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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Donate to Area-1255 Projects Limited (Donate to The Transhumanist Movement 2018) (Donate to Life Extension 2018)

To satisfy the Goal of expanding the Transhumanist Movement and to foster further research in Life Extension and to contribute to the End of Premature Aging, Disease and Death - we Recommend a Donation to our Organization - which works Day and Night (aside from Our Rigorous Blogging!) and commits itself to Health & NeuroScience Research tirelessly.

You may kindly Donate to Area-1255 LTD Below, most of the Proceeds go to our Direct Fund which then is passed to our Research Specialists and distributed evenly to other Not-For-Profits (LongeCity/Team TLR) *where necessary* to help our Partners (Research/Business) to Achieve the same End.


******You may Donate ANY Amount you feel you are able to part with.******

All Donations Reach Area-1255 LTD and will be directed (assuredly) to viable Partner Research Organizations and our Not-For-Profit Bank which is used as a Central Fund for all Research & Expansion aimed at : Children's Health, Pediatric NeuroScience, Pharmaceutical Development, Cancer Immunotherapies, Endocrine Sciences and Treatments/Research, General Life Extension and General Health/Biology Research.

***Although we focus on Neurological Research and Neurological Disorders; donations like this help to EXPAND all Aspects of the Transhumanist Movement and contribute to Our Ability to Make This Blog POSSIBLE.***

It contributes to Our Company (Area-1255) and allows us to continue to make head-way in the Transhumanists Movement ultimate goal "to end an Epidemic of Disease and expand Life for all".

All Donations are handled by Our Financial Adviser and Sole Administrator 
(Dan Gregory).
He handles most of the following aspects of our Company.
He is also The Publisher of many great E-Books.
  1. Histamine: Ultimate Hypothalamic Regulator: Hidden Secrets "They" Don't Want You To Know About.
  2. The Platform of Idiocy: Political Drama and The Crisis of Hidden Knowledge.
  3. Count Genomes: The Transcendence and Superiority of Dracula's Gene Line.
  4. The Immortalist Movement's Ultimatum: Life or Death. Is it Too Simple?
  5. Brain God's: How One Class of Drugs Can Make All Our Brain's Into Super Computers.
Donating to Our Company serves the Following Purposes.
  1. It *directly* funds Core Aspects of the Transhumanist/Immortality Movements and allows us to directly proceed with higher-scale research.
  2. It contributes to eliminating pitfalls and backdrops in Neuroscientific Research.
  3. It helps to fund important Researchers and Clinics that are offering Innovative Treatments for Neurological Diseases/Disorders.
  4. It improves our Business Structure and allows us to continue releasing Information not found anywhere else.
  5. Part is donated to Charities to improve well-being for those affected with substantial Health Issues (both Pediatric and Adult).
  6. It influences the Transhumanist Movement by contributing to Pharmaceutical Fund "Rationing" where we direct funds *ONLY* to the Best Pharmaceutical Companies; responsible for LARGE and TANGIBLE Treatments/Cures like Cancer Immunotherapy, and Gene Therapy for Prevention/Cure of AIDS and Alzheimer's Disease/Dementia.
  7. It funds LongeCity, Team TLR and other Third-Parties who use the funds to also direct Expansion of all aspects of Human Health Improvement and Top of The Line Biological Research Programs.
  8. It contributes directly to Military Research Projects and from the Top Down contributes to bettering of Health of Our Vet's and our Active Service Members by allowing for more Easily Accessible Information.
  9. It funds NFP's and Organizations responsible for Improving Neuroscientific Developments.
  10. It (effectively) allows us to Achieve our Life-Long Purpose of Ending Disease and The Epidemic of Health Issues consequential of poor Economy, Poor rationing of Mainstream "Money-Funnels" and allows us to Stay (formally) involved with the Transhumanist Movements highest levels.

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