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Saturday, July 21, 2018

Nebido AAS Cycle and Generalities 2018 [Review of Nebido Testosterone 250 Cycle 2018]

Nebido or Testosterone Undecanoate 250 is one of the strongest AAS however with a Very Large Half-Life [1]. Many folks have run "Nebido Only Cycles" and usually results are very good [2]. Some have seen Nebido as simply an Add-On to the Traditional Testosterone Enanthate ["Test-E"]. 

When profiling the Drug [3] - we see that as a LONG-ESTER; Nebido produces both Remarkable increases in Muscle Mass [4] and often, Fat Loss [5].

The hardening effects of Nebido are well-known. They seem to enthuse mostly Newbie's who don't wish to combine drugs at first. But for those who know what they are doing, getting the Dose of Nebido right can accomplish the same task and lead to substantial Gains [6].

Nebido Overview 2018 for Gains

  1. Nebido is easily accessible; both by a Doctor's Script [7] and via The Internet & Street Markets for the Drug.
  2. Nebido is easy to use [8].
  3. Nebido is not easily degraded; it is a STABLE Solution [9].
  4. Nebido confers Heart-Health benefits as with Testosterone [10].
  5. Nebido stimulates the MIND more than most other Esters, and reaches the Brain Effectively [11].
  6. Nebido has a fast-onset of Action; making it ideal for Newly Cycling Bodybuilders to Understand & Appreciate the Effects of Testosterone [12].
  7. Nebido treats Cognitive Dysfunction & Memory Impairment in Men AND Women [13].
  8. Nebido penetrates the Blood-Brain-Barrier and can increase Neuron Formation quicker than other Testosterone Preparations [14].
  9. Nebido easily reverses Long-QT-Interval and help treat a Long-QT-Syndrome and protect the Heart from Arrythmias [15].
  10. Nebido IMPROVES & ENHANCES the libido in Men & Women who use it - for TRT/HRT or otherwise [16] [17] [18].
  11. Nebido versus other Testosterone Preparations - remarkably TREATS/ELIMINATES Diabetes-induced Erectile Dysfunction [19].

Nebido 250 (Testosterone Undecanoate) administered by Intra-Muscular (IM) Injection improves all aspects of Bone Mass, Muscle Mass and has demonstrated superiority over other forms of Testosterone, in part due to its long-acting/long-half life Nature [20].

Nebido seems to promote Nitrogen Retention more than most Anabolic Steroids [21] and can improve The Pump one would get from their Workouts much more Consistently than other Anabolic Agents [22].

This makes Nebido especially ideal for those seeking Vasodilating Steroids and as such, makes headway as a Anabolic Steroid for Beginner's - along with This List.

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