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Sunday, July 1, 2018

Don't Harp on Me: I'm King: The NeuroScience of Narcissism.

Narcissists have existed since the Beginning of Time. The "Adam and Eve" Phenomenon [Read Here] may be the the ultimate Biblical Reminder but it goes much further than this.

"All Great Leaders of Considerable Worth have integrated Narcissistic traits into their Focus, and have fueled their Followers with their particular sense of Vanity - assuring their followers it is in some way, shape or form...Justice"
                   ~AMx ReBorN (The Platform Of Idiocy Part II)~

Narcissism is the the elongated Pedestal that Man reaches for in times of Motivation [1], Extreme Ambition [2] and...Desperation [3].

A man or woman (typically) uses Narcissism to forge an Era-specific tempo to cater to the current thoughts and feelings of a Population [4] [5].

  • Moreover to feed a current Aspiration or Mythical Version of themselves is sometimes the core of such utility [6].
  • By doing such they Reinvent themselves to suit the current objective or appeal to those who bring them Honor or Attention.
  • Thus a Self-Justifying, Motivating Posture and Political Move to capture the audience all feeding the same Image.

In that sense Narcissism, even its most Subtle form where it is not noisy or exceptionally ambivalent - becomes the necessary fruit to Pick. Like an Adjective, it defines what is externalized by the Individual. It Personifies the form of Rhetoric given by Politicians and Business Owners - alike.

It becomes a Gift that seems to (ironically) Ascend beyond all Pomposity and Achieves a demeanor fueled by the Accepted Ambition said Person or Group follows..

Yet...humanity as a whole, struggles to stay Humble and we have convinced ourselves that we must be One or the Other (Prideful or Humble).

Yet we are BORN and (Inevitably) Are BOTH.

No Person on Earth is simply 100% (In-Whole) one or the other between these two.

--> Prideful
--> Humble

If Life isn't to be taken for Granted, then NOT acknowledging this simple fact about Humanity and Human Life is what we have damned ourselves with since the beginning of time. Yet we justify this.

As if we all have something to Prove. To ourselves. But TO OURSELVES we *ONLY* have to Prove One Thing: Who We Are.

...Because who we want to be becomes who are!

¤ The Magic of Being Formidable comes not from Exemption or Ill-Trust in others but Trust in Ourselves.
¤ "Fear not, lest we be belittled." ~AMx ReBorN (Subtitles to Greatness)
¤ Likwise, the Idea of Accomplishment resides in *Being Ourselves*.
¤ The Practice of Which is Essential for Resilience and...Living.
¤ Something we can not Underestimate.

...Besides if we see ourselves as Extraordinarily Grandiose, Pathetic or "Wrong" we would have to look into *Ourselves* to see Why we Feel That Way!

...And Science has caught up with The Unbelievable. It has caught up Enough to get a Grip on Understanding. Enough to know the Etiology even of Extremely Grandiose Rhetoric [7] and the so-called "Social Justice Warriors" [8]. Even Racists are deemed a part of the Narcissistic Personality Spectrum, apparently [9]. Science & Research, its availability and its accomplishments show us The Light. 

A Massive Cambridge Paper is the biggest part of this whole Publication and this one really works on the Causes of Narcissism from All Angles.

...In viewing all of this - it allows us (Area-1255) to once again move forward with another Extraordinarily Ambitious Article.

Which we have been Requested to Write on Behalf of our Diverse Following.

Now...let's get to it!

The NeuroScience of Grandiosity/Eccentricity

The Science is Pathological

In a clearly humorous and eccentric piece of work Titled : How To Eliminate Narcissism Overnight:
DSM-V and the Death of Narcissistic Personality Disorder - there was quite an exploration into the whether NPD or "Narcissistic Personality Disorder" - as it stands, should stay as it is or be refined. The last sentences clearly trending towards refining and appealing to the Narcissitic Patients Ego in a humorous sugar-cube throwing way kinda sorta.

However - in all seriousness - Conclusions are that not only is it therapeutic to allow the Diagnosis to stay flowing in, but Narcissism is so complex that it is essential to capture and internalize the fact that however dramatic and diverse and applicable to Society it is - its still a Characteristic, a type of Human Being walking around that has a certain way of doing things...a certain way of being "set-in-their-ways".

On the lowest levels of Society, sure one could imagine rampant drunks filled with Ego and Aggression but with even a modest amount of Intelligence and the typical desire for gain of Money (or even more Alcohol) shows Humans are at their Core - Narcissistic as acquisition of just more Alcohol equating to substance is by its very Nature Narcissistic. 

Excerpts from Millionaires & Billionaires: What They Do Right And What They Do Wrong

The Ethical Narcissist: A Pattern of Behavior and A Genetic Profile of Two-Faced Sam.
The Con-Artists Facade: Duplicity And Narcissism
Links to Malignancy: Explored
The Functional Pattern versus The Dysfunctional "Never-Say-No" Mentality

The Calamity Symphony: An Orchestrated ReArrangement of Brain Functions in Those Who Seek Power

--> TCS (The Calamity Symphony)  Continued.

An examination of Brain Functions and Regional Volume of Narcissists ("Elitist Type") shows remarkable "bsg" Adaptations" [!] and (often) damage that has been "worked around" by The Persons much so that ironically a Narcissistic Brain is SO strong-willed that it uses its own Brain and augments it by that Willpower alone.
Narcissistic Brains though inherently flawed are also inherently Advantageous (to the Bearer) so much so that continuing forward is not so much a Task, assuming ones Personal Values and Ambitions stay above the Concept of Brute Appearance...
That is that the "Narcissistic Tempo" is channeled into and exerted as to Personify ones Inclinations...rather than sinply their Perceived Beauty (by themselves OR others).
A Narcissistic "Aura" can not be received (Accepted) by a Human Audience without Liberating their Own Victories and Successes, without Grasping them [SEE: Victory Is Sonething You Take With You Not Something You Have To Grasp].
The Conditioning of Narcissism: Self Made King Versus Self-Made "Wanna-Be".
"The Medieval Bridge" Roman Kings and Norman Kings Set The Basis for Typicality Versus Atypicality.
"No-Lesson-Unlearned" Goes So Far.
In this Publication we have gone over multiple Modalities and Pathologies related to Narcissism and The Pursuit of Power, Sexual Gratification & Luxuries/Amenities.
"One that escapes The Abyss is no longer Confounded by it".
The Great deed of having sex or adding to ones own Personal Footage - as if they are literally NARRATING their Own Life (*without exception*) is an act of Narcissism but one that (ironically) causes one to look to look at their own footsteps and even "measure" them. Since Narcissism often leads to Immense Struggle, Travails, Dyshomeostasis and other invaluable lessons - it represents LIFE. It represents what we ARE MADE OF as Humans. That we can look Further - if we believe in ourselves.
Someone I once knew was asked (hypothetically) "who or what do you believe in") - his Answer was "I believe in Myself"...
...A Perfect Answer.
...And one there is no Exception for.


Searching high and low: a review of the genetics of bipolar disorder. (BiPolar Disorders: An International Journal of Psychiatry and NeuroSciences)

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