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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Power of The Proverb 2018 (AMx ReBorN)

The Power of The Proverb (2018)
By: AMx ReBorN (Dan N Gregory)

Proverbs are Powerful, sometimes Direct, sometimes Indirect statements, Phrases, or bits of Writing...that have an Indirect, sometimes Metaphorical Connotation. That is...they act as a Descriptor, often for an Action that is not Literal - and thus is Proverbial. 

For example, "lighting the proverbial powder keg under their asses" means you are about to Set off the Defeat of another Entity by "blowing them away"...

Even though this and the usage of the Word 'Proverbial' effectively makes this statement a Metaphor, it is also looked at as [ironically] a Proverb in itself!

The Power of the Proverb is utilized by Politicians and Writers everywhere. Charles Krauthammer (RIP) was a Proud User of Proverbs in his Books...and sometimes in his TV/News Appearances.
Often preceded by the Word "essentially", Krauthammer was a Wise man who knew what is what and took an Angle that is necessary to Elucidate the Direction and Intentions of Political Candidates and Groups.

Newt Gingrich is another Proud Proverb Slinger. Except more stubborn (in some ways) and tempered.

...In his Words shined an Adamant but Sincere Personality. An Affect unbearably pleasant at times, and at times sort of Catacltsmic and yet solidifying.
...Newts Accomplishments and Words and Especially Books are more than of Value. They are Prime Examples of The Power of The Proverb.

...The Power of The Proverb is determined by The Intensity of The Situation or Topic.

"Whatever Topic hits hard, on an Emotional Scale, tends to Test people of all Skill Levels, but The Ones who Do Well Under Pressure, Spit Proverbs and Well-Structured Sentences like Fire".

The Proverb Hides A Dark History, Shameful Moments, and Negative Thoughts
The Nature of a Proverb is Expression

So much so that in that Expression, it Gives leverage as to its Potential and its Bearer. There aren't many Proverbs that Bite The Writer, unless Every Single Word in the Proverb is an Obvious Outright Lie or The Arrangement is Whack.
No Proverb is subject to Scrutiny. Beyond what it can easily Escape from. A Proverb...offers its Writer and Readers a Way Out. It allows one to Express Freedom of Speech in All Contexts, and due to the Nature of The Proverb. It Reserves the Right to Multiple Interpretations. 

That is...depending on the Complexity and References in the Proverb.

I use Proverbs all the time in my writing. My Philosophical work.

For example in My Article on Fear; I wrote:  Fear is a sharp Axe on a pendulum waiting to decapitate the next one who wanders through its path. 

Stating in a [Logical Context] that Fear grabs people and is an emotion of Exploitation of the  Self, and many people NOT stopping to Realize the Effects of Fear - use it then to Exploit others, without Conscience. 

In Exploring Dracula's Genome - I wrote multiple Comparative Metaphor's and Proverbs - to explain the Superstitious Nature of some Romanian's and their abilities to comprehend on a Higher Spiritual Level and with Instincts of a Higher Magnitude.

I also wrote about Vlad's Imperial Nature and yet the Irony of his Rule Explained by Proverbs; such as with the Conflict between Vlad and the Turks.

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