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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Boldenone; The Anabolic "General" of Steroids. [Overview of Boldenone 2018)

Boldenone [Δ1-testosterone/RU-18761], sometimes known by its Brand Name "Equipoise" [1] is a powerful anabolic compound that is consistently found in Sports [2], as a "doping drug" and likewise a Performance Enhancer [3]. It stimulates Red Blood Cell formation [4] and promotes Nitrogen Retention very effectively [5]. It has High Anabolic Activity [6] but low Androgenic activity [7]. Therefore, it very rarely promotes hair loss or other unsavory "androgenic side-effects" [8].

Boldenone is a favorite of Bodybuilders because of these properties and a general lack of side-effects [9]. If used properly, Boldenone promotes fast muscle gain and often, fat loss [10]. It tends to create a Ripped/Shredded/Grainy look and can accelerate development and enhancement of Muscle Definition [11]. It does not have as many Strength Benefits as Dianabol [12] but - it has the Effects based on its Nitrogen-Enhancing effects, it should be taken with an Aromatase Inhibitor; like Arimidex, however, because it CAN convert into Estradiol (E2) [13].

Boldenone/Equipoise is a Powerful ingredient in any serious Bodybuilders cycle - and those who understand the Risk and Benefits of Equipoise understand that it has a high Reward:Risk Ratio. Quite literally, the substance is efficacious and has long-lasting anabolic effects. Typically requiring only a Week or Two to notice significant effects on Vascularity, Muscle Mass and General Nitrogen Retention [14]. Some report Gains as soon as 4-days [15].

Each substance comes with a set of corresponding Risks in relation to dosage.

Boldenone [EQUIPOISE] Dosage Plan (2018) For Results
  • 300 MG Per Week is sufficient to induce Maximal Muscle Hypertrophy and Vascularity Gains.

Boldenone Undecylenate Dosage for Hard-Gainers 
  • 600 MG a week is a little hard; can increase the Risk of Hypertension but the Risk for severe issues like Polycythemia is likely lower than surpassing 600 MG/week.  
Boldenone can be used with DMZ, Creatine, Weight Gainers, Epi-Andro or all of the above for Maximum Benefit; it can be used as the Sole Injectable in a Cycle although this can be seen as foolish and given the established "Multi-Ester Inclusion" Concept may be seen as minimally effective.


Although I've used Equipoise many times in My Life I've found that it typically does not produce the same "Pumps" as Test-E - may produce more Strength, certainly more Hardness than Standard Testosterone Shots.

Some products like Boldenone undecylenate can produce Water Retention and other Estrogen-Related Side-Effects, however, this effect varies remarkably from Person to Person [16] and some do not get any bloating or E2-related side-effects on Boldenone [17].

Boldenone is something that although it CAN be Run Solo - it is best paired with Testosterone for Maximum Results. Newbie's might figure "oh it might be better to start with a tried and tested like Equipoise". Boldenone only cycles don't always Achieve the necessary Peaks and Stable blood concentrations of anabolic hormones to lead to maximum gains. They do however - provide a Guaranteed Anabolic Effect...and can be used with Pro-Hormones like Epi-Andro or Super DMZ and thus...

Boldenone/Equipoise can be the only injectable in that Scenario.

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