some have it that his Ongoing Stress, Age and such may have *influenced* his Capabilities [82].

The "Active" and "Relentless" Phenotype of Vlad the Impaler

Galanin is a neurotransmitter working in close coordination with the Adrenaline and Catecholamine Systems [!] - and all attributes of the Galanin-Neurotransmission system seem to (at their Pinnacle) spell Vlad's Personality to a Tee.

His chasing of Ottoman Invaders away from the Wallachian-Province/Nobility, his Active Castle Building - stamps Mr.Vlad the Impaler as a Workaholic of The Highest Magnitude.

This may be rooted in his Adoration by The Romanian People (As a National Hero)  but more-so his Proactive Self-Drawn Initiative to "spellbind" his Enemies [metaphorically].

The "Prince of Darkness" and The Immortal Trance State

While Vlad the Impaler was referred to in One Citation as the Proverbial "Prince of Darkness" - not much is known about his Focus. However, Genome analysis of the Present-Day eludes to the Possibility of an Effective 'Trance State' [See Here] carried by Ethnic Romanians and Moldovan's of Transylvanian Heritage.

In this state - it can be assured that not only Enhanced Instincts but Electromagnetic Imprinting is a Reality. That is - that carrying a specific Exotic or even so Foreign Presence can influence the Minds of others.

In this it can be called an "Endogenous" or 'Naturally-Produced' Aura that affects those in the Direct Vicinity of those who carry the Dracula Gene.

The TRUE Path to Immortality and Immune-System Mediated LongeVity
Only Dracula's Descendants are Carriers of the 'True' "Immortality Gene"

In Line of Support for the Assertion that Dracula's Gene Line is Superior.

Despite having some inherent Corruption, the Vlad the Impaler [BASARAB] Gene Line houses some of the Most Powerful (& Prominent) Genetic Code. It endows the Bearer with Life-Long Immunity to a variety of Diseases and Misfortunes, increases Instinctual Abilities (Senses) and Connects One Avidly to The Spiritual World. Allowing for Mustering, Adaptability to Chaos, and Elite Brain Homeostasis; even in The Face of Severe Stress; perhaps Conferring a Rare form of "Stress Immunity".

Responsibly put as "Adaptive Regulation" the Vlad the Impaler Gene Line confers Protection against ALL FORMS of Stress. Brought about by Homestatic Adaptations and Body Temperature Adaptation and Re-Adaptation.

The Metabolic Rate of these Individuals is SURREAL, considerably Profound, in Many Ways superior to Other Races and [certainly] alike to the Viking Genome. 

Inherently possessing the Ability of Extreme Courage - even Brazen Behavior, that allows One to be Supremely Charismatic & Frighteningly Well at Being Steadfast; mainly in the Context of Being Naturally Nationalistic, Energized, being able to Side with The Tempo of the People & The Listeners.

Dracula's Genome is far from a Blight; but a VERY REAL Reality that in those who undoubtedly *HAVE IT* are Possessed of Extraordinary Courage, Enthusiasm and Energy. Will-Power being a Key Trait, of course. A Prerequisite to use These Abilities [Appropriately] in The First Place.

Vlad Wallachia III (abt. 1431 - bef. 1477) [WIKI-TREE]

Y-Chromosome Analysis in Individuals Bearing the Basarab Name of the First Dynasty of Wallachian Kings. (National Institute of Health/NIH/PubMed)

Genetics, Mutations, and Polymorphisms. (NIH/PubMed/FREE Online Book NO-DOWNLOAD WEB VIEWABLE-VERSION)

Transylvanian Review. (Research Gate) [Collection of Publications; Over 200]

Is there a causal link between inflammation and dementia? (Europe PMC/EuroPMC)

[Researches Reviews of the Department of Geography, Tourism and Hotel Management]

[By: Michael Vorsino]

Eugen Crai
McGill University, Montreal 

(STUDY) Internet-Treatment of Patients with Social Anxiety Disorder in Romania. (STUDY)

(STUDY) The quest for genetic determinants of human longevity: challenges and insights. (STUDY)

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