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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Electromagnetically Induced Environmental Imprinting [Spiritual Abilities 101] [Influencing Environment With Pheromones and Body-Hacking]

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<---SHORT (FREE) Copy--->

Electromagnetic Imprinting is the Act and Ambition of influencing those in your Environment and their Perception of You and your Words by Believing something about yourself and carrying a Combination of a Tempered and Sophisticated Appearance or 'Aura'. 

This can be done by tapping into Spiritual Channels; and allowing them to transmit electromagnetic impulses to those in your Environment. 

Examples include...

  1. Getting people to 'Fear' your Presence.
  2. Sending a shiver up the Persons spine.
  3. Getting people to trust you.
  4. Influencing people to be more Optimistic.
  5. Making the opposite Sex fall in love with you.

All of these are an example of Spiritual Imprinting.

Let me explain how this works. When you carry with you a certain sense or Intention, a "Fierce" presence, full of Dopamine, Testosterone, and some (but lower levels) of Adrenaline - you can effectively re-design Spiritual Channels.
Causing people to be in 'Awe' of your Presence. This is mediated by Pheromonal Manipulation and as such can be done by a combination of Mind-Body Hacking as well as Pheromone Wearing.

Once you hack the Dopamine and Serotonin Systems; you can make your body secret more Oxytocin - which will 'make' others around you trust you.
It will also make YOU and OTHER AROUND YOU more Optimistic. Straightforward. A naturally produced Sodium Amytol for those in the Vicinity.
Forcing them to bear the Truth - if ENOUGH Oxytocin is secreted. 

...but this will influence YOUR Mind as well - unless you are Numb to the effects of Oxytocin (as with Psychopaths).

---How to Make People Trust You 2018---

In some studies, making people trust you would be a matter of word usage and other factors like Perceived Social Status.

However...there are many other factors - which are Explored in the FULL Version of My Book.

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