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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

ZAHLL LAE OHMOH: It was Uncultured and Unclaimed ("ZEN" HEBREW LESSONS 101]

The Ancient Hebrew Language comes in one form; but is Spoken in "Ancient Tongues" in Modern Days - it is Quite Prolific. In modern days; Zen Hebrew is a form of Hebrew Language brought about to induce Spiritual Changes [1 CORINTHIANS 14:4] and Zen Hebrew is so powerful that it can cause Changes in the Spiritual Direction of ones Life. It can create and redirect Energy to such an extent that it can *directly* alter the Feelings & Emotions of Others...that it can change Their Life Path [Under God's Will] as well!

So those who would like to Consult with Me about Learning "Zen Hebrew" and changing all Wills and Strengthening their Spirit can PRAY to GOD [YAHWEH] first and FOREMOST. 

...Then, if you WISH you may Consult with Me [FOR FREE] on Skype [jaycon.deruso] where I will happily lend you some Support and Advice. 

Ultimately, the Gift of Tongues is [GRANTED] by GOD HIMSELF.

I can NOT Grand you this Ability, I can ONLY Give you Suggestions as to How to Talk to God to Request the Gift and how to Temper your Mind and Neurochemistry to lean in the Direction of a "Serene and Meditated Mind" so that you are ABLE to learn more avidly, and Efficiently.

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