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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

How to Improve Your Business "Macho-Ness" Without Being Repugnant (The Ten Commandments of Communication in Business/Companies 2018)

How to Be "Properly" Masculine in Work, Business Management or in Communications. 
(How to Express Masculinity At Work and In Management of a Business 2018)
By: Frank Morabito ("The Agent of Disguise"

The Below Image is all that's 'really needed to Explain How to Versus What Not to Be (Look Like) - Appearances are Everything in Business (I'm a CEO for 17-years Now so I know wtf I'm talking about).
You want to look Presentable, not Creepy in Business AND with Women.

Being "Macho" or Masculine can have tremendous Business Benefit; it can show you are a born leader, stout when needed - and can really attract the Right Friends AND the "Right Enemies" (which can be the Best part). Competitors might try to Size you up - but as long as you keep your' Cool - that Macho Affect doesn't have to equate to a Physical Fight or some Greed-based Acquisition of Properties (excessive Suing or Business-Business Disputes). 

In fact, Masculinity is deemed by Forbes [article] as one of the most important Essential traits to running a Company - you have to be seen in every way as "above the rest" having superior Style, quick-thinking, Good Judgement and all of the Amenities that come with a Masculine Brain. At the same time you have to have some Emotional (sorta' semi-Feminine) Energy for the sake of being inclusive and Balanced. That level of openness/balance is like Sanctity, Leverage and Victory all rolled into one and Part of What Makes a Business Successful. Not just in dealing with other Businesses, but for PR (Public Relations), for Internal Affairs and for Appealing to Potential Customers/Consumers. People have to see there is a well-put Together human being, not someone who behaves like a Stale Robot - that is behind the Business and serves as the "Face" of the Business. This aspect is also written about in Dan Gregory's Article: The Deterioration of Creativity in the 21st Century.

You don't have to be on Steroids to improve your Business Game or your Business Foundation!

Masculinity also SHOULDN'T come off as "unsettling" and especially not Repugnant - if it does - you're (CERTAINLY) doing something Wrong. Something that is in your Demeanor and Your Actions within the Business...

More Specifically...

You LIKELY are Committing One or Many of these 10 Business Sins or The TEN Business ANTI-COMMANDMENTS...
  1. Expressing Irritability versus "Calm-Aggression".
  2. Not being Calm Under Pressure (ADRENALINE and SWEATING tends to Pull People Away from Yer' Ass REAL QUICK).
  3. You SMELL LIKE BOOZE. Booze + Testosterone are not the "appropriate" combination for Conducting Business!!! (I can't tell you how many times I sent someone home for having Booze-Breath, in Italy and when I worked at a Call Center in NYC - trust me - that shit can be MORE repugnant and distasteful then a hypersexual Tranny walking in to apply for a Job!
  4.  You smell like Weed/Herb/Dank: Goodbye! You might as  well throw away your entire Job History too - since you walk into a Place PUBLICLY smelling like that - where you WORK!?? Dumb'ass'Motherfucker'.
  5. You are not presenting yourself "Charismatically" - you are 'missing' your Male Charm...perhaps trying to be 'TOO HUMBLE' and missing your PRIDE or EGO - which can be THE WORST! 
  6.  You are substituting your own Position for another's or trying to get another Employee to pick up YOUR Slack - or have been caught doing so and have been "silently" reported...thus Employee's now shun your form of Masculine Pride and instead label you as "LAZY". You don't want to be labeled as a LAZY MOTHERFUCKER!!!
  7.  You are creating more Problems than you Solve within the Company.
  8.  You are on the Verge of Mania every day - then your "Masculine Gestures" are too overpowering because they also carry the "Air of a Little Kid High On Ice Cream" with them. This is a turn-off, for Women and BUSINESS-Partners, you are basically guaranteeing you close off Business Opportunities.
  9.  You are aptly engaging in 'Wrong Eye-Contact' - that is Eyeing People down or giving them the "Evil Eye" (scowling) at people - as if you are trying to Win some staring match. OR - you have POOR Eye Contact in General - which Fucks you over in More than One Way!
  10.  You are looking "too far forward" and proposing Ridiculous Ideas that even a nut-hungry Squirrel wouldn't accept if its Life depended on it! 'Nuther words - you are looking Way past everyone elses even Potential Vision - which scares potential Business Friendships, Alliances and Customers away by means of the Grandiosity - which CAN be seen as a Mental Illness in ANY Country, not just the USA. No 'wonder why some Big Companies have their own IN-HOUSE Therapists, Mental Health Evaluators and (sometimes) even Psychiatrists these days!
So those above are the 10 "Anti-Commandments" or NOT-TO-DO's in Communicating with Associates, Fellow Employee's or ANYONE even YOUR OWN Employee's in Business.

 The Ten Commandments (Essentials) of Communication In a Company
  1. Dress Nice; dress Formal, dress UP for Business Meetings, but DON'T OVER DO IT. Show that you have a Unique Style - but one that fits in with Current Culture and Standards. See Picture Above (at the Top of this Article) for Reference. Read My Article [HERE] on Professional Dressing for The Business Minded Individual And The Elite Alike. 
  2. Be Polite, Formal or Informal. (depending on the Person you are talking to). Address people by their Title if necessary. Use Critical Thinking and Common-Sense (AWARENESS) to address those in Ways that Prove you have Good Judgement. ALWAYS ASSUME: The way I talk to "this person" may get back to My Supervisor/Boss eventually. The way you talk may Reflect on the Company's standards. The way you Discipline (if of a High-Position) will Make or Break a Company's Profile. Unwarranted lay-off's or hasty business decisions, Call-Offs and such are an example of "Uniform Disrespect" and this can Destroy (and should be assumed to) any form of Leverage, or Respect/Notoriety of the Company/Business you Represent.
  3. Be Proud, but be Humble and Open in Communication: Never assume that being "hyper-masculine", "thug-like" or otherwise, Pompous or having an inflamed Ego will get you fact, you 'might-as-well assume it will Damn you and ANY Prospects you have for yourself, your (future) Paychecks [AND Current] and for your Potential, in General.
  4.  Be Kind and Gracious & Generous: Another level of Respect, but Daily, Weekly, Yearly (Annual) Donations to Charities - especially on a PERSONAL LEVEL (done personally without consulting the Company) can be A Perfect Storm for showing you are of Good Character and Sincerity.
  5. Sincerity/Punctuality in General: A Sincere Posture means NOTHING if you don't deliver on your Promises - so be Sincere, Genuine in Everything you Do. Deliver and Be PUNCTUAL. Be on Time. Don't Disappoint your' Friends and Family by Disappointing those you Work FOR, UNDER, OR OVER!!!
  6.  Be Clever: Cleverness and Masculinity go hand-in-hand, if you can MIX the Two successfully - you will find more Success than you can Dream Of - and Most of All - you will find you will gain RESPECT. You will learn that this will be an unresistable Temptation for those you work with - and Cleverness leads to Proprietary Success and even PATENTS which can net you MILLIONS, if done Properly. :-)
  7. Be An Upstanding Citizen: More than being a Public Figure, or "cross-contamination" by former (unsavory) Jobs or Backgrounds - being an upstanding, Loyal and Law Abiding Citizen can be the most Complimentary Action for any Employee or CEO. A Business is built on its Values and its Employee's Values more-so. A shitty-business structure falls COMPLETELY when its Own People do things that work against its Good-Standing and (ultimately) its Motto!
  8. Have Class and Direction: Being "classy" means holding ones Prior (EDUCATIONAL) Achievements close to the Heart, having a Sense of Pride, Class and Direction allows you to be a Sacred Champion in the Company - no matter what Capacity you Work As or What Position you Hold! Be direct, forthright and show that you "Mean what you Say and Say What You Mean". Having direction Simply Means: Contribute based on your Judgement but take knowledge of your Position to know where you stand and when to say something, and when not to. 95% of the Time - YOU WANT TO SAY SOMETHING. You want to CONTRIBUTE Suggestions to the Company - to build on its FrameWork and to build on its Associations, be a Contributor to the Ultimate Expansion of the Company. Don't Sit Silently.
  9.  Be Relevant, Agreeable and Yet Ambitious: Don't struggle to keep yourself Relevant, open up Communication, be Friendly to Co-Workers - keep conversations going where needed. Encourage other workers to be JUST as or even MORE Ambitious than YOU ARE. Let them follow suit as every Employee sets a Leading Example for His/Her Co-Workers; even if they are of "lower significance" than those other Employee's. If a Boss doesn't think you are Relevant, or Significant, you WON'T BE. So deem yourself RELEVANT. But Humble, accepting of New Directions - be OPEN to New Routines. A Company/Business only works when all of its People work along with the Direction of the Company in a smooth-as-water Cycle. Think of Water-Power, or a Windmill System - they *REQUIRE* all of its Vital Parts and Ancillaries to work in Equal and Unhindered Coordination in Order to Operate Smoothly AND Efficiently!
  10. Go For THE BIG-WIN: Speak Your Mind/Seek Opportunities/Go for the Raise If you want a Pay-Raise - bring it to the Person in Charge who CAN GET IT DONE. DON'T bring Complaints, Pessimism or Cynicism to the table of fellow Employee's or Co-Workers, don't be a COMPLAINER. Get RIGHT With Yourself - if you have an Ambition - SPEAK IT. Don't let someone else absorb your TEMPO and don't let others into your Ideas. Your Ideas are YOUR OWN. You want to make them known to the "Big-Guy" (or Woman). So be Courageous and of Good Character. Businesses thrive when Employee's Speak their Mind!
CONCLUSION: Hold your Head Up At Work and in all Aspects of Communication/Business Relations - don't make unjust Assumptions, follow a Work's "Expected" Dress-Code - even if you believe they are unwarranted, excessively "Preppy" or 'too cultural' for Comfort. Align yourself with the Company's Values and Express yourself as Confident, Humble and Sincere. Be Clever, be Crafty, Be Creative, be Intellectual, Be Aware, Have Good Judgement and USE YOUR COMMON-SENSE. Almost all horrible Company downfalls, or Preemptive Actions that lead to diminishing of Resources & Revenue BEGIN WITH a hasty action that hasn't included or been put together by SIMPLE Common-Sense. Don't be an Idiot!

Be strong-willed, Willing and Agreeable, Consult with the Boss or BOSSES and be formidable, Sincere, forthright, but don't be Arrogant - you won't have the Administrators Blessing if you lose yourself in the Process - and IF you make YOURSELF miserable by not (Appropriately) asking for a Pay-Raise, or a Boss's Opinion on it or otherwise, or you don't commit yourself to your Work - and you don't SHARE OPINIONS and EFFORTS - then YOUR JOB and the Company's Role is INCOMPATIBLE. You will be left in the Proverbial Dust and Ashes of The Company; doomed to Never Ascend, never Contribute to the Expansion of the Company (one of the GREATEST FEELINGS THERE IS BTW, Knowing you Helped the Company EXPAND AND SUCCEED).

Your Misery will also make others uncomfortable, and will Stress your Boss/Bosses out - PLUS, the Company will run less smoothly if Misery is exerted, felt, and embelished or overestimated.

Lastly, have Class, Sincerity, Punctuality and have a "JUST-DO-IT" attitude. Don't sugarcoat and just move forward. Keep your Values and Ideas close to your Heart and MAKE SHIT HAPPEN!!!

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