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Wednesday, July 4, 2018

In A World Where Kratom Rules!!! (What is the King of Herbs 2018?) (A Prologue to Human Achievement 2018)

What is The King of Herbs? 
Well Kratom of course!
...In World Where Kratom Rules.

---The Vision---
One day I was smoking a hefty amount of Salvia on a day that I earlier smoked a fairly hefty amount of Weed (dank to be exact) - I had a profoundly intense Vision. A mere faction of this World - obsessed with Kratom...but in the Millions, they stand together, like Light Energies enveloping a the Shadow of the Human Spirit. Humans were mere Silhouette's, but White-Gold silhouettes, and they stood together as an Army, in New York, in California, in Alaska - in all States. In All Countries. 

They formed a Rebellion against the disaster of Governor's and "The System".

They stood together against the Plot to Rob Man of their God-Given right to embrace the Ecclesiastical Biblical Concept of...

"The Lord hath Created Medicines Out of The Earth, and He That is Wise Does Not Reject Them".

Now clearly, this verse has resonated with me for a LONG time (See The Passion in my Writing!) since my Mid-Teenage Years where I (First) got into Herbal Remedies and Spiritual Inclination.

...But to "Resonate" further, I have always believed there is a Time and Place for a Certain form of Anarchy or Anarchial Principle - NOT in the Abolition of Government - but I ALWAYS imagined a time when The People would Rise Up - and TAKE what is theirs; THEIR RIGHTS.

If The Government is going to continue to push their false narrative and Agenda and the FDA can not abide but the Law of the Land [Definition of Supplements and Vitamins as Such) - then they have defied (and defiled) their Own Code - that they are *supposed to* adhere to.

---My Vision Continues---

I saw a time in the Near Future (in coming weeks and months) where protests Emerged from the Face of The Earth - the Face of Man and surrounded in a Light - the Great Veil of Light  [SYMBOL] that floats in the Air (Looks Like This)  looked out for and Guided the Protest committed by Man. A duly arrived Protest - where those who Believe and those Who Don't - combined their Courage to side with Each Other...embracing their Humanity and Freedom, marching through the Streets.

Amplifying their Petitions, amplifying their Regard for The Truth.

Regardless of Race and beyond any other Principle - or Variable.

They rose up and like Deities became strong enough to Swing the 
 Proverbial Axe of their Words
against the FDA AND State Governors sworn attempts to BAN KRATOM.

...They resisted strongly.

...And we as a People lost Hope & Faith; but only for a Mere Moment (Occurring in Mid-October 2018).

REMEMBER THESE WORDS & THEIR TIMELINE: Do not believe it, but embrace it, and when you see this Timeline exists...and IS PROVEN RIGHT.

...You will then know that this Vision/Prophecy of The People - EXISTS.

It is The Truth.

The only Truth we have not surrendered, and are capable of Meeting.

Shortly afterwards, in November, the British Government proposed more Rules regarding other Dietary Supplements - and some Miscellaneous Politicians from around The World - drew their Sword (proverbial) at Kratom.

...But then God of the Light Ax, the Veil of Light that surrounded the Man of Light. Came upon those within the Government. It shook them, into Fear - they felt the Adrenaline course through their Veins, they felt Goosebumps on their Skin - even those Like Clinton who should (in theory) FEEL no Goosebumps (due to their Inherent Sociopathy).

The Governors were continuously shaken. Until they 'came to an Agreement.

...That Kratom would be Opposed NO-MORE. The People's Action Continued.


...The Anarchial Protests drew wind of other Lines of Arrogance. People received Visions of Politicians snorting Cocaine. And WHICH ONES WERE DOING IT.

...People began to POST VIDEOS. Revealing the Ignorance of these People. Even so EDITING THEM...for a bit of Realism. To denote how PATHETIC the ESTABLISHMENT has become. Trump was pressured at a Point to Rescind the Rights of People to their Kratom. But no one would DARE propose Natural Products and Supplements would be OUTLAWED, Made as Drugs or otherwise.

...For the Government was shaking in their Boots.

Trump REFUSED, of course. 

He did not and WILL NOT EVER - want a World where people CAN'T be themselves. 

...A World where the Palatable and Delectable can't be Reached would be a Nightmare (which BTW, he will ANNOUNCE and say WORDS *SIMILAR* to THAT).

This will occur *sometime* in the Months following the Protests and that Great Victory.

...Where Petitions have not Failed. But have been further Unveiled as the Crusading Spear of "The People's Movement".

Around the time of August 2018-November 2018. This movement will COLLECTIVIZE. They will form New Chapters.

The Movement will CHANGE & EVOLVE.

...Until it becomes the 'TRUE' Second, or Perhaps THIRD American Revolution.

The "TERTIARY AMERICAN REVOLUTION" or the "The People's Movement of the 21st Century" will become known.

...In the Later Months of this Movement.

From the Light and from The Darkness - a "Protective Order" will be established to Guide the Brave Knights who helped to Keep Freedoms around, that they not Perish. That they are *KEPT IN PERSPECTIVE*. 

The "People's Protective Order".

In signing this into Fruition, knowing All-Well that this will happen, that these Events foreseen will become a Reality. The Protective Order will guarantee these Freedoms - and the Only Living Prophecy will be the One where The People and THEIR WILL Abide - by their Own Law. Encoded into Their Souls. Which by this point are now able to Muster ANY and ALL Power - Necessary to Man which (by its own Image) has Accomplished these Things.

...Through Peace and Determination.
Through Harmony and Sincerity.
Through Coordination and Activation.
Through Evolution and Courage.
By Through Opposition to Arrogance and Greed.
And by Committing to the Most Important of Human Values; Freedom.

There is a Time in my Vision where this Above *Poetic Piece* is SIGNED and AGREED to as...

"The Peoples PSALM".

The TRUEST and MOST REVISED Form will be something like this...
Remember these Words:
Lest they become a Reality to Breathe and Acknowledge, to Absorb and Retain, to Use and to Gain.

"We as a People do not deserve nor Accept a Totalitarian State, we do not Agree to let ourselves be deceived by the fellowship of Greed, contained within the Government, we house our Own People, provide Food for our Families, WE SURVIVE. 

We make our own Nightmares, but we act to Resolve those, knowing by well that it is Our God-Given Right, our Will - that we are Responsible and Accept Responsibility for the Nightmares we Create, but we unlike those of the so-called "Highest Stature" actually ACT to Correct Ourselves...for that is Our Responsibility and Our Freedom as well. We are Entitled to that Right.

...Just as we are entitled to the Right of Making Our Dreams come TRUE.

...Any and all dreams we may Imagine, Devise, Define or Aspire to.
Solely are OUR RIGHTS. Not the Rights of Government who states that our Children belong to Communities - as if we don't know the connotation behind "Community" in that Context. As if we can not understand or SEE beyond the Blinkers that Glare in Our Face. As if we can not decipher beyond the Light of Technology, to see The Light within Our Own Selves. 

The Light that exists and Shines beyond the Corruption of Government.

It is our Duty and Inherent Ability to see beyond the Stone-Cold faces of those who are Truly Thugs, but NOT One of Us - our Worst peoples are like a Worm that feeds off of the Desolate, and the Times of Poverty have revealed Gangs of Discoordination, Discombobulation and Chaos.

...But that is NOTHING compared to the Gangs of Fiends in the Government. Who believe in Relinquishing Rights "for the better good".

They call to us and say "not to worry, its only some of your Rights".
They call to us and say "its for our Security".
They plead WITH US - but Silently Devise Plots Against Us.
They put a New Face on The Market.
To appeal to our Perceived Flaws.
To appeal towards what we hold Dearest.
To appeal to Our Ambition.

They distract us with The Bitter News, and stringent Politicians, they attempt to Out-Do us by trying to Convince us We NEED More Security, more Governance. They try to tell us that we are ENTITLED to this, as A People...and Indeed We Are.

...But beyond the ASPECT of Border Protection, the Inner-World we Live in is MUCH MORE GLAMOROUS.

We deserve the Right to Bear arms, and Reserve it for where it should be used.

Our Responsible Nature does not Appeal, nor Confide in Government, or Governments.

It does not take the Suckers Way Out - where we might decide "well maybe, involving Government Regulation or Security is a form of asking for Help, and we all NEED Help at some point". 

...While those Truths are inevitable, they are also self-defeating, because if we CAN'T or WON'T rise up to handle our own Struggles, our Own Dilemma's, our OWN HARDSHIPS, then we have DISPOSSESSED a Vital Truth - that we are Humans endowed with Responsibilities and God-Given Freedoms. Which are IRREVOCABLE. Sacred. Sacred as Our Land and Our Pursuit for Economic Success. If anyone can simply read that last part back. Then even Trump has to Understand.

Our Light can not Perish, the Torch we hold can not be Put Out. The Fire in Our Hearts can never Die, can not be Watered Down by Those Who Attempt to Sugar-Coat the Truth.

There is not one who can assure themselves of This Truth - only to Contradict themselves and Say it is NOT. 

There is either FREEDOM or there is NOT.

Plain and Simple.

We choose One or The Other.

We CHOOSE FREEDOM; Because it Belongs to Us.
To Our Being.
To Our Future.

Take here our Freedoms and LISTEN, the PSALMS of Our People Grow and Glow with our Unitary Will. Our unprecedented Stake in The World which surpasses the Parasitic Underworld that Arrogance exists in.

We as Humans shall Succeed in Every Aspiration, in Every Dream, with All Freedom, Peace and with Everything We Are.
We do this...

...Through Peace and Determination.
Through Harmony and Sincerity.
Through Coordination and Activation.
Through Evolution and Courage.
By Through Opposition to Arrogance and Greed.
And by Committing to the Most Important of Human ValuesFreedom.

The Continuance (Continuity) of This *Vision*.

In The People's Grounded Achievement of This [VISION] Movement. The continuance of which is rooted by The Apparel of The People. They choose to wear whatever Sneakers and Clothes they Choose.

They deem necessary their Kids, Grandparents, Uncles, forever more that they Only Oblige those Closest as their First and Foremost.

The Relatives. 

The Ideas.

All became one with Their Thoughts.
Emanating in Their Minds.
With The People.
There are No Lies.
Only The Revolution that Joins as an ARMY of Light Beings, Led by The Leading Figure of Transparent and Acceptable LIGHT.

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