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Thursday, July 19, 2018

Russian Star Peptides TITAN DHT Gel 35% Log/Review 2018 by Jason De'Russo of Area1255

This product was bought at Russian Star's Website on the Product Page...

It comes in a Vial with a Dropper, it is a CLEAR liquid and unlabeled product for Discretion Purposes.

This guy is Brilliant!
 There is no DMSO-smell or other types of Carrier Smells - and I accidentally tasted some of the solution, it had a Vegetarian/buttery type of taste. His FAQ portion on his Website elaborates on this and other aspects of the Product a bit more.

This is a Log/Review of TITAN DHT Gel 35% Solution by Russian Star Peptides (RSPFitness). 

This product will be trialed for the following Goals.

  1. Effects on Beard Growth, general body hair and DHT-type effects.
  2. Increased Confidence, Demeanor & Strength.
  3. Whether it has Brain Effects - such as increased Aggression and Motivation.
  4. Effects on Libido and Penis Size.
  5. Effects on Muscle Growth and Definition/Tone.

This product is Marketed for *Primarily* Penis Enlargement/Sexual Enhancement - however it can also be used to Eliminate Male Breast Growth (man-tits). I do not have Man-Boobs but I s'pose it should work Quite Well for those that do - considering it has a Superior Concentration of ACTUAL DHT and should far outclass Andractim DHT Gel & AndroGel.

This product is Applied in the AMOUNT of a Pointer-Fingertip (rounded).
I apply it to My Dick and my Face and area near Beard and facial hair.

I also applied to inner-forearms for maximal absorption (hot-spot for transdermal absorption).

---DAY ONE---
--> Within 2 hours of Application, there was a Sense of Calm and Relief. A sense of improved Confidence. Note I also rubbed a tiny portion on my Forehead. I'd think that given Pregnenolone's reputation for Mild Euphoria when applied near the Head then this product may provide a similar Brain Action...although, its supposed to be "localized" - higher concentrations would absorb into and throughout the Bloodstream.

---DAY TWO---
--> Upon Application today, within a HALF-HOUR of usage, there was A noticeable and fairly large increase in Flaccid Hang size and dramatically increased libido. 
--> I also noticed mildly increased Aggression during Workouts and improved or "Enhanced" Confidence levels. Feeling On Top of the World but not in a uncontrolled or 'stimulated' Manner.
--> This stuff is No Joke!!! 

--> A sense of Mild Euphoria and Supreme Confidence is slowly taking form. 
--> Continued flaccid hang size increases but not much different then yesterday in that Regard.
--> DEFINITELY a Slight increase in Strength at the Gym. Placebo? Doubtful but we'll See! You can't fake Increased Strength and 10 Fucking extra Rep's on the Bench!!!

---DAY FOUR---
--> Noticed "enhanced" Ejaculate Volume.
--> Continued flaccid hang increase.
--> Definitely noticing *possibly* a slight 'hardening' effect on Biceps and improved appearance of Veins in Shoulders.

---DAY FIVE---
--> Continued Strength increases and Generally Increased Motivation to go to the Gym. Less "lazy" times where I feel 'crashed' and etc.
--> Another slight increase in total size in the Flaccid AND Hard state.
--> Obvious increased almost 'splitting' EQ/Hardness.
--> Increased Muscle Pumps in Gym.
--> Accelerated Beard Growth [holy shit that was fast!]

---DAY SIX---
--> No further Size or Strength Enhancement yet found.
--> Continued enhancement of libido and increased random Woodies [x6 Today!].
--> Increased Drive & Motivation after Application to the Forehead.

Nothing new to Report in terms of "Willie-Magic" (lol) as stated on AM Forum as a theatrical discussion. I do have dramatically increased Muscle Hardness. To the point where I have this and pumps are extended all day long and can feel in Traps and Lats to a getting-near AAS extent.

--> I'm getting more impressed each day, but Mainly the last few days.
--> Definite increase in Girth and hang as well as continued random wood many many times per day. I'm not sure if I'm just Super-Sensitive to this stuff but I swear it can be up to like 8-9 times per day now. Does not easily go away.
--> Increased Beard Growth (will post before and after pics at the end of this Thread).
--> Strength continuing to increase, DEFINITELY not Placebo!!!

---DAY 11---
--> Nothing new to report, but Strength in the Gym is INSANE!!! (I have some Northern European and Eastern though so I'm naturally strong)
--> 'Ol Willy can make an Easy Emergence in the Gym so I bought an At-Home Gym 'else I would be 'tempted to take a Shorty in the Back-room/Bathroom EVERY time I go. 

--> Of course, 'taking a 'Few brawds is Inevitable.

---DAY 13, 14 AND 15---
--> Definite continued increase in Flaccid hang length AND girth.
--> Increased Strength, muscle hardness.
--> WAY increased Beard THICKNESS and linear beard growth, including on upper Cheeks where it wasn't before.
--> Increased libido and orgasm strength.

--> Increased Muscle Hardness.

---DAY 16, 17 AND 18---
--> Massive wood sometimes nearly all day.
--> Ridiculous Libido.
--> Increased Beard Growth.
--> Increase Strength and Confidence.
--> Eliminated Anxiety 100% with barely any Residual.

---DAY 19-25---
--> Massive increase 0.8 inch in total Size and flaccid hang size increases are Impressive.
--> Shredded muscle definition, veins poking out of Abs and increased Shoulder vascularity.
--> Lost water retention and improved Muscle Hardness = to high-dose Masteron.
---> Rapidly & Massively increased libido.
--> Continued Spontaneous Erections 7-8 times per day.
--> Improved Bench Press Strength and Curl strength.
--> On Day 20 - I noticed a BIG increase in GRIP STRENGTH. Much more than a lot of Gear even!!!

---DAY 26-DAY 30---

---> End Cycle; just under an Inch of Penile Length growth and improved girth.
---> Enhanced Libido (dramatically) - stronger effects than Masteron and Proviron combined.
---> Massively increased boner frequency, 7-8 times per day, at Peak.
---> Ridiculous increases in vascularity - that blow other Gear (Masteron etc) out of the Water.
---> Not quite as strong as Tren or such for Strength &; Mass - but Strength parallel to Masteron like changes.
---> Incredible increase in "oomph" and Alpha-Confidence.
---> Daily Euphoria that was almost like Cocaine in the last week of Use!
---> Completely 100% Eliminated ALL Forms of Anxiety; even the Moderate OCD I get here and there!!!!!!

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