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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

I Have Returned [Prologue of Corageon's Revival & Return]

I am the Man who wrote "Of Faith and Courage" (Corageon). The Legacy of Might and Retrieval, a Global (Internet) Revolution who is known on Various Bodybuilding Forums.

"God is Good, God is Great, God will Always Give You Strength"

The Light of Corageon is a Christian Light, True Faith Illuminates the Whole Room and Environment in which The Man of Faith Stays/Lives.

In Faith and Courage I say & God (YAHWEH) is My Witness and I am His, the Only God that is to Us as People shall be with US Peace be with You All, in The  Lord, Our Father, Jesus Christs Name I Pray. AMEN!!! 

I have Returned to Anabolic Minds to deliver The World Health & Freedom [See Post Here].

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